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posted by SuperGwen
Cody ran. He just had to run. Through the halls of Playa De Losers. He had another argument with Noah. These arguments have been going on for three days and some on the most dumbest things. Like when to go to the doctors and how to set up the Дети room.Not to mention that he was 9 months pregnant with twins, he has a lot of mood swings.He ran into a nearby closet and slammed the door shut. He sunk onto the ground and started to cry waterfalls."Who knew daddy could be so inconsiderate.", he сказал(-а) craidelling his large stomach. "You two guys are the only ones who cared." The dork suddenly thought...
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posted by nocofangirl218
So, episode 6! YAHOO! I'm kinda sad I didn't get further at this point, but....hey, at least I'm still updating this, right? :P Anyway, I hope Ты enjoy this epidoes! ^u^


*at elimination ceromony*

Chris: Well, well, well, looks like Ты guys lose again!

Noah: Just shut up, and get on with it Chris.


Noah: o.o *gets quiet*

Chris: Thats better! Anyway, lets get the elimination...
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Okay here's the deal. I'm starting a camp named Total Drama Dynamite. And only 15 of Ты guys can be in it. And I will have 15 of the old ones. The old ones i'm using are Heather , Alejandro , Duncan , Gwen , Leshawna , Trent , Bridgette , Geoff , Cody , Noah , Sierra , Lindsay , D.J , Tyler , and the most EPIC INTERN EVER... Billy. Okay so if Ты wanna be in this fanfiction say Ты wanna be on here when Ты comment. And if Ты do tell me about yourself so I won't make Ты too nice или too evil. And if Ты don't I'll figure something out. And Ты get to choose whose going out with who. Like with Gwen when Ты Комментарий on this say either GXT или DXC and either of the couples Ты can write as much couples as Ты want. And of course Chris is still the *WONDERFUL* HOST. So if Ты have anymore Вопросы just ask. AND.......start!!!!!!!
Welcome back to Total Drama High School,
Season 2! Let's pick up where we left off.
Ilana: Эй, girls, welcome to the final 4!
All 4: YEAH! *High fives each other*
Ilana: The other girls may be disappointed to not be here,
so let's hear what they have to say:
Lexxi: I can't believe I'm not there!
Andrea: :'(
Kirby: Hmph. >:(
Rene: This sucks! D:
Corabella: I can't believe it...
Ashley: NAME STEALER! >:O ^^^
Celine: Oh, save it, Ты brat.
Scout: Well, this sucks to not be there.
Sammy: :( I'm sad.
Annie: Hmph.
Ilana: So, how...
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Gwen:Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader
Trent:Dallas Cowboys Quarterback
Duncan:Prince Charming
Sadie And Katie:Aerobics Instructors
Lindsay:Wonder Woman
Tyler:Steve Trevor
Sierra:Alice (1951 Disney)
Cody:Mad Hatter (1951 Disney)
Owen:Construction Worker
Heather:Biker Chick
Alejandro:Biker Dude
DJ:Michael Jordan
Harold:Napoleon Dynamite
Chris: last time on Total Drama around the world......... Antarctica! Главная of no population. The colest place on earth. here our contestnts faced, Lava, being fozen is ice, and Bares. Kasey called Zeke Zeekey-poo. but at the end it was Courntey who was sent packing! what will happend on this season of total drama around the world!

*non-first class*

*Katie is crying*
Jordan: Эй, team Лондон shouldn't Ты be in first class right now?
Alejandro: chris сказал(-а) he wants to use it for onces in he's life.
Cody: oh.
Annie: STOP CRYING NOW!!!!!!!!........ i mean......... I like puppys!
Harold: ok.....................
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Chris: Okay everybody your first challange is...


Chris: Fine! But your the last person to get a change of pokemon! DRINK THIS! *gives desiree water* DRINK IT ALL!

Desiree: *drinks water and turns into a ninetails* OMG! AWESOMENESS!

Chris: okay anyway, lets get onto our challange! Our challange is a talent Показать where only 3 members from each team will participate!

Sofie: um exactly what type of talent Показать are Ты talking about.

Chris: A pokemon talent show,In a pokemon talent Показать Ты will use your attacks to make a wonderfull Показать that will impress...
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*them song*
Chris: ok campers lets start-huh appears we have 6 еще campers!

Hether: so there’s еще competition?

Chris: yes Hether, alright Далее we have, Fay!

Fay: HI!

Chris: Tay!

Tay: Hi *steps in bird poop*… ok that is disgusting

Chris: Ray!

Ray: hi!

Chris: B.J.!

B. J.: hi…

Chris: James!

James: WOOOOT! nice to meat dude!

Chris: nice to meat too, dude.

Chris: Nikki!

Nikki: *gets of the лодка silently and goes Далее to Duncan*

Duncan: hay.

Nikki: hi…

Chris: ok…time to start meet me at the lodge in 10 минуты that will give Ты enough time to get acquainted with everyone

Hether: have Ты ever seen a girl that looks like that I mean with piercings? And why did she go over to Duncan like that?
Nikki: I hate it when people look at me like that one girl did! And it made me think of my dad when Chris сказал(-а) my name like he cared about me…
(sorry if not all of it is correct.)

courtney,izzy,sierra,and lindsay:up,up,up,up!

harold.cody,DJ,and tyler:sing,sing,sing,sing!

all contestants:we're flying,and singing.We're flying and a singing!

sierra:come fly with us!

sierra and cody:come fly with us!

izzy:its got a lot of crazy,and tunes to bust.haha!

Bridgette:come fly with us!

bridgette and lindsay:come fly with us!

alejandro:its a pleasure,and an honor,and a must.

duncan:dudes this is a mess (i think) you're Пение in a plane.

harold:what did Ты expect?chris is freaking insane!hu!

gwen:yeah,but guys,you're signing on TV!

courtney:haven't you...
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The Hunger Games. A battle to the death between 24 teens ages 12 to 18 from each of the 12 districts of Panem. In the center of the districts lies a shining Capitol, where its residents are free of all worry and can watch us die in peace. My name is Courtney Banks. I am 16 years old and I live in District 12, the smallest, most run-down district where Ты can starve to death in comfort. Most everyone here is poor, except the three Hunger Games victors who live in the lap of luxury in the Victor’s Village. One of the victors is very old and is usually drunk but the other two, who won 26 years...
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posted by Random9747649
"What do Ты mean Ты sold my soul to the grim reaper!" Courtney shouted at her parents. She was on a complete rampage, "How could Ты do this to me! Why not Hillary? Kyle? или the twins?" she screamed and kicked her brother for no reason. Kyle bent over in pain and wobbled away, Courtney turned to her mother, "How come Ты never told me?"

Mrs. Marinez was crying into her husband's shoulders, she wiped some of her mascara away, "I was going to wait until tomorrow but Duncan showed up unexpected, like he does most of the time". She turned to glare a bit at the Duncan who was browsing through their...
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Crap and The Meeting

The phone rang, waking Courtney up from her wonderful dream. It was about a hot criminal and he was—

No, he is not hot! No, it was not a wonderful dream! Courtney’s denial side screamed in her mind.

Courtney tiredly searched for the phone in the dark. She accidentally knocked off her alarm clock off the nightstand. At least it didn’t die under my hands every damn morning.

She pressed the button and put the phone on her ear. “Hello?” she mumbled drowsily.

“What’s this I heard about a hot criminal coming in through your window, Поцелуи you?” a voice she knew oh-so-well...
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“Courtney! Courtney!” she hears her name being hissed in a low voice. Her eyelids flutter open and light floods her pupils, much to the disapprovement of her pounding headache. The first thing she sees is the rough, brown ropes around her wrists. She was laying on her side, on a dusty gray floor, with her wrists tied to a tall wooden post. As she slowly attempted to sit up, the itchy rope rubbed her wrists like an Indian Burn.

Once she was sitting with her back to the post, Courtney looked to see where the voice came from. Duncan was staring intently at her from just three feet away, where...
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Sofie panted and huffed on all fours on the floor.
"That's enough special drilling for the day," Duncan told her.
"Thank you... so much."
"You handled the ribbon very well. You're making very quick progress." He smiled.
"Do Ты really think so, Duncan?" Sofie looked up at him still panting.
"... Ты don't really buy that stuff, do you?"
"SHUT UP, RANMA!!" She screamed, tanlged in a mess of ribbon.

"Even if it's true..." Sofie muttered.
"... It's only a week until the match. I should have known, I never should have agreed to help." She sat in silence, while small drops of water dripped down her cheeks...
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