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RECAP: I turned my head to my left with suspicion in my eyes, but it turned to shock in an instant, and I turned all the way around when I saw who it was; “Duncan…”
My eyes locked with Duncan’s as he stood there on my balcony, looking at me through the glass door that separated us; I almost felt as if nothing else existed as we stared at each other. A few moments passed before I remembered I wasn’t wearing a shirt; I blushed deeply when I realized this, and quickly put on the вверх to the pajamas I was going to put on. Once I had the...
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posted by RandomlyJacob
Chris:Ok now that all 12 of Ты have arrived.....
All: What?
Chris: That's right and first to arrive is.....Zoey!
Courtney: Wait a minute....THAT'S MY HAIRSTYLE!
Yup,the Courtney Mendoza HAIRDOOOOO!You should feel ashamm...
Zoey: *slaps Courtney* I dont have time for this...
Chris: everyone welcome,Lia and Shawn
Noah:*gasps* Ты let HER in!
Chris: Yeah I knew it'd make Ты mad..
Noah: Well welcome shorty...
Lia: Im only 2 inches shorter!
Noah: Your still shorter.
Shawn: I like your nephew *high fives noah*
Owen: Nephew? They look like the same age...
Lia: It's a long story....
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Welcome to Total Drama High School, this time, with a Season 2 comeback! >:D Let's meet the contestants, shall we?

Say hello to Rene, Lia, and Corabella!
All three: Hello :)

Here's Rikki, Lulu, and Kirby!
Lulu: ^_^
Kirby: Hello. Hehe.

Now there's Sammy, Scout, and Annie!
Sammy: Whatever, Psh...
Scout: Oh hi thar!
Annie: Hi.

Then there's Ashley, Lexxi, and Andrea!
Andrea: My name is Ashley, too. :)
Lexxi: Wtf is up with Ты and your habit with bringing people to justice for no apparent
Ashley: I WATCH...
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"What did Ты just say to me?"
"I сказал(-а) Ты were stupid"

sigh this happend every день oh sorry I forgot to intoduce myself I'm Olivia daughter of Athena Iv'e lived at camp half blood all my life well as long as I can remember any way
"DON'T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT !!" and thats Eve daughter of Hermes.
"Eve Trent what are Ты yelling about now"
"Its all there fault" they сказал(-а) pointing to one another arggg somtimes I just wish that they would make up and be Друзья but nooooooooooooooooooo they keep yelling at each other "calm down Eve Ты go first"
"how come she gets to go first"
"oh just shut up Trent"...
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Chris:Ok,if Ты do not get a carmal leaf,you must leave the Forest by going down to the path of shame and go down the waterfall of losers!First one goes to Jake. Jake:Alright! Chris: Далее 3 go to Penny,D.j,and Owen.Tyler,catch *Tyler gets hit in the head by his leaf* Chris:Ray and Gwen,heads up! * Chris throws leaves to them* Chris:The Далее 2 leaves go to Mizzy and Mack.Chris:Sam,and...Faith. Chris:Duncan & Rikki,one of Ты tonight are leaving,and it goes to... ...Duncan! Duncan:Yeah! Rikki:WHAT!? Chris:Chef,I need some help *Chef&Chris pull Rikki to the waterfall of losers* Rikki:NOT...
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(sorry if not all of it is correct.)

courtney,izzy,sierra,and lindsay:up,up,up,up!

harold.cody,DJ,and tyler:sing,sing,sing,sing!

all contestants:we're flying,and singing.We're flying and a singing!

sierra:come fly with us!

sierra and cody:come fly with us!

izzy:its got a lot of crazy,and tunes to bust.haha!

Bridgette:come fly with us!

bridgette and lindsay:come fly with us!

alejandro:its a pleasure,and an honor,and a must.

duncan:dudes this is a mess (i think) you're Пение in a plane.

harold:what did Ты expect?chris is freaking insane!hu!

gwen:yeah,but guys,you're signing on TV!

courtney:haven't you...
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posted by KataraLover
Once there was a widow women and her little daughter Bridgette she was a kind women who loeved her daughter but felt that she needed a fater so she married again a man named Chris of good family with two daughters just Bridgette's age by name Courtney and Eva but after the death of this good woman the step-families true nature was revealed cold and cruel and jelous of Bridgette's charm and beauty they forced her to be a servant but she stayed gentle and kind and dreamed that her dreams would come true and her step-family called her Cinderella
Cody(as a mouse)-Bridgette wake-up
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HEATHER'S POV: A new girl?! lets just see how much of a fight this "new" girl puts up when im in a WAR with her! "New girl, hmm? Linds, go fetch the "new" girl for me and meet me bac in 5" i ordered her.
COURTNEY'S POV: Uh, im so confused. Where am i meant 2 b? "Hey you! Courtney? Is it?" the blonde girl from b4 asked, "Yh it is. And u r?" i asked, narked at how obviously bone-idle this girl truly was... "Lindsay. Cum wiv me, plz" she asked, "Where we goin?", "U'll c" i dont lyk the sound of this 1 bit...
 Courtney doesn't lyk the sound of this...
Courtney doesn't lyk the sound of this...
This chapter is dedicated to 7thGradeGenius and rubberduck2 and duncan-superfan because they always Комментарий and they will ve really happy that it doesn't finish yet, actually another story continue thanks to monica-san

15.Twitter and Asthma

Courtney took a deep breath, breathing in and out. For about three minutes, she will be doing this, and then she will go back to work. She rubbed her temples and took another deep breath.

“Do Ты have asthma, babe?” Duncan whispered in her ear lowly. “If Ты do, I’d gladly give Ты mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. I’m not complaining.”

Courtney swiftly...
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posted by splinter505
i got bored so i'm making this but i still need еще people
Phil: where are they, i mean not even the co-host is here
Ghost: *banging on door* come on let me out i promise i'll give up my criminal ways just let me out
Phil: *sees ghost hunters come in* the ghost is in that room, destroy him
ghost: AHH!!! what are Ты people doing to me ow that hurts
*car horn*
Phil: finally the go-host is here
Duncan: sup
Phil: nothin you
Duncan: nothing
Phil: i'm gonna go check my e-mail
E-mail: we are sorry to inform Ты that the limmo Ты reserved to pick up is delayed
Phil: damm it
Ghost hunter: we're done
Phil: thanks here's 20 bucks
Duncan: wanna play cards
Phil: sure
He's so annoying,can't he see?
Duncan isn't good for me
That little trouble-maker is so imature
Us? together,yeah right,I'm SO sure
Duncan has the mind of a pre-mature chimp
Everyone agrees;he's such an imp
He keeps waiting for me to say 'yes'
But I think he should take a секунда guess
He's so incredibly unkind;
Duncan tells me I need to unwind
What is with him?Take a hint!
His head must be full of lint
The name is COURTNEY
Can't he get it through his skull?
His sence of intelligence is horribly dull!
He says I like him
Maybe;I might
But Ты don't think I like him;you don't right?
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