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posted by bubble_babe
Heres what a 10 min nap will do to me

Ok i'm not talk werid like DuncanxBeth weird, i'm talking GwenxCandy canes WERID!!!
ok So frist of it was chrimas time :D and for some unknow resion i'm on my roof in short shorts and a small t-shirt(and our house....IS FUCKING BIG AS HELL!) and i'm waiting for santa....insted....Duncan comes......as SANTA!!
Well Ты no Trenty, gweny, and Courtney'ie, Ты no brigetteie, geoffie, and izzy'ie, but can Ты re-call...the must fucked up camper(They were deer) of them all.....JUSTIN THE UGLY RAINDEER!

so i'm right their.....seeing THIS! then....
'Ello K!' - Greg
'GREG! my long Остаться в живых imangrey friend! mom сказал(-а) Ты ran away!' -me
'She lied.' - simba
'....EEE SIMBA!' -Me
'Hey girl shut up and take Ты damn present!' - Duncan
'T.T fine!' -Me
'Good!'- Duncan
'Hey! this is a pitcher of Ты and COURTNEY! what is this some kind of sick joke? give me a brake, and go do something i want!' -Me
'*kissing noise*' -Duncan
'K, stay right their, dont move' -Greg
'y?' - me
'Hes Поцелуи some girl.' -Simba
(3 minents later)
Me, Greg, and Simba: *FIGHTING* LET ME SEE! NO! NOW! NO!
'HO HO HO!' - the real santa
'OMG!' -me
'What? its what she wanted?' -Duncan
'Just why i'm dressed as an elf i'll never no.' -heather
'Heather.....GREG Ты ARE SO DEAD!' -Me
'Duncan i'm gonna kick Ты ass!' -Santa!
'GREG!GREG!GREG!GRE-....Hi peater pan!' -me
'Hello, have Ты seen holly?' -Peater pan
'What about windy, tink, and jane?' -me
'Who?'- peaterpan
'Sorry havt seen holly.' -me
'Ok...' - Peaterpan
'Ok...now to-' -ME
'Oh...shit....' - me

then i woke up!!!
 greg looked something like this, but he was оранжевый
greg looked something like this, but he was orange
noah and heather

beth and cody

katie and d.j.

bridgette and geoff(already a couple)

justin and sadie

gwen and duncan

beth and owen

leshawna and d.j.
1.both seem like a nice couple.

2.beth kissed cody on the cheek in paintball deer hunt.

3.both seem like a nice couple.

4.both have blond hair and they both Kiss alot.

5.sadie is completeley obbsesed with justin so I think that they make a nice couple.

6.both like bloody movies.

7.in after the dock of shame beth wanted owen to win.

8.both seem like a nice couple.
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