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Ashley: Like ohhhhh my god! My lollipops saved my team from winning! But anyway, I am like sooooooo happy to win!

May: I like everybody here. This is so hard. Hmmm... I guess I will vote for Garret. He Остаться в живых but it's not his fault. I'm sorry Garret.

Blake: I'll vote off Garrett. He cost us the win. I don't exactly like winning, but losing something is definitely hard, because Ты make it far and then get booted off, unfortunately.

Lia: Wow... I dislike Annie so freaking much!!!! But honestly this time I can't vote for her so buh-bye Garret.!!!!!

Annie: Ugh, I just can't stand Lia!...
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posted by sillybandfan321
Claire:Welcome back last time we had are campers doing a brutal truth или dare. And actually the Raging Raccoons actually won! And poor Talia had to leave lets see what happens this time on Total Drama Secrets!

Screeching Hawks Girls:
Kylee:I wonder what the challenge is for today
Ray:yea Эй, it feels like there is only 2 people in here even though there is 3 of us!
Kylee:Yea i know Sammy has been so out there but i still like her
Ray:Yea she is very nice
*Sammy walks in*
Kylee:Sammy are Ты ok?
Sammy:Yea i am
Ray:Ok whatever Ты say?
Sammy:*confused look*

Screeching Hawks Guys:
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posted by bubblegum505
Warning: This is just fanfiction and not fact! But does have some spoilers! Now if Ты don't care, just read!

Falling down from a plane is NOT fun. Especially when it's because of Chris Mclean and when you're stuck to a pole. Let me explain:

1. I was with this hot guy who told me to Kiss him.
2.When I kissed him, he jumped onto a sled and my lips met a Холодное сердце pole.

"OUCH!" Crash landing. I fell down into a dumpster. SO I kept walking until I found a улица, уличный to take the bus back home. Walked and walked, then my phone rang. It was my boyfriend, Geoff!...
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posted by 123Jordan
rochelle: This is the total drama awards! We are going to have sepasle gusse today. they are Birdgette, eva, Noah, The whole team of Killer Bass, Trent, chris maclain, and more! The first award is for the best Team on season 1 and 2! The nomanes are, Screaming Gaffers, Killer Grips, Killer Bass, and Screaming Gophers. and the winner is...................... Killer бас, бас-гитара with 8 votes!!!!!
Duncan: We are so happy we won this award!
Courtney: I think I won it for us.
Duncan: Yeah how do u know that Ты won it for us???
Courtney: cause i'm the onlt one on the team with brains.
Bridgette: are Ты saying...
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posted by tdafan121
She's my new fanfic person! Here's her info:
Full Name: Kodai Jamie Elizabeth Barlow
Age: 16
Bio: Kodai is a very imagiantive girl. During the день she is normally either daydreaming, talking, или Чтение one of her W.i.t.c.h. books. At night, she is еще active and is always doing something. Normally on a typical night, she is either listening to music, drawing, writing, staring blankly at the moon, или typing up a storm on Fanpop, her Избранное website. On special nights или in one of her victory celebrations, she either takes a swim или walks through the woods. Two of her good friends, Bridgette...
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posted by potterandtdi
"Duncan, what are Ты doing here?" I asked. "Coming to see my girl." I groan. "I'M NOT YOUR GIRL ANYMORE!" He smirks. "What happened to the girl I met two years ago?" He asks me. "I'm not the same girl. You're the exact same person I met on the island." He comes closer. I turn off the music. He turns it back on:

Waking up I see that everything is okay.
The first time in my life and now it's so great...
It's innocence, it's brilliant.
I hope that it'll stay.
This moment, is perfect.
Please don't go away.
I need Ты noooooooooooow.
And I'll hold on to it...

He brought me in his arms. I blushed and giggled....
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brookes POV
tow were left,me,and beth. who was going home?i was scared to death.i looked at duncan,mummbling,did u?

he nonned.
and the final chris awrd goes to......brooke!
brooke:*starts crying*
beth:what?ho voted me off?
chef:*takes her away*
beth:fine1 i,i,dont need this!*starts crying*
duncan:brooke?yuo okay?
duncan:sty her. ALL OF Ты LEAVE!NOW!

What happens next??

to be continued!

i gotta write more

posted by bubblegum05
"Hey,what's up guys?!I got good news for you." сказал(-а) Trent,walking onto the stage.Lindsay and Beth were hosting a AWESOME Хэллоуин party in the city!They were matching witches,just like Katie and Sadie being matching Princesses.Heather was dressed as a bee,Duncan being the only one not getting the joke."What are Ты even dressed as?!" asked Heather,being a pain."It doesnt matter,the Haunted House is ready!!!Ok everybody just has to step into this tunel.." He explained.

Evreybody started walking in,when Cody the vampire started asking questions."Uh,is this REALLY scary?Is there a bathroom in...
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