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This one was a countdown for World Tour. People voted for which is their LEAST favorite.
26. "I See London..." 57% of 7 Фаны picked this.
25. "Picnic at Hanging Dork" 57% of 7 Фаны picked this.
24. "Chinese Fake-Out" 50% of 6 Фаны picked this.
23. "Greece's Pieces" 57% of 7 Фаны picked this.
22. "The Am-AH-Zon Race" 40% of 5 Фаны picked this.
21. "Super Happy Crazy Fun Time in Japan" 25% of 8 Фаны picked this.
20. "The EX-Files" 38% of 8 Фаны picked this.
19. "Awwwwww, Drumheller" 50% of 4 Фаны picked this.
18. "Slap Slap Revolution" 67% of 3 Фаны picked this.
17. "Broadway, Baby!" 67% of 3 Фаны picked...
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Stefani's audition-
"Oh um, hi. I'm Stefani. I'm here to explain why I would be great for Total Drama. Well um... Number one, I Любовь to compete, but I'm also very nice at the same time. and the other reason is... well I'm kind of a loner without choice. I have no Друзья and I think this would be a great opportunity for me to finally make friends! I hope Ты take me into consideration!"

Serenity's audition-
"K, Chris. Ты got not choice here. You're gonna put me on the show, and Ты are just simply handing me the million dollars so I don't have to run through dirt and mutant crap. Got it? K, thanks, bye."

Jason's audition-
"Hi, I'm Jason. I think I'll be really good on Total Drama because I'm really athletic and a good teammate."
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If no one remembers me its all good because ive been gone for several months. It wouldnt be too shocking to hear. :p

But I am back somewhat; mainly because I heard about the fifth season being offical and all. And also because all ive seen on here when i last left were just old stuff I didn't really care for (no hating plz).

But if any of Ты guise could inform me on the stuff that i missed that would be nice, i doubt i missed stuff though, since im looking through everything. xD

So yeah, hi again!!! :D
(Everyone is eating dinner)
Jordan: Oh Danny!
Danny: Yeah?
Jordan: Here's the locket back.
Danny: aaa... Ты can keep it. With what I saw happen with it, I'm scared to have it now.
Victor: (enters) Ты must keep it или Ты will be instantly eliminated Danny. Ты got voted team Captain. Team Captains must keep the locket at all times.
Danny: aggghhh...
Elizabeth: Trudy.
Trudy: Yes Elizabeth?
Elizabeth: This ужин is so good.
Trudy: Aww thank Ты Elizabeth.
Elizabeth: Your welcome.
Evan: (mumbling to himself)
Eli: Evan? Are Ты okay?
Even: (continues to mumble to himself)
Eli: Okay then...
Jake: (see's...
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posted by Rainbow_Veins
Total Drama Killer Stage (TDKS)

Chris: Well is the fucking light on the camera on? Oh...its rolling? Oh. Hello US!! We are broadcasting to Ты live from Lawrence, Kansas to bring Ты to Total Drama Killer Stage!! We are at Allen Field House on the KU campus. Here come our contestants!! First returning from the first 3 seasons, Duncan!
Duncan: Um Chris? Where the fuck are we? Chef didn't even know.
Chris: We are in Kansas, Duncan.
Duncan: Wow. What a crappy state...
Chris: Here are two new contestants!! Twins Sally and Isadora!!
Duncan: *stares at Isadora and Sally* Переместить over Gwen...here come two...
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scout:yeah chris completely damned up my words i сказал(-а) not aj the cammera ran out of battiries before i could even vote but anyway... i,m sad to see the big lug go. he was alright. even though he was a major pain

mike:the BAD thing is my team is all girl but me
dj:um... yea sure
mike:why are Ты here
dj:gwen wanted me to give Ты message which reads-
*end of conssenails*

*la` reloaded,france*
chris:so it was owen to go
duncan:well we know who is going to win now
chris:anyway today`s challenge is...
gwen:did Ты get my message
mike & trent:yea are Ты sure
beth:what is up with them
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