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chris: welcome to the the new season of total drama island the incredebul powers lets meet are contestents say hello to the diva of fasion and has a tiny brain lindsay:is this total drama island the incredebul powers chris:yeah lindsay:ok oh Ты are must smal then I imagen chris: Далее up is a girl with all brains and is smaller then see looks beth:lindsay is that Ты lindsay:yes beth:eeeeeeeeeeeeeh lindsay:eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh chris:lets get on with the Показать nexh is a man with that likes to read and is a no it all noah:chris do Ты have my mediahelp here chris yeah sure noah*walks aan* chris and the girl with a brain and is a cei courtney:nice to meet Ты all and am here to wen this season chris Далее up is a jovenile that has wen its duncan*fors a night* chris:easy your layer says if Ты do that Ты wil go back to juvu duncan;ok chris:siera,cody,heater,zoey,mike,izzy and tyler toon in after this brack to see what drama happens next
posted by nocofangirl218
So, were back on regular shedual...yay? :P Honestly, making the aftermath was fun! Oh well....in another 4-5 episodes, I get to do another. :P Anyway, schools starting, so I might get these up later than I usually do, but....hey, lets not think about that! ^^' Oh well, hope Ты like this episode!


Chris: *walks up to the podeum* Well, бекон, бэкон Hawks, looks like Ты guys actually lose this time!

Heather: Yeah, yeah, just get on with the ceromoney already!

Rae: Leave. Chris. Alone!

Heather: Don't tel me what to do newbie!...
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posted by NeonInfernoLord
Ok so this idea came up to me after having a dream of being on Total Drama and then everyone died…don’t ask. Anyways I’ll be working on this along with the Фэнтези matches Ты guys request and I’ll see where it goes. I hope Ты enjoy it.

“Welcome contestants to another glorious season of Total Drama folks!” Chris McClean, the host, yells as he stands in front of the camera. A scene of the ocean and a large cruise ship is seen behind him. “This season, all of our contestants will be sent overseas to compete for yet another million dollar prize! This is Total…Drama…TITANIC!”...
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Эй, there, I'm Karen and welcome to Total Drama How To Train Your Dragon, today we have 19 campers coming here and I think they're gonna have fun, I hope cause...oh I shouldn't say it, you'll all find out now anway...here's our first camper Gerard Way!, the awesome lead singer of My Chemical Romance, hello Gerard!

Gerard: Hi there Karen

well ok, so far you're the first camper....next we have Randy!

Randy: Hi there!

hello Randy, ok our Далее camper is Rosamaria Martinez, hello Rosa!

Rosa: Эй, host

ok Далее we have Francine!, Эй, there Francine!

Francine: Hello

ok Далее we have Patrick and Dani welcome!...
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 (Left) DanixxDumb-Jasper (Right) soxfan89-Lani
(Left) DanixxDumb-Jasper (Right) soxfan89-Lani
Эй, guys! We're coming at Ты live from Camp Fit, somewhere around New York, New York; I'm Ты one and only host, Jasper—
(Gets cut off from voice off scene) and what about me?! Jasper: Fine. And co-host Lani. (Lani is shown) Lani: Hi, I’m-- (gets cut off from voice off from Jasper as she’s pushing Lani out of the way)
Jasper: No one cares! Any way I’m dropping the newest reality shows on television, now! (Moves to Dock of Shame) And just like the original season Total Drama Island, were on an island! Ok, so here's the deal, thirteen campers have signed up to spend- uh, a couple weeks...
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posted by owenizzyx
heather:there way a head and we got to go

courtney:we got to build something we can ro-ow

sierra:it doesn`t have to be a boat

girls:as long as it stays a float... oh why did we build gwen face

duncan & alejandro:it`s almost ready to set sail

duncan:just hammering in the final nail


owen:we really did this fast

guys:so we,ll be back in 1st class becuase they built gwen face

girls:we built gwen`s face

guys:were going to take 1st place

girls:becuase we built gwen`s face


girls:we built gwen`s face

RECAP: I turned my head to my left with suspicion in my eyes, but it turned to shock in an instant, and I turned all the way around when I saw who it was; “Duncan…”
My eyes locked with Duncan’s as he stood there on my balcony, looking at me through the glass door that separated us; I almost felt as if nothing else existed as we stared at each other. A few moments passed before I remembered I wasn’t wearing a shirt; I blushed deeply when I realized this, and quickly put on the вверх to the pajamas I was going to put on. Once I had the...
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