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Courtney had дана up on trying to keep track of where Duncan was carrying her. After heading through a series of alleys and open areas behind tenement buildings full of trash and rats, they were in some neighborhood of downtown Chicago that was even еще poor than the one that Frank lived in. Besides that, Courtney was completely lost. She couldn’t run away now, at all. If she tried, she’d get Остаться в живых and maybe end up getting raped by some dirt-poor man who was divorced. Courtney silenced a gasp with her palm. Was Duncan going to rape her?

Well he is really hot…

Courtney slapped herself to...
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Gwen:The cake must to be in the духовой шкаф, печь kinda 25 minutes...and go!

At the beach...
Courtney:Hello, Gwen!
The robot:Gwen isn't Главная now, leave a message
Courtney:URGH!Stupid robot!Hi, Duncan!
The robot:Duncan isn't Главная now, leave a message
Courtney:*cries*What are they doing without me?

At the kitchen...
Bridgette:The party must to be in the living-room!
Duncan:At what the time?
Bridgette:15:00 and now is 14:00!We have no time!Follow me!

At the living-room...
Bridgette:Put these balloons so:Up and down.Understand?
Duncan:I understand it.Thanks!

After 15 minutes...
Duncan:I'm ready!
Bridgette:Let's see...
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Before Ты ask,yes,Jared сказал(-а) I could write this aftermath...

Blainley: Welcome to the Total Drama AFTERMATH! I'm you're host,Blaninley Stacey Andrews O'Halloran!

Josh: and I'm Josh!

Blainley and Josh: Right here live,at the Total Drama Studios!

Josh: Well,lets meet out арахис gallery!

Blainley: или also refereed as,the 'losers'.

Josh: Meet Duncan,Vanti,Jake and Penny,Alejandro,Owen,Harold and Jude!

Blainley: Well,there has been alot of drama on the show,and heartbreak!*looks at Alejandro*

Alejandro: *rolls his eyes*

Josh: But first,lets talk about--

Blainley: How Jared flirted with Lindsay,while he...
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*the night of the elmation that Jax got votted off*

*a invecabilty pass is on the ground*
Alejandro: *picks up the pass* Yes!

*the night of Ezekiel's elmation*

*a invecabilty pass is on the ground*
Alejandro: *picks up the pass* Yes!



Alejandro: 2 invecnabilty passes! YES! so this is too good! *evil smile*


*Non-first class*

Natalie: Got any 8s?
Rochelle: go fish. Got any 6s?
Natalie: man here Ты go.
Rochelle: yay!!!!!!!!! I'm winning!
Natalie: how are Ты so good at this?
Rochelle: I don't know.
Buddy: Can i play.
Natalie: No Ты might kill the cards.
Rochelle: *giggles*
Buddy: Hey!...
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Chris: Okay the 1st part of your challenge is taking a quiz! Then the 2nd part will be harder! For example ill say "Whos the most nice on the island!" And say it was Jade! The people who got it right and smash the statue off other people stand's and Ты all only have 3 status!
Jared: I really have to win this one! IM THE ONLY GUY HERE! So i hope if i loose ill still be in the game!

*Quizes are doen*
Chris: OKAY! Whos most likely to stab Ты in the back?
*Jared,Zoey,Jade,and Rochelle say's Hollow* *And the rest say Jared*

Chris: The right answere is HOLLOW!

Jared: *smashes Gabby's statue*...
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Rochelle: *Walks outside with a bullhorn at three in the morning. She turns it no and stands infrount of both busses.* WAKE UP! *she yells into it.*
Zoey: *hits her head off of the ceiling.* OW! *she wakes up the others.*
kaylie: Does Rochelle have any idea what the time is?
Faith: Aperriently not if she's waking us up this early. *Team Smooth Jazz get out of their bus still in their pajamas.*
Terra: Oh my god seariously?!
Rayven: What time is it anyway? *she yawns*
Jordan: *looks at his watch* Three in the morning.
Sam: Seariously?!
Marci: *Looks at Jordan's watch* Yeah he's searious. *They...
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posted by TOTALFan
After everybody was ready and went outside and did whatever they did I called them up to tell them something...

Christy:"Guys!Come here!"
Everybody ignored except Sumer...

Everybody stopped what they were doing and went to me.

Christy:"Thanks Sumer."

Sumer:"No prob."

Phil:"What up?"

Christy:"As Ты know we've ALL been teasing about couples and crushes and all that, so I just wanted to let Ты know that we shouldn't do that, we're all Друзья here...well...most of us."

Trevor:"You got that right."
Christy blushed...

Brittani hummed the K.I.S.S.I.N.G song...
Ashley nudged Brittani...
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posted by TDI_Angel
HA! I'm back on the internet... For now, anyway. :3

WARNING: one-sided slash. (as in boyXboy)
Genre: Romance/Angst
Pairings: one-sided HaroldxDuncan, some DuncanxCourtney

Duncan wanted to stand Далее to me all the time. Duncan pranked me- to mask his true feelings, no doubt. I smiled as I thought about how my "enemy" was playing hard-to-get. But I would win. The geeks always get the crush, Ты know. Just like in the movies.

I smiled as I watched Duncan and Courtney outside. They hate eachother so much, I thought. They were enemies, of coarse. At least... That's what I thought. Courtney kissed...
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posted by noahnstar1616
Izzy was piggy-backing on Zeke while they walked, looking for a location.

"Faster, horse-y! Faster", Izzy said.

"You weigh a ton, eh", сказал(-а) Zeke.

Izzy then said, "Let's go to the beach! Go, horse-y, go!"

Zeke walked to the пляж, пляжный with Izzy on his back. Out of breath, Zeke said, "We're..here..eh." He fell face first in the sand, exhausted from carrying Izzy on his back.

Izzy said, " Эй, look, a volcano! Come on, horse-y!" She ran towards the volcano.

Zeke then looks up and sees that Izzy is...
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posted by Fawniex3

Sex: Female. Have been my whole life :)

Hometown: Toronto

Relationship: As a matter of fact, I am. I have an amazing Cyclopes as a boyfriend ;) 


Duncan: Thought I told Ты not to call me Cyclopes anymore ;)
April 4th at 9:05pm

Gwen: Ты still call me pasty. It's only fair :P
April 4th at 9:07pm

April 4th at 9:08pm

Gwen: ..... Okay then?
April 4th at 9:08pm

Courtney: Oh I hate Ты so much -_- Ты boyfriend kisser! Ugh. Ты know what's super unfair???...
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Ever wanted to know which TD Character Ты are? Well now Ты can! Just copy and past this into the comments, erase the X's and there Ты have it.


( ) You're Latino

( ) You're manipulative

( ) You're evil

( ) Ты fall for King/Queen Bees

( ) You've been severely burned/injured

(X) Ты have an annoying brother/sister

( ) Ты speak еще than one language T

Total: 1


( )You are a wannabe at sometimes

(X) Ты have a best friend

(X ) Ты wear/used to wear braces

( ) Пение is one of your hobbies

( ) Ты easily fall for the eye candy

( ) One of your избранное Цвета is pink

( ) Ты work on a farm

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This episode of Total Drama contains scenes of extreme stunts performed by animated teens.Do not try any of what Ты see here at home. Seriously, Ты could get really messed up.

Chris introduced the brand new season of Total Drama, as the scene starts with an astronaut carving the initials of each season. "We've been to the movies, we've been around the world, and this season, we're going right back where it all began; at Camp Wawanakwa!" Chris is now walking across the dock. "I'm Chris McLean, and as Ты can see, things have changed since we've been away," he announced as he pointed to the...
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posted by iPsychic
Hello! Sorry I couldn't write for a bit. I had an operation on my nose and was sick, so I couldn't use the computer : I'm back now though :) Also, some of your past ideas that you've дана me will appear later in the story. I also couldn't proof-read again... So, enjoy :)

I slowly stood up in the dark room, trying to find away to get out and disappear like the others did. I walked across the darkness, putting my hands out in case I felt anything to help me escape. Pushing my hands out, I felt something hard and brick-like.

'Is this... a brick wall?' I asked myself. I tried banging my fist against...
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So, i get really tired of people always complaining about Courtney and how "evil" and "mean" she is. There ARE people who actually like her, Ты know. i'll just be posting some of the most Популярное complaints about her, and i'll be well, reasoning with them.
"She cussed in her audition tape!" yes, but she's not the only character to ever cuss. don't take it all out on her.
"She destroyed the set on Rock n' rule!" and she did that to win! what? was she supposed to destroy only a little bit, to be fair?
"She was ALWAYS trying to change Duncan!!!" yes, but, Duncan didn't seem too annoyed by that,...
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(I was kinda disappointed in y'alls Вопросы :( not that they were bad. It's just.....)

Duncan grumbled as he walked into the room. "Stupid host won't tell ne whom interviewing. It's probably Courtney или Trent."

Duncan's eyes widen when he saw who it was.



Duncan whent and sat in the chair infront of Gwen. "Umm so Pasty should we get this interview started?" Duncan asked. Gwen shifted in her chair, uncomfortable from awkwardness.

"Ok well your first 4 Вопросы are from Poptrop300. She asks "Are Ты still mad at Duncan, if Ты are why?" Wait Ты were mad at me? Why?"

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In this fanfic, Duncan is making a video to Показать to all of the Слэш Фаны explaining why he doesn't like Harold...

WARNING: This contains slash, as in a boy/boy pairing. DuncanxHarold. Don't like it, don't read it.

Genre: Humor/Romance

The video flashes on, revealing Duncan sitting at a chair in a room that's painted mostly black and green. He's glaring at the camera when he begins to speak.

Okay, so I've been going on fansites recently. Yeah, that's right-- fanfiction.com или fanpop.net или whatever the hell it's called. DevilArt and all that crap. I was grounded...
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posted by noahnstar1616
 TDWT (My Way) Final 3
TDWT (My Way) Final 3
First of all let me say, I can't stand Alejandro! I just thought he'd be perfect to cause romantic tension.(P.S. I wrote this a few years, so it might sound lame)This is when they left off, which was in Drumheller.

(Heather was pushed off plane;Star invited Cody to first class with her and Alejandro)

Cody:"Thanks for inviting me to first class Star."

Star:"Just wanted to spend the last few hours as partially friends. Then we can betray each other all we want."

Alejandro:"Not Ты and I, right Star?"

Star:"Oh, of course."

(Alejandro leaves)Cody:"Okay, what 's the deal with Ты and Alejandro?"

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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Around the world: China! The place where most Toys are made. Witch are contestents made toys. and all of Team Лондон was coutgh up with loooooooooooove. so Natalie and Jax was on there own. Natalie had a huge talk with Trent....... and Jax and Annie were locked in the bathrooms by............... lets say he's name starts with a "D". So Braine, Natalie, and Jared got first to finsh but not with everyone there...... so they lost. and no one was out cause Alejandro adn Annie both had 3 votes. Who will win????? who will lose???? find out on this episode of... Total...
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posted by iloveduncan6
*after they defete heartless they run into a big house*
sora: lets трещина, сплит up.
chey: i'll go this way!
sora: cool.
chey: *runs off*
*duncan's pov*
duncan: *runs off to find chey. then stops at house and walks in* *thinking* since chey has perfume on it trails behind her.*snifs air* this way.
chey's pov
chey: *keeps running till she meets axel* you.
axel: *runs to chey and pins her to the wall* ever since Ты broke up with me i allways wanted to get Ты back for it.
chey: let go of me.
axel: no. not until Ты take me back.
unfermillur voice: she сказал(-а) let go of her.
axel: what the...
chey: duncan!
duncan: let...
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posted by izzyxcody
Summary: After Cody's encounter with the bear, Izzy takes it upon herself to take care of him and nurse him back to health. Little does Cody know, the red head has ulterior motives in mind.

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Pairings: Main: Izzy/Cody, Side: Tyler/Eva, Katie/Ezekiel, Mentioned: Duncan/LeShawna, Gwen/Geoff and Lindsey/Owen, Hinted: Noah/Heather.

Warnings: FLUFF and the usual

Winter-Rae: I swear, I'm never gonna get to Письмо an actual fic anytime soon. But when elephantburch offered to do a fic trade with me, how could I refuse? I mean hey, I'm getting a Duncan/LeShawna fic out of this!...
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