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All right... before i tell Ты some of my predictions, there are somethings Ты might not know: season 4 is TDR and only has 12 characters with 13 или so episodes.this season only features all of the new characters. it is just a season to get to know the new characters. they are competing for 100,000 i believe.
the 5th season is unknown for a name. but this season is going to be a giant season with about 30 или so episodes. there will be ALL OLD CHARACTERS AND NEW CHARACTERS I BELIEVE. Ты can go to Youtube and there should be some info there too.

NEW CHARACTERS confirmed as:
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posted by Fangirl99
Alejandro: We're heading down to Newfoundland, that rocky eastern shore!
Owen: I'll have the shrimp, mussels, cod, and the омар, омаров thermadore!
Gwen: I can't get a thing to bite, so we better get there first!
Courtney: Row harder, faster, both of you. For the win, work up a thirst! Stroke, stroke, stroke!
Heather: It's a sea shanty, and it's darn catchy! Yes! Go on, DJ, your turn!

Tyler: Izzy, you're a nut-bar, but Ты sure can catch a fish!
Izzy: рыба they're fine, you're right kind, to my partner, he's Irish. And if Ты want the Далее reel, he's all yours!
Sierra and Cody: Trying our best, Courtney, our arms are getting fried!
Gwen: Courtney, do Ты see?
Courtney: Could it be? Steer hard starboard side!
Heather: It's a sea shanty, and it's darn catchy!
DJ: No, Ты can't catch me, with a sea shanty!
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posted by 7thGradeGenius
Bridgette: The strings of my heart
Are a Рапунцель - Запутанная история mess
It’s beating so hard, jumping out of my chest!
I tried to fit two men in my soul
I ended up stuck to a pole!

Choir: She got stuck
Should’ve ducked
Worse of luck
Stuck, stuck to a pole

Bridgette: I fell for every little thing that he said
And when I closed my eyes he jumped on his sled
He’s moved on; I’m still stuck in this place
Will someone pour warm water down my face?!

Choir: She got stuck
Should’ve ducked
Worse of luck
Stuck, stuck to a pole
Stuck, stuck, stuck to a pole!

(As Ты can [probably] tell, all of these lyrics were obtained by myself as I listened to the songs over and over until I got them right. или almost)
-after two hours-

Gwen: *wakes up.. slowly turns around and sees a white room with doctors... suddenly she sees Duncan,quickly stands up, goes to his постель, кровати and tries to wake him up* Duncan! Baby, don't do this to me! Duncan!! Duncan, wake up!...

Duncan: *opens his eyes* Ah.. Uh.. Aaaah!!! Leave me alone! who are you?!? Aaaah!!!

Courtney: *comes in the room* Duncan! Ah!!! Babe, you're awake!!

Duncan:*runs through the halls* Get off me!! who are Ты people?!?

Courtney: *runs after him* Dunkie! Sweetheart,stop!! It's me,Courtney! The Любовь of your life!!!

Duncan: Aaaah!! I swore I'll never marry a doctor!!!...
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posted by izzysawsome
Joe: *talking to himself* Rrrrrrrggggggg when that reanforcement coming!I hope it's soon!

*25 минуты later*


Joe: Uh correction I'm saved not you.

The pilot:*Looks at Joe and whispers to himself* I hate you!

*An airplane comes down and then Greg gets out*

Greg: It's so nice to see Ты again

Joe: Ты know who I'd like to see again? LINDSAY AND TYSON!

Greg: It's not Tyson it's Tyler

Joe: *Looks at him with his eyes barely open* Like I care

*Joe and Greg get in the plane which is about to lift up*

Joe: Wait!

Greg: What?

Joe: Can I bring a few еще people on the plane?...
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