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Zam: I vote for Siera. We wood hav won if she hadnt left.

Angie: "I vote Sierra, we only Остаться в живых because of her and her freaky obsession for Cody..."

trent:i vote for that serria chick

Zack:Phew...We're safe.


chris: welcome team simlish to your first vote off
ceramoney. ok so if Ты are безопасно, сейф Ты get a gyroid and if your not Ты get this the black

chris: firsr безопасно, сейф is angie

chris: zam
zam: phew
chris: rebekah
rebekah: ugggh @_@
chris: luke
luke: cool (patting rebekahs back)
rebekah: i dont feel good (throws up)

(luke and trent scoot away a lil)

chris: trent

trent: cool

chris: jazon Ты wolud be going Главная since serria isent here to kick off. but i gusse Ты still in so here (toss gyroid)

apartment girl side

angie: how are Ты felling

rebekah: sick. do Ты think trent did this to me on purpose

angie: no

castway island

(crazy luagh) HAHAHAHAHAHA
Chris: We've been to the Island.... TWICE! We've been Around the World... TWICE! Now we're going back to the place where we haven't gone Twice.... The Total Drama Action film set! As Ты can see, nothing has changed... sadly. But that will all change. Because this season is going to be BIG! We are having some returning characters and some new characters. Now here comes the bus for the returning characters.
(Bus pulls up)
Chris: We have, (says as they step out of the bus) Fawn!
Fawn: YAY!
Chris: Lia!
Lia: Hello everyone!
Chris: Lance!
Lance: WOHO!!
Chris: Cole!
Cole: Oh yeah! Back again!
Chris: Annie....
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This is chapter one of my fanfiction, Toxic Valentine, I know the chapter is a little weird and poorly written... but I wasn't quite sure how their meeting should be, hope Ты guys like it though! =D
This is NOT a story for those who are against mature matters such as mentions of sex, abuse, swearing, etc.
Stephanie's POV (Point of View)

I dive into the water; my red hair flips upwards, and eventually returns by my side, drenched in water.
“Nice dive Steph!” Bridgette calls to me.
I smile and looked up at her and Geoff, the two were cuddling on a towel on the ground,...
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posted by sillybandfan321
Claire:Welcome back lets soo what the campers are up to!

*With Jessica,Sam R. and Kylie*
Jessica:Ok i think the reward is under this rock!*Lifts rock* UGH nothing!
Kylie:Ok jessica just chill a little bit ok
Sam R.:Ya i agree with her lets take a break!
Jessica:Ok ok i am ust gonna fall asleep Ты know take a nap
Kylie:Ywa lets go!

*With Ya'vanti and Shawn*
Ya'vanti:Ok umm its over here no over there hahaha!! *laughs like a maniac*
Shawn:I think your going crazy!
Ya'vanti:No i know its here i know it!

*With Sammy and Blaine*
Blaine:So.....how is everything with your кабина and everything
Sammy:Its good...
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posted by dxarmy423
Chris: welcome to the most controversial Показать on the tv to date. TOTAL DRAMA EXTREME RULEZ!!

Chris: last episode kenny rogers was here and made it a no elimination episode.

Chris: so this is how the teams stand-

Team uno:


Team Dos:


Chris: thanks to kenny this episode is gonna be a DOUBLE ELIMINATION with our guest host TONY HAWK!!!

Tony: Эй, whats up everybody

Geoff: *faints from the awesomeness*

Harold: dam geoff is out cold

Duncan: huh never thought that would happen

Penny: yeah he is out

Tony: ok everybody I got to get my ramps for the challange so...
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Ugh ! This school is full of ghetto people ! I wanna go back to Gonzalez but they can't "put up with me " ! Everybody is talkin about this chick named Noemi ! Aperantly she is a legend here and they where saying that she moved to Gonzalez but anyway im not alone here Ты know i have my cuzin ! When the колокол, колокольчик, белл rang i had to enter the classroom the teacher was a dude named Mr.Martinez ! My cuzin is in a diffrent classroom Mrs.Manchas ! So i had to find some Друзья или alone..WHATEVER ! Ughh i always got in trouble with all the teachers for the Далее месяц !Then one of my Друзья in Gonzalez invited me to this of the hook party ! ....

What will happen at the party ? Find out in the Далее chapter of Любовь , Hate storyy !!
posted by Fangirl99
confession time?

"huh?"i asked,confused.

"ok..here it goes,"he said.

"You know,i always knew Ты liked me,"he said,a weird looking smile on his face.

"you did?"

he did?

"Yep.But,I liked Ты back,at a certain point."

"you did?

He did?

"yep,during TDI,when courtney came back."

"Funny,that's when i stopped liking you,"I said.

"haha,yeah.I fainted cause when i saw her,i realized i had to girls.You know what i mean?"he asked.

"yeah,i guess,"I said,still not too sure.

I finally got over the awkward silence.

"So...do Ты still like me?"i asked,trying to break the awkward silence.

"Maybe..not seriously,i...
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posted by potterandtdi
I walked down the улица, уличный with my black Converse clopping on the pavement. I hear a faint bang but ignore it. I hear it again, but a little louder. Someone pushes me off the sidewalk and into a nearby alleyway. I open my eyes and see a handsom man on вверх of me. He has a green mohawk topping his jet black hair. His skin was a nice
in-the-middle color, not too pale, not too tan. And his eyes, oh, those чирок blue eyes got me. They were rich and smooth. They had a touch of green, only a faint one. Those eyes were what got me. "I'm sorry I tackled you. I hope it didn't hurt." he said. He reached...
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posted by TDIlover226
I havn't seen him in years, I don't know if he even remembers me. I use to laugh at those Фильмы where women almost killed them selves over dudes they loved, but now I understand.

Courtney looked out the window of the plane, She had never been so depressed. "What's wrong with you?" сказал(-а) Vanita, "You've been depressed for how long now?". "there's apsolutly nothing wrong with me and there never will be" сказал(-а) Courtney, raising her voice. "I just wish I wasn't" She mumbled, to where no one would hear her.

They were flying to Chicago, some kind of big meeting her dad just had to go to. Not only was...
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