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[[sorry I haven't been Письмо in a while! Well, here Ты go!]]

After thinking of my poem, I wrote it down in my memory. Never to forget...
Tears slowly slid down my cheeks and I covered my face with my hands to silence my cries. "Hey, it'll be alright." I felt a strong hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw Duncan's warm smile. My whole body ached again. "What?" Was all I could say. "You ran off before Ты could tell me what Ты were gonna say... I couldn't find Ты until now. Your fast." He сказал(-а) and grabbed my hand. My stomach fluttered. "Y-yeah." Water formed in my eyes again. I smashed...
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He is escaping Juvy
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duncan has pulled ALOT of pranks on Harold. heres all the ones that i can remember.

he fed him an underwhere sandwich.
he made his underwhere into s'mores.
he and the other guys put him out in front of the girls why he was naked.
he put hot sauce in his underwhere.
he made a арахис масло, сливочное масло smilie face on his bed.
he gave him a glass of кухня grease and told him it was яблоко juice.
he and geoff gave him a fishing pole wedgie.
he and the guys took all his clothes away and made him where a thong!
he and the guys took away all his clothes and made him where his dorky PJs.
and he apperently stroung his underwhere up a flag pole though it was never seen but harold сказал(-а) he did in the episode haut camp-ture
drew a mustache on his face and made him piss his pants!
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Welcome to Messenger.

PunkyPrincess has logged on.

juvyboyy has logged on.

PunkyPrincess: Эй, Dunc
juvyboyy: Sup Princess

Angelgal has logged on

Angelgal: Hi Duncan! How are you?
juvyboyy: im kk
PunkyPrincess: ho is dis?
Angelgal: I'm courtney. Nice to meet you.
PunkyPrincess: u can just talk in txt spk
Angelgal: ???
juvyboyy: just spk lke u would 2 a m8 on ur mobile
Angelgal: Oh.

Surferchick has logged on

Angelgal: Эй, bridge
Surferchick: Sup court
Angelgal: nm
PunkyPrincess: heyya bridge!
Surferchick: Lauren!!!
PunkyPrincess: !!!
juvyboyy: well i g2g cya.
PunkyPrincess: Meet @ piercing store 2morrow k dunc
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Эй, it is brooke. crying of three things. One, I read the Комментарии made by some of my Фаны & I want to say is thank you. I never found out who that person was. They deleted their Fanpop account. So YAY!!! Two, Duncan & Spikes are Друзья again. Third, they blame themselves for my being hurt. So I'm really crying now.
After I left the hospital I went Главная to get the money I earned to help bail Duncan out. I told my mom about Spikes infection & told her of my suspecison that Spikes was afraid that Duncan wasn't hs friend. She told to me in this real serious tone, "Brooke, don't you...
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( I accidentally Опубликовано this on the TDI spot the first time xD)

I thought... "I'm sorry..," Were those words enough to heal my broken soul? I walked outside into the bright sunlight in my PJ's and walked to the other side of the cabin. I knocked on the door with the paper still in my hands. Duncan opened the door and looked at me with heartfelt eyes.
"I'm sorry," He сказал(-а) reaching out to hug me. I stood still without saying a word as he put his arms around me. I looked down at the silent tears seeping into the трава from our eyes. I knew he was sorry... but would I be able to forgive him after...
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*It's fun to use your imagination... and then be slapped in the face by reality -_-'*

"Are we there yet?" "No."..."Are we there yet?" "No."..."Are we-" "SHUT UP SOFIE." My Mom screamed. "When Ты learn to drive, you'll realize it takes deeeeep concentration." She said. I giggled. "I'll never need to drive! I'll just ask my boyfriend to-" I stopped as she looked at me from the front сиденье, место, сиденья of the car. "-buy me a car..." I sighed.

"We HERE! HERE HERE HERE..." I сказал(-а) jumping out of the car. I ran over to the small red boats by the lake, and noticed about 21 еще teenagers lined up there, also. I...
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I'm crying in the corner.
Ты can't see me Duncan?
Open your eyes.
Courtney's taken over.

I'm crying in the corner.
Ты сказал(-а) Ты always be there.
Ты lied.
I know.
Courtney's taken over.

I'm crying in the corner.
At night, when your asleep.
My sobs are muffled.
This feelings still here?
Courtney's taken over.

I'm crying in the corner.
Now I know Ты noticed.
Did Ты do anything about it?
Courtney's taken over.

I'm crying in the corner.
My sad, sad corner.
My sorrow corner.
My постель, кровати has not been made.
Courtney's taken over.


I'm crying in the corner.
I try to get up,
But my body aches.
My сердце breaks.
Courtney's taken over...
And Ты let her...

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I was shaking even harder when I stepped into the light and out of the forest. The first person to run over to me had to be none other than Duncan. "Sofie!" I didn't respond. "Sofie!" He repeated shaking my shoulder. "W-what?" I asked. "You alright?" "Yeah, I'm fine." I stood at the trail that lead around the lake and waited. Chris walked up to us, smirking. "Hey Chris. Ты looks really buff in those shorts." Heather said. "Eww! Ты like Chris!" I laughed. They ignored me. "I know." He said. "Your fist challenge begins in one minute!" "Chris?" Owen said. "I don't think thats enough time to...
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