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Courtney bashing on Gwen A Shirtless Noah being a smart aleck AND TRENT!? This is heaven!
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Vannessa fought back the tears,
although her anguish showed as clear as day
on her eyes. Ryan smiled sheepishly, obviosly happy that he had made the Vannessa cry.He slammed the door hard.Vannessa backed away slowly,turned around,and broke into a run."Faster Faster!" she commanded herself,while fighting back a waterfall of tears."I have to get away!" Vannessa murmured under her breath.When she reached her house,she plopped down on her постель, кровати and let all her tears out."It will be alright tommorrow." she desperately tried to comfort herself.Then the terriying truth hit her, "It's not over yet." she wispered and broke out cying again.She knew there was no hope...
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