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posted by flabaloobalah
I was overwhelmed with how happy and excited all our cousins were to spend the summer with us.
Tim was the oldest of them, and was my age. His face was a bit frightening, with glaring hazel eyes, runaway red hair, freckles, and his height. Plus, he had a bit of an underbite.
Jess was the Далее oldest, maybe a год или two below me. She always reminded me of an angel, with her soft blonde curls, big blue eyes, dimples, and optimisitc outlook.
Joey was Jess's twin brother. He looked barely anything like her, with his dark hair falling in his equally dark eyes. He even acted differently from her....
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Chapter 1: Secrets Should Be Kept безопасно, сейф from Prying Eyes Like Mine

       Lauren Knight, Sidney Stone, Faye Martinez, and Simone Rivers crept quietly up the stairs towards the attic of Simone's glamour house. Mr. and Mrs. Rivers were sound asleep in their king sized постель, кровати probably dreaming about their jobs. That is what they usually do when they are awake. Brooke Rivers was out partying with her Друзья so they had no one to worry about. Brooke being the eldest, she could do whatever she pleased whenever she pleased. Her sister Simone was annoyed by that. It was around midnight so all of the...
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posted by Dhampires
I made it to my room and saw the dagger on my постель, кровати I grabbed it she jumped on me, slamming me on the floor I felt blood ooze down my chin, I didn't busted my lip in the process.

"Get off me!" I yelled and and tried to slab her anywhere but she caught my wrist broke it and brought my arm back.

The dagger had fallen and rolled under my постель, кровати I could see it just out of my reach she yanked me up and at the right moment I head butted her. She staggered into the Стена and I aimed to перфоратор, удар, пунш her in the nose but she caught my fist.

"Your human speed is still to slow you'd need to transform into a full...
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posted by SisterOfThalia

Because I'm too lazy to type it again. :P I wrote this poem because I just graduated a school and it's really sad, and I do not like the idea of leaving all of my friends. I know that there are a few that I'll never see again. So I kind of vented about it through this poem. I hope it's good. Hgfan5602 is such an inspiration, so this is pretty much dedicated to them. I've always stunk at poems, and I haven't written one in ages, so I hope this will suffice as a decent piece of poetry.
posted by alicia386
Chapter Eighteen
Book Six- Zoe

      How did the battle end? Well, Shane kicked some serious butt. I wasn't so bad myself. The guards may have been ghost but they were pretty easy to kill. All Ты had to do was kill hem like Ты would kill a human. It was that simple. It was what made the battle even еще serious then it already was. My sister. She killed herself. That is what it looked like. The odd thing was that The One was nowhere to be found. I searched everywhere in the замок but I couldn't find him. I soon gave up. He wasn't important. My sister was. The dream of my sister's grave...
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added by alicia386
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posted by alicia386
Okay, I will admit that I was in Любовь with Destiny Malone. I will even admit that one of my Избранное hobbies was to watch her. I am not a creepier. I just thought that she was really beautiful. The problem was that I was a jock and she was a loner. There are two completely different social groups and social groups do not mix with other social groups no matter how gorgeous Ты are.

But her death was a shock to me. It shocked everyone in town.

Destiny was sweet to everyone and was fair. Her death only shows how cruel the world is. She drowned in the lake with her hands tied behind her back.

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posted by 1999jacko
Rick lay in hospital with stitches all over his face and his left eye swollen up, a small eye patch like thing barely covering it up. His best friends- Allan, Brandon, Kyran and Duncan- stood around his постель, кровати telling him what happened after he left, Kyran was mainly telling him about it though because everyone had bruises apart from him," and so everyone was fighting at lunch and som black kid had his leg broken, it was so cool Ты could see the bone sticking out and blood went everywhere over James, sp all in all we had a good first день of what they're calling 'the war'." Brandon smiled slightly...
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posted by flabaloobalah
 Blake's horse Steel
Blake's horse Steel
Genre: Realistic Fiction, Mystery, Drama/Romance

Isaac took the front spot of our group once we stopped at the edge of the driveway. He looked both ways before crossing the улица, уличный and waited on the shoulder of the road. Once Tim crossed next, they walked a few feet into the woods. Apparently, to get to this Blake's house, we had to go through the woods. One by one, we went across the dirt road and through the densely packed forest. It seemed like a maze only they knew, dark winding paths, dark beneath the large trees hiding the sun. We travelled in quiet until we reached a clearing.
Here, the...
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*Short romance story, I'm guess it's cliche. Please don't copy and please read and review, summary under :)*
Summary: Jonah Grey is really getting on my nerves. Everyday at lunch he keeps on throwing Конфеты to my spot at the таблица with my friends. Why? He’s trying to aggravate me…or maybe not.
    “He’s doing it again! Why can’t he stop!” I whined, swatting away a Конфеты bar.
    “You should just talk to him, that’s all he wants.” Vivian, my best friend since pre-k suggested.
    I scoffed. “All he wants is another...
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      Being summoned by the baddest criminal in town really makes a guy feel special. Not only did he request my presence he also has an assignment for me. He rarely gives out assignemts but when he do they are usually for a bigger scheme. This guy pays big bucks for whoever he hires. That is why many people don't крыса him out to the police. The police never offer enough reward money and he always has еще money then the police could ever offer. I feel special just knowing the guy. Once I pulled up in his driveway my сердце rate accelerated as his two guards ushered my into this room....
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added by h3rmioneg
added by h3rmioneg
posted by rory2011
she spend all the night thinking ,she doesn't want to marry cause she knows what will happened to her if she married Mac ,she could face the same fate that her mother faced from long time назад ,but she doesn't want David to die ,she loved her father in a way that she could do anything to save his life ,he's the last member and the only person who left in the family
it could be a big sacrifice with any decision ,but she has to choose

Kat opened her eyes ,and raised her head ,she know that she slept on the ground and now she's late for her work
she walked fast towards her room ,and took something...
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Now Ты believe that I'm not normal, huh? Well, this is going to make Ты tear your hair out.
So, as I was saying, I was sucked into the glass of Coke. The Далее thing that happened, someone pressed a cloth to my nose, and I fell into a heavy sleep.
When I woke up, I was covered in tubes. I was lying somewhere that looked like a hospital, but still in my розовый X-His. Good. I tried to get out, but it felt as if there were invisible restraints holding me. A monitor Далее to my shoulder beeped and said, "Prisoner #2 has awoke."
Well, well, well. So I was a prisoner. Two heavily armed guards yanked...
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I awoke in the middle of the night to Izzy screaming I got out of постель, кровати as quickly as possible with every Переместить I felt my joint ache "Izzy!" I shouted as quietly as possible. She was trembling and telling someone to stop and leave her alone. I knew that dream.

I shook her and after constantly telling her to wake up she did tears beat from her eyes and she hugged me almost knocking me over in the process. I held her tight and close. As she sobbed quietly into my hair.

"I had that dream again." she told me through a broken sob

"I know it's ok your hear now Ты don't have to suffer it any longer."...
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posted by alicia386
So here i am
stuck inside this house
im wondering if i
will ever make it out
now point wondering
if there isnt an answer
just try to belive

here we are
stuck in this house
back where we started
we wont ever make it out
just here to ask
even if there is no reply
if Ты believe

Ты turn to me
Ты say it slow
your voice is deep
"how do we know,"
i shrugg my shoulders
Ты reply
"I believe in Ты and i"

then i know
without a doubt
that these four walls
can keep up trapped
but Ты will always
Любовь me
even if Ты are
a stuffed monkey