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i jsut thought i will shock people by doing another,and i need to reall tie things off.

Placing Ej down, fast asleep, His bronze hair was starting to already form in the beautiful curls. To even look at my new son, Edward's son, made me beleive in all things that mostly likely diddn't extist.
But today i was ready to do what ive wanted to do for a long time.
Ask Alice to be Tanna's God-Mother. Quietly tip toeing out the door, afraid that any peep would destroy all my effort in his silence.
Only to fail and for his broken wails to echoe through the house.
I heard the ruffle of noice from downstairs, but now growing bags under my eywes i was defeated and i slugged back into the room, where the tiny somebody commanded for me.
Ej, was smaller then other babies, his growth takes longer.
A icy hand gentley rested on my shoulder.
It was Carlisle, gleaming down at me, his smile was enought to kill his patients, he smiled blissfully , to Показать off his pearly whites.
"Bella, don't worry go rest, i will handle the baby, i am really looking вперед to really getting to know to my new grandson" He сказал(-а) softly.
The nature of carlisle was the kindest. He is a beautiful soul, he is the peace, the harmony the joy. No monster trait was within him, he was an Angel.
The thought of a grandson made his face light up , bringing a joyful tear. The happiness of family was enought to make my сердце weep.
I would wish nothing better then for my son to be in the prensence of Carlisle everyday.
Ej silenced at once from the comfort of his grandfather, this was a moment. It was now that i felt like a real mum, and i Любовь it, i Любовь being somebody mother.
And now a mother to two beautiful babies, Tanna is almost 12 months, and her feet still stumbles but she is soon getting the theory of Balance, however the jacob still continues to blossom in her. The way her skin shines in the sun, Her tan ripening each day, her black hair growing almost past her collr bone i dont have the сердце to cut it yet.
And her dark eyes. After the fight with Jacob, i still wonder whiether what he is up to. I know he is still here, watching over her,me. i know edward senseness him, but for Tanna's sake and mine he hides it.
Tanna is Esme's , Alice's, Rose's, and esspectially Emmett's little puppet. They have everything in world for themselves so for the sake of spending money, they spend on her.
Even in her briefs moments when Tanna is alone she wonders on her new found feet she stumbles like me. Once into the carlisle's office, He shruggs over the fact that she diddn't knock and later i find her being in his lap fast asleep , whilst hes Чтение his medical journal. It was a classic moment.
Bouncing down the stair case, seeing Alice, she turned instantly, her eyes went distant, her face paled.
A vision, it was short, but it seemed to be a good, she smiled umlike her usual stress frown. She sped to my side, with a high pitch wail.
"Oh my god yes i will! Oh bella, I'm so happy Ты asked!" she сказал(-а) while flinging her arms around me neck.
I should've have remembered that she would have seen this. Damm!
"Well techniquely i haven't really asked yet"
Alice giggled.
"And I'm hoping Emmett will aside Ты , if soemthing were to happen to me"I moaned from her breathsquessing embrace.
My reply loosen her grip, her face smudged.
"Nothing, will happen to you, i promise you."
"Bella, thank you" A new voice sounded, a male voice, Emmett.
He was cradleing a sleeping baby. He smiled a earthy grin, he deserved this part in her life. She was his little grizly cub.
"Bellla!!!" Carlisle yelled from Ej's room.
My сердце stopped, Carlisles call was scared, happy, shocked, afriad, amazed.
Ripping open the door followed by Alice and Edward.
Carlisle stood in the middle of the room, watching Ej in complete awe.
He disconnect his stare and looked at us. He greeted us with a smile, sending me еще into curiousity, what wrong with my baby and why is he smiling?
"He's special, i felt his emotions from his touch"


(4 hours later)

"Edward, one day, something is gonna separate us, tear us apart, thats how humanity works, one will день Tanna will too, Ej too"
"Bella, what say that! there is still time left, what are Ты getting to?"
"When the time is right we have have finlise our future, my сердце isn't going to beat forever"
"When your doesnt, so will mine, i wil follow Ты to the grave"
"Edward no, Ты promised me that we will be together forever, change me"
"Bella, please, our babies"
"When the time is right, It wont be long before Tanna will need jacob, i can see the gene in her, she will Jacob, and leah mostly"
"You think Tanna will become one of them"
"Oh of course! Her father is the alpha, She lives with Vampire, it will set it off! "
"I will not take away your soul"
"My soul already belongs to you"


I picked up the phone with a shaking hands. The dial tones continued, making my stomach ache.
*by Stephenie Meyer*

TWILIGHT - chapter 2 - OPEN BOOK

For the rest of the lunch час I very carefully kept my eyes at my own table. I decided to honor the bargain I'd made with myself. Since he didn't look angry, I would go to Biology. My stomach did fightened little flips at the thought of sitting Далее to him again.
I didn't really want to walk to class with Mike as usual - he seemed to be a Популярное target for the snowball snipers - but when we went to the door, everyone besides me groaned in unison. It was raining, washing all traces of the snow away in clear, icy ribbons down the side of...
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