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I woke up and who did I see?
Look it's chris and he's pointing at me!

I turned my head to the right and who did I see?
Look it's Duncan and he's cursing at me!

I looked to the left and who did I see?
Look it's Courtney and she's frowning at me!

I turned around and look who's there?
Look it's Heather and she's playing with lindsey's hair!

Look it's Bridgette and Geoff!
And they're makin out!

And Chef топорик, топор is cookin trout!
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Source: Me for making it, and the people who made the art work.
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 Duncan flips off a Фан <3
Duncan flips off a fan <3

* Duncan is one of the few campers to be seen in every episode (others being Owen, Gwen, and Heather) of Total Drama Island.
* Duncan is the sole surviving member from his team in the first two seasons. He is the only one to do so in the series.
* Duncan has competed the most out of all the characters in the series, the Далее ones being Owen, Lindsay, and LeShawna.
* Duncan likes using terms of endearment for the girls. Besides calling Courtney "princess," he's called Gwen and LeShawna "sweetheart" as well. He has also used the terms "dear," "honey," "darling," "babe," "hot stuff," "gorgeous,"...
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