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I wanna stay mysterious and unpredictable just like Edward!

1. Was it difficult to get the role of Edward in Twilight?
‘More then 5000 actors did auditions for the role as Edward, so it wasn’t easy that’s for sure. But once I did the screentest with Kristen everything went so fast. Because I admire her for years I was really nervious when I was standing in front of her.
Later I heard that she, just because I was Показ my vulnerable side, concidered me allot to play the role.’

2. Ты 2 have a fantastic chemistry together, is there something еще between Ты and Kristen?Kristen is very special for me, as a teenager I was secretly in Любовь with her and we came very close during filming the movie. So yes there is ‘something’ between us but еще I’m not going to tell (laugh mysterious)

3. Do Ты look allot like Edward ? do Ты Любовь scaring girls?
‘There’s isn’t much men left when Ты scare a girl’. And about the resemblings : I only have his bad qualities and his insecurity. Edwards is a real gentlemen and I really can’t say that from myself.

4. Tell me: What does Edward sees in bella exactly ?
‘You should better ask what she sees in a blood thirsty vampire that is еще then a 100 years old. Edward falls for Bella because she’s unique, and she doesn’t care that he’s a vampire. If Ты are alone for so long just like Edward and somebody comes by who gives meaning to your life, then it’s logical that Ты want that person to stay.

5. Did Ты stay in your role as Edward during the prerecordings?
Yes, well еще или less. It seemed better that except from Kristen that I didn’t talk to others of the cast, so I could stay that mysterious and unpredictable person that Edward was in the movies. I didn’t wanted other actors to know much about me personally because then they would see me as Robert and not as Edward.

6. Are Ты used to the twilight-hysteria ?
“I still have a hard time getting all of this” Last, A few girls camped in front of my trailer on the set and left notes under my square wiper of my car. The 1st time they wrote ‘I am not strange или something but call me’. De Далее день there was ‘Please don’t ignore me’ and on день 3 ‘If Ты ignore me, then I end it’ But there not strange, no... haha!

7. On the internet Ты are compared to Leonardo dicaprio, мотыга, мотыги do Ты feel about that?
“WOW” that’s just awesome. He has a fantastic carreer. Wich role Leonardo plays, he is good no matter what. I really wanna have that internetaddress of that site who wrote this.

8. The rumor goes that Ты don’t душ much and that Ты always wear the same clothes. I that true?
“I’m not that crazy for showering and I also have a hair trauma, because in the old days my father always wanted to brush my hair. So I don’t do that anymore.
But the пальто and the рубашка that I’m wearing today are clean. There’s always a moment that not even me can stand the smell and then I’m going to душ (laugh).

9. Is it true that Ты were a model?
‘I did modelling work from my 11nd till my 15th, but I wasn’t really good at it. I always wanted еще then they told me I should do, so they ended up mostly with unusable material.
And I also wasn’t doing my best because I hate playing the beautiful boy.

10. Were Ты just a stranger as Edward at school?
‘My first years on high school I was a nerd but that was because my older sister dressed me up with girl clothes. But then I discovered what I could do with hairgel. With my new двухместная карета, купе I was getting the attention of al the girls, where I sort off took advantage of it all.

Other things Ты didn’t know about Robert?

• Robert was also seen in ‘Harry potter and the goblet of fire’
• Rob got his first Kiss when he was 12 years old
• The actor сказал(-а) from himself he’s very immature
• Rob’saddicted to talentshows like ‘Idol’ and ‘x-factor’
• Rob falls for strong, dark and a little crazy girls
• If R-pats is nervious, he always talk fast
• Robert used to be in a band called ‘The bad girls’
• Rob’s first job was a newspaper district when he was 10 years old
• The actor is chosen to be ‘the most sexy movievampire’
• In his new movie ‘Little Ashes’ Ты can see Rob naked!
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