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Duncan's POV:I walked around the streets tripping over my own feet.I've had enough of my life so I decided to get drunk.I came up to a three story set of apartments and saw a man with a stick and a tin cup.He was saying,"Spare change,spare change." Then,a huge,bright light came beside the man.I know the man with the tin cup was blind."Who are you?"I asked the man Далее to the blind man.He was wearing a white халат, одеяние and sandals.He had a brown beard and brown hair."I'm Jesus."He said."You're crazy.You're not Him."I said.The man who called himself Иисус put his hand on the blind man's forehead.In...
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Эй, yall no who this is!!! Its Brooke once еще & i will be discussing some thing important.
i have been receiving request to talk about my opinion about Duncan dating Courtney. I will just say that they r horrible!!!! JUST KIDDING!!!! they r the cutest couple ever on TDI!!!! if they customized the perfect girl 4 Duncan they would come up with Courtney!!!
i can tell that he first liked her when he called her darling in the dodge ball episode. she stood up to him & he likes it when girls do that.
they had a Любовь hate relationship & soon became full out love!!!
well when she comes back on TDA, i hope she & Duncan have a good time.
Well got 2 go!!!
duncan has pulled ALOT of pranks on Harold. heres all the ones that i can remember.

he fed him an underwhere sandwich.
he made his underwhere into s'mores.
he and the other guys put him out in front of the girls why he was naked.
he put hot sauce in his underwhere.
he made a арахис масло, сливочное масло smilie face on his bed.
he gave him a glass of кухня grease and told him it was яблоко juice.
he and geoff gave him a fishing pole wedgie.
he and the guys took all his clothes away and made him where a thong!
he and the guys took away all his clothes and made him where his dorky PJs.
and he apperently stroung his underwhere up a flag pole though it was never seen but harold сказал(-а) he did in the episode haut camp-ture
drew a mustache on his face and made him piss his pants!
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