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posted by twilight0girl
today is going to be wonderful.i was getting married.i was getting married to my big teddy медведь emmett.today will be the секунда greatest день of my eternity.the first is when emmett told me he loves me and then asked me to marry him.
"rosalie honey,are Ты ready?" esme asked me.
" not yet esme,can Ты help me do my hair?"
i asked " of course honey " she сказал(-а) as she gracefuly walked into the bathroom.she gently
tugged and pulled my hair as i looked over my
wedding gown.snow white with a corset вверх and a
big puffy skirt.i looked perfect and flawless,i always do. "o.k rosalie,you look perfect." esme сказал(-а) interupting my thoughts. "thank you." i said
esme walked out of the bathroom.she had put my hair in a bun with a few strands of hair framing my сердце shaped face.i sliped on my garder and was
ready.as i walked down the steps i could smell the wonderful aroma of fresh roses.
" ready rose." carlisle asked me,getting me my boquet.it was a boquet of Розы tied together with a white ribbon.me and carlisle started to walk down the isle when i caught a glimpse of emmett.handsome.teddy медведь like.we both read our vows we had written then kissed.we danced and cut our cake.we both spent time smashing cake in each others face's.esme and carlisle gave us a house
for our wedding.3 storys with all new elegante
furnishings.me and emmett took a small tour of the
house.and we both had a house smashing night.
 rose and emmett
rose and emmett
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