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Jared: *looks around* So who's our new host?
Rochelle: *walks over to jared* I donno
Zoey:Well we're gonna find out soon.
mackenzie: I thinkIknow who the host is. *walks over to Billy the intern*
Billy: mackenzie got it right I'm the new host.
Steph: *smiles*
Billy: So today we're going to th-
Rochelle: Let me guess the Borden place.
Billy: N- Actuially yes How'd Ты know?
Rochelle:Its called blogging.
Billy: Right......
*They get to the Borden house*
Billy: okay Zoey your incharge tonight. Ты have to make sure everything is in the right position. Everyone gets a chance to sweep. And that no one gets trapped again. *he looks at Rochelle*
Rochelle: It wasn't my fault!
Zoey:The ghost trapped her she didn't do it!
Billy: Suer it did. Anyway just go set up.
Zoey: *walks inside with the others following*
Rochelle:*starts having trouble setting up a camera*
Jared: *walks over and helps her.*
Rochelle: *blushes* thanks
Jared: no prob. *walks away. mackenzie walks over to ehr* what the heck was that?!
Jake: *starts listening in on them*
Rochelle: What was what?
Mackenzie: Your flirting with Jared!
Rochelle: I was not!
Jake: *walks over to them* girls girls stop it!
Zoey: *wlaks over* get back to work we shouldn't be arguing over something so stupid!
Rebecca: Zoey's right Ты two should just go back to setting up equiptment.
Rochelle: Ты guys are right. *she sets up еще equiptment*
Mackenzie: *wlaks away and does the same*
Rose: *smiles* mackenzie can Ты come here for a sec?
Mackenze: uh....Okay *she walks over to Rose*
Rose: What would Ты say to being in an alliance?
Mackenzie: If it gets Rochelle voted off I'll Присоединиться it!
Rose:*confessional.She laughs evily* Sucker!*end of confessional*
*they finish setting up*
Zoey:Okay lets go lights out!
*they go lights out*
Rochelle: jared come on I wanna go check out the room where Lizzie's dad was murdered.
Jared: Okay okay I'm in! *they walk off*
Rochelle: Ты didn't have to help me earlier Ты know. i could've got it.
Jared: I wanted to.
Rochelle: *blushes*
Jared: *walks into the room where Lizzie's dad was murdered.*
Rochelle: *follows and sits down on the floor.*
Jared: *sits down beside her*
Rochelle: Okay EVP session in Lizzie's dad's room With Rochelle and Jared. Hi my names Rochelle and with me I have my friend Jared. do Ты have anything Ты wanna say? *hears a responce a few секунды later* oh holy shit did Ты hear that?!
Jared: *nods* Just ask another question.
Rochelle:Okay. If your Lizzie borden's dad can Ты give us a sign. Aything a noise lights. *She hears banging coming from behind her. She jolts.*
Jared: Rochelle Ты alri-*something grabs his arm* Dah!
Rochelle: Jared Ты alright?
Jared: Did Ты just grab my arm?
Rochelle: No
*they both get really scared*
Jared: Well if Ты didn't Who did?!
Rochelle: I donno.
Jared: Lets just get out of here.
Rochelle: Agreed! *They stand and Rochelle gets pushed by something. She bumps into Jared and they fall onto the ground. She kisses him accidently* Oh my god! *she stands up* Jared I am sooooooooooo sorry!
Jared: *Stands* Its alright I know Ты didn't mean that.
*The door slams and locks itself.*
Rochelle&Jared: *screams*
Aribelle: Did anyone hear screaming?
Jordan:*nods* lets go check it out. *they leave.*
Aribelle:Jordan this is scaring me!
Jordan: its alright.
Zoey:Jake come on we're going to look around.
Jake:Okay Okay. *stands and they walk off.*
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