SolareEdge Solar Panel Review: PartsXP

Authored by jhonbruce485

A product and performance guarantee is included with solar panels. Most solar panel manufacturers provide a 10-year product guarantee to cover manufacturing flaws in the panel that cause damage or failure. Most SolarEdge panels come with a 12 year product guarantee, which is longer than the industry average of 10 years. However, SolarEdge only provides a 15-year product guarantee for the R60DWMG-SPV375 and R60DWMG-S.

The performance warranty ensures a set level of output for the panel's lifespan, often guaranteeing 80-82% of the nameplate output after 25 years. SolarEdge has a 25-year performance warranty on all ranges, with a guaranteed output of 84.8% after 25 years, positioning them at the top end of the market.