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im just that original! XD

lilly was my first OC and she was just a heather colour over, and im gonna bring her back. ... shes really bubbly!

Marcus was originally really nice and funny, but now hes like a prankstery jerk who wants a girlfriend XD

Brittney is best Друзья with Mae (elkhat-law) i dont have any good facts D:

Eliza-Mae is pretty much myself, expect I never lived on a farm and i'm younger than her :p

Guy I got from the amazing jadeismaname! I think hes my Избранное character <3 hes really shy and friendly.

Lilly: UGH! I hate pink! I hate everything! I'm soo stupid. I just want to hide...
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Another sexual meme. And just really weird. Read at your own risk.
Thanks to Zmidy313 for giving me a Болталка Список of my OCs to use.


Yeah, torturing your OC’s.... AGAIN!!!! WELCOME BACK!!!! We missed you...


Answer all the questions. If Ты don’t I’ll find you, and watch Ты sleep again. Ты know, Ты sleep like an angel... *fantasizes and drools*
Link back to the original meme in the description. Down there. ALL THE WAY DOWN THERE. Hehe, I’m so pervy XD
Comment and link if Ты do this. It’s nice to know if people...
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Chris: Hello viewers! And welcome to Total. Drama. Spy Mission! The Показать where I send teenagers on dangerous missions to find rare items, capture criminals, или o my grocery shopping!
Chef: -.- And they say I'm the evil one....
Chris: Anyways time to meet our campers that will be the cast, here at this awesome spy base! First up Bryce.
Bryce: *enters* ...........If i get killed I'm suing...
Chef: How will yo sue if your dead?
Bryce: I know people... *walks in the base*
Chris: Nice guy..anyway Далее is Cody.....
Cody: *walks in* Эй, guys...
Chef: Oh god....a faggot..
Cody: >.< Rude much...
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