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gileygirl posted on Apr 06, 2008 at 09:01PM
alright girlies here's the thing. For the past few weeks i have been bothered by some of the picks that have been forming lately. like who Bella choose?, who do you like better?, etc. all these have involved with edward and jacob. i like answering the picks because they're fun and i like everyones opinion =), but instead of having picks lets express how POV's of edward and jacob on here and talk about them.

Jacob Fans: why do you guys like Jacob? what reasons do you like him?, and when did u start liking Jacob? Why do you hate Edward, and why do u think he is the right one for Bella and not Edward?

(my personal quesion for jacob fans is..you read twilight and that was all about edward and bella no jacob (other than Bella False flirting with jake in la push). did u like edward then? and if u dont like edward that much why read twilight because its all about edward and bella and her love for him, and jake was merely a prop (no offence) but thats what i want to know...)

Edward fans:Why do u like edward? When did u like edward? what do u not like about jacob? what make edward the one for Bella?

i want a clean fight ladies (im sure all of us canplay fair ;), but lets have fun and express everyones opinion on this battle)

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Больше года xxjoxx814 said…
i personally like edward better but jacob is still an alright guy. y dont all the fans just come together???? i read a disturbing comment on a pick about a harry potter fan complettly dissing on twilight fans. i dont have anything against harry potter fans it just really made me mad.
Больше года chocolate-bear said…
Im a total Jacob fan. I love him because, he has an amazing personality. He's totally honest, funny, and really sweet plus he's some one who could be your awesome best friend. He's just really determined because he's knows he's better for Bella. He doesnt have to rely on any abnormal good-looks, he gets by with being himself. I personally started liking Jake in New Moon when he was there for Bella after Edward totally ripped her heart out.
Its not that i hate Edward, its just that... i dont like him very much. :P I think he was incredibly mean to Jacob in Eclipse, when it was just Bella and Edward in the tent and Edward coaxed the fact that they were getting married out of Bella, knowing that Jake would be listening. Being that that's the way Jake found out she would marry Edward, was just cruel on Edward's behalf.
And at first i was a fan of Edward, but who wasnt? Stephenie didnt give a chance to readers to really get to know Jacob. Twilight is still, obviously, an amazing book. The book is well written, and it still has nice moments. Im not going to stop reading a book just because im not a fan of a character.
SOO all in all, Twilight = great book. Jacob = GREAT guy
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Больше года gileygirl said…
alright chocolate bear! i apreciate that! i mean thats really great because i see a lot of fans just hating edward guts, and just being totally disrespectful. but thanks for your POV

i am and forever a edward fan. i know that edward can be a little over protective sometimes, but i really do agree with him that is for her safty. also he has this charisma that you cant deny about him. I love that he is charming and smart, and real easy going when you get to know him. He cares for Bella and thats what i like about him. The things that he does for her. I can only wish that a guy would be just as romantic, sweet, kind, and gentle as him. He has his ways to manipulate people in a way that can be used for good or bad. hehe.
I agree that Edward doesnt play sometimes, but i believe that Jake doesnt fight fair sometimes as well and give edward no choice to not fight fair aslo. That also has to do with male ego getting the way. edward gets what he wants and there is nothing that can stop in his way from getting it, and thats what i like a guy who knows what he wants and goes for it. He is very trustworthy, and faithful which in tales the loyalty that goes along with that. That is why Bella is lucky to have him never the other way around.
ok. jake DID help bella with trying to get her life back in new moon i'll give him that much. that fact that he can be a little immature sometimes can be a little too much. Sure, having fun can be GREAT, but jake can be such a little kid sometimes. I see him as a loving friend sometimes you can hang out with and have a good time, not as a person to share that deep intimate relationhip like edward. the sacriface that edward made in new moon was heartbreaking, and yes he did break bella to a point she couldnt put her self back together, but he came back. Without edward leaving and making that sacriface they wouldnt have that stronger bond.
really edward is perfect, and bella doesnt deserve him, and she is lucky to have him. Jake is a great friend who you wish to be with when you want to have fun =D

Больше года surfen_cutie09 said…
EDWARD forever and always!
screw jacob!!
i mean i might of liked him better if he wasnt throwing himself at her, thats just annoying
and im the type of girl that likes really protective guys that try to take care of them, so obviously i love edward!!
even if i was mad that he left i understood why. That has happened to me before so i get it first hand.
and like in eclipse when she had to make a choice and she chose edward but there will be pain for not being with jake, but she already went through not being with edward and it almost killed her, and at the end of elcipse she had pain but it wasnt as bad. like she said when edward asked her,
" are you sure you made the right choice, i have never seen you in so much pain"
and she says "I have known worse pain"
meaning , the worse pain was when edward left her

do you get what i am saying.
Больше года gileygirl said…
i totally get you surfen_cutie09 thats the way i feel about edward and most jacob fans thinks its the "looks" that makes us attached to edward, but thats not that case, but yeah i get you ;)
Больше года surfen_cutie09 said…
exactly gileygirl
thanks for understanding. :)
yea everyone thinks its the looks that make us love him, see i am a girl that likes guys that dont push themselfs at you and edward gave her a choice and she made it
I love him lol
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Больше года sage_cullen said…
Edward of course! Edward keeps Bella safe and even though he makes mistakes he still always comes back and understands his mistakes and always feels bad about it. He doesnt push Bella at all for anything although he does try to talk her into staying human for a few more months.
Больше года alicecullen91 said…
I'am with TEAM EDWARD. i love edward because he is sexy and romantic. the rebel/emo vampire. he was bella's first love and you never forget ur first love. and he is charming and wise.he has a great family thats loves and cares for bella and. he is the chucky peanut butter to her grape jelly.
I started liking edward when the day he said to bella that i will not ignore you anymore. and from then the obsession grew.
I don't like Jacob because he's immature and plays dirty. i wanted to punch him when he tricked bella into kissing him. i gotta admit he is the wild side of bella that she needs to let loose. but he's too immature to handle.
what makes edward the one for bella?
like i said he's the chunky peanut butter to her grape jelly.

for those of u who are undecided at some situations between choosing which......let bella choose BOTH! i keep thinking about it and i know thats odd and gross to ya'll but let them have a threesome and be done with it! :P
(I'ma gonna buy a Team Edward shirt so i can wear it when the movie comes out)
Больше года Gabitha said…
wow they are very long posts! lol

I am a total Edward fan and i am in love with him! lol Its true! As to why i like Edwrad, he has an amazing personality, he is just, just, i can not think of a word but he is great and amazing charming and smart! I liked Edwrad from the moment that he was introduced in the novel! and every page he is in my heart melts. I do like Jake and i think hes a nice buy but i could not think of him in a romantic way, hes more of a friend then a boyfriend. Edward is more like Bella and they are just great together and and they can not live without the other.

Больше года luvrofedward said…
i love both of them. i dont think that Bella deserves either. if the two of them were one guy, i would definitely be all over that!
shortest post EVA but it gets to the point lol.
Больше года shortynme said…
Edward fans:Why do u like edward? When did u like edward? what do u not like about jacob? what make edward the one for Bella?

Ok here's the tale: A coworker of mine told me about the books. She had New Moon with her so I stole it and read part of it. I read the epologue to Eclips and laughed so hard. I was like "how can you read this! It's all mushy romantic and sooo over the top!" So right off the bat I knew Jacob would be a werewolf and Edward would be a vampre (yeah kind of killed the shock and awe since I was waiting for it to happen the whole time lol)
To me Edward is a dream come true. Where else would you find a guy that has SO much respect for a woman? All through Twilight he's begging Bella to leave him alone, because he doesn't want to hurt her. He never fights cruel either, have you noticed that? Even when he's arguing he doesn't call names, he listens to what she has to say, and he compramises (usually meaning Bella gets whatever she wants lol).
In New Moon he hoped that by leaving Bella would move on. He can't read her mind, he doesn't know if she just like any other human who's fickle and gets over people. He honestly hoped that she would forget him. In doing so he was hurting himself so much. Poor guy moped around just about as much as she did. Why do you think he hates thinking about it? He hurt her, and it probably is horrible to think about it too because he wasn't with her.
In Eclipse he fights more fair that Jacob. Jacob just flies off the handle and does whatever he wants, even though it hurts Bella. Edward loves her enough to stop and let her choose and figure it out. Sure he should have just told her to pick him and got the whole thing over with, but that's not how Edward is. He fought dirty, just like Jacob, but he did it with grace lol. And the fact that Bella made out with Jacob, if I was Edward I would have dumped her cheating butt and gone and killed Jacob right then and there! That's why Edward is SO much better! He forgives her right there, even though she doesn't deserve it. How great (and fictional) is he? lol.
I like Jacob, I really do. He's the silly happy go lucky let's have fun kind of guy, which I love. But when I read things that Edward does and says I'm on the edge of my seat. When I read about Jacob I'm usually laughing at how silly he is. Edward is boyfriend/husband material where as Jacob is bestfriend material. Does it suck for Jacob because he's a great choice, hell yeah it does! We all know if Edward wasn't in the story we'd be all over Jacob. But Jacob will find someone else. Even though he's as stubborn as a mule we all know Jacob's going to imprint. Now imagine that happening if he was with Bella. Not so good of a story anymore is it? The girl can only be dumped by her true love so many times! lol I pick Edward, through and through. Because there are Jacob's in the world, and they're not that hard to find. He's perfectly human. But Edward, he's perfectly vampire. And as much as we wish is weren't true, vampires aren't real. :(
SugaryTwihard commented…
I totally agree with your thoughts @shortynme Больше года
Больше года walker93 said…
I'm a Jacob fan. I like Jacob because ONE: he's funny. He's always making me laugh, while Edward is too serious. TWO: he's easy going. He doesn't get all over-protective when there is danger like Edward normally does, which I like because I don't want to feel like some kind of territory. THREE: he says whats he thinks. I've always liked honesty even if it's mean or not what I want to hear. FOURTH and final: he's warm. I'd rather be warm than cold any day (not the best reason, but I really can't stand cold).

I started liking Jacob near the beginning of New Moon when we started to get to know him better. I always thought he was really nice in Twilight, but didn't know enough about him to think much more.

As for Edward, I don't hate him. I think he's pretty cool. I never really liked him in a romantic sense, even in Twilight. He's not my type.

Also, I actually think Edward should be with Bella. It's inevitable that Bella will choose him. She loves him too much not to. That makes me sad for Jacob though. Hopefully he'll imprint and be able to get over her.
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Больше года gileygirl said…
yeah you know everyone has their own opinion about that, and well frankly i think edward is right for her not because its inenvitable but because they have so much. They way they interact with each other is like they been together for so long. It takes mot people years because they can get to that stage where Bella and Edward are at.
Больше года 0o0o_megan_o0o0 said…
Well, personally, I can't pick a side on this one. Im sort of neutral so just call me Switzerland. -giggle- ;) I like both Edward and Jacob. About the same amount...it changes every single day. O_O

Edward is sweet and a real gentlemen. [Which, let's be honest, is hard to find these days] He is perfect. Maybe too perfect. :) The downside of Edward is that he's sort of a pushover and over-protective.

Jacob is funny, sweet [when he wants to be ;)], and he fights for what he wants. The only downside of Jacob is that he has a pretty bad temper. Oh and may I add that he might of played dirty but what other choice did he have? Edward is so perfect and Bella is in love with him more than she is with Jake. He had to be intimidated so he tried anything to win over Bella. Put yourself in his shoes. What would YOU do?

Edward and Jacob are great guys in their own little ways. And I could go on and on about how awesome they are but sadly I don't have the time. D: Debate with you guys later. Hehe. -waves-

<3 Megan
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Больше года menaita said…
well i would say that i am team jacob but i dont hate edward, i just want jacob to be happy and stop thinking about bella because honestly i like bella with edward but if they made me choose between jacob or edward for me i woul choose jacob i dont know y think he has style and that edward is too cheesy? (i dont know how you right cheesy or w/e hahaha i hope i wrote it well)
Больше года 0o0o_megan_o0o0 said…
Wow I totally agree with you menaita. :) Well said! ^_^

<3 Megan
Больше года FloatingMuffins said…
I like this post, it's the one Edward vs. Jacob post that isn't filled with bashing.

I love Edward because he is so perfect, yet he has flaws. Like when he left, it was such a mistake, but he had a reason, no matter how wrong that reason was, he had a reason. And I love how he started as over-protective, but he then became so selfless. At first he wouldn't let Bella even go to La Push, but at the end of Eclipse, he was holding Bella and comforting her, when she was crying over Jacob. He just has this perfect personality. (Not to mention how sexy he is.)

I love Jacob too, but I prefer Bella with Edward.
Больше года cheergeek said…
Let's make it short and sweet =)
Edward/Bella- Yes!
Jacob, still cool
Edward, awsome as always

my opinion (if I HAD to choose)- Jacob, cause I really love his personality
but obviously- that's just me =D
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Больше года gileygirl said…
wow i totally agree with the last 2 posts.. well said ladies =D
Больше года courick11 said…
I like Edward <3 i mean they were so obviously perfect for each other from the start of Twilight...aside from the whole Bella-wondering-why-Edward-Cullen-is-stari­ng-­at-­her­-li­ke-­he-­hat­es-­her thing. Edward has proven countless times that he is the one for Bella and I think Bella needs someone like Edward, she also gets to be a part of this huge loving family. I like Jacob, but only as a friend to Bella. Jacob still has some growing up to do and isn't on level in mature ways that Bella is. Sometimes he is, sometimes he isn't. I don't hate Jake and I def don't want him dead or sad, but I want him to understand that Bella and Edward belong together. Besides, if Edward hadn't left, it's likely that her and Jake wouldn't have gotten so close. So fate wasn't at play with their 'relationship' as like loves, but they belong as friends.
Больше года gileygirl said…
oh i love these post you girls are making.. you guys are making some good points on here! i agree with courick 11 on the while jacob thing =D
Больше года zuntiz said…
I love Edward, but I don't really have anything against Jacob. But sometimes it gets annoying when jacob fans says that Bella would be much happier and safer with Jacob, that isn't completely true.
Jacob has to fight sometimes to keep his cool, so that Bella wouldn't be hurt like Emily, and as for the happy part, Bella was devastated when Edward left, it was like he left her as a shell, so what would happen if she would have choosen Jacob and then he imprints on someone... Sure it wouldn't be his "fault", but if he had succeded in what he was doing in Eclipse, then I think Bella would be really crushed.
Edward loves her too much, to be able to put her in a situation like that, I believe.
Больше года funnyshawna said…
i like jacob. i like that hes so warm and fuzzy and also has a sense of humor. edward is just hard and cold and waaay overprotective. i think jacob is also rlly cool when hes a wolf:) i like how hes smiley and stuff:) like my dog...anyways
bella is annoyyying! i hate how she kept leading jacob on. i dont see how she could not see what was going on.
i dont know why everybody's so nice to bella saying its not her fault and everything when it totally is!! grt. shes really really annoying!
Больше года zuntiz said…
I agree with funnyshawna, bella shouldn't have been leading him on, it isn't fair...
Больше года officefreak1225 said…
I like Edward better just because I feel more attached to him. He has this air about him that makes him seem unreal. He is such a proper man, he's funny, and he cares about Belle. I know he left her for a while, but he did that thinking it was truly the best think for her, even though it nearly killed him. I have nothing against Jacob, except for his main reason for him being better for Bella is bad. He tells Bella he'd never leave her... but if he imprinted someone else he would have too.
I just really like Edward and Bella together, they just fit well. I'm really not sure how to explain it better.
Больше года funnyshawna said…
thank you, zuntiz! all my friends are like "ooh edward is so much better, and i hate jacob for trying to mess everything up!" and they never listen when i try to reason w/ them.
Больше года gileygirl said…
everyone is making some good points here! that is good! althought sometiemes jacob buggs me, and i cant stand because sometimes he goes overboard in a lot of things. But everyone made good points here! good job ladies! =D
Больше года EdwardsBella said…
jacob annoys the hell out of me, and I dislike him with a burning passion

Edward + Bella are meant to be
Больше года gileygirl said…
LOL you know Jacob buggs me too, but he is after all and Bella did lead him on! gosh it was kinda both of their faults..oh well she is gonna marry edward =D
Больше года funnyshawna said…
yeah...i like edward too...but i still like jacob better:)
Больше года twilightlova13 said…
Okay I'm a complete and total Edward lover. I like him because he just has this thing about him that like almost every girl loves. He's kind, hot, sincere, nice, sweet, romantic,etc. (there is so much more). I started liking him in Twilight when Bella first noticed him because he was just so mysterious and I like that in a guy. It's not that I don't like jacob because I totally do it's just that I like Edward a lot better. But the thing (if I had to choose one) that I don't like about Jacob is that he makes Bella choose and it also seems like he makes her feel a little awkward. I think the thing that makes Edward the one for Bella is that she likes him the most and she seriously had the hardest time without him. They love each other to death (literally) and they couldn't live without each other. The only reason that Bella liked Jacob is because he was there to patch her up when edward left (which edward did to help bella but that nearly got both of them killed) But I'm team Edward all the way (no offense to Jacob i like him)
Больше года funnyshawna said…
edward is all of those things, but thats one of the reasons he seems not real to me. i mean hes totally perfect, and theres no one out there whos anywhere near that perfect, although believe me it would be GREAT if there was!:) i like jacob cos he seems much more real and human, even though i know hes a werewolf. i think edward and bella do belong together, tho. i know she cant live without him, and i believe her cos she did almost die when he left. and thats one of the reasons im on team jacob, he saved her. she probably would have died if he wasnt there for her when edward left (i mean, she DID jump of a cliff...) jacob i think just has much more of an interesting personality. he's funny and even if she says he annoys the crap out of her all the time, she still loves him. im team jacob definitely:)
Больше года xtwilightx_love said…
I like Edward better, because I think he loves Bella way more than Jacob and I no Jacob still loves her and all but he's gonna be imprinted anyways. And I also think that Edward is more cute/hot whatever u wanna call him. He is the perfect guy....and any girl would want him. And like officefreak1225 said...Edward and Bella are simply ment for each other :)
Больше года Dominohp said…
Edward is a Bella's love...
Edward give up, abandons Bella if she want this...
Edward is brave and do the better for Bella...
Edward think first to Bella and after yourself...
Edward is more in love with bella than Jacob...
Больше года jacob4ever57 said…
Jacob is my favorite charecter out of all of them and even though i like jake best edward is still my 2nd favoirite! Jake is so cool i would be able to be myself around him he's like a best friend/boyfriend all in one and i think that's really cool! I couldn't be myself around Edward because she describes him as being so perfect and so intibidating(sp?) i would blush (like bella i blush eaisly) like hell! and it would be soo embrassing! =0 plus jacob isn't over protective over bella and he tells it to her like it is not how he'd like it to be like with editorial comments so that she won't get scared oh no! Jake is just soo cool!
i know Edward and bella were ment to be together and Jake isn't bella's soul mate (and she doesn't deserve him anyhow!) so i don't want Edward and Bella to split up!! (like everyone thinks all the Jake fans do)
Well i started liking Jacob after i read all three books because i waz thinkin about all the chareceters and who i liked the best and i knew i couldn't decide who i liked the best until i read all 3 books so i started thinking of all the things that happened durring Twilight, New MOon, and Eclipse and i just started to like Jacob because he's like i said just like the perfect best friend!
And i wish he was my best friend!! it would be soooooo cool!!
Больше года IrishTea said…
Jacob for the winter (he'll warm you up)
Edward for the summer (he'll cool you down)

But seriously, I love both equally, but I love Edward for Bella. Stephenie describes it perfectly in Eclipse. If Edward had died back then, then Jacob would have been Bella's soulmate. But Bella and Edward are so much more.

I can understand why people wouldn't want Jacob to end up with Bella, but I truly don't understand how people can hate him. He LITERALLY saved Bella in New Moon, without him she would have been way worse
Больше года HotChix76 said…
Ok! People I LUVVV Jake but sadly he L.E.F.T! Yea he is probably coming back or Bella is gonna find him but c'mon I agree with anyone who says "Edward is overprotective and not real like!" Jacob is more 21st century( I kno technically Edward is not 21st century)I agree with Jake when he says" You won't be Bella anymore if you get turned." No I don't think she should be dead instead but still! And I firmly believe Jake will imprint! If he doesn't I'll be pissed! He can't just be left heartbroken like that! The people who say Jake is gonna die some horrible way! Shut Up! I almost fainted ( with Bella) when Jake got hurt! Me I would be pissed Edward left me (New Moon) and I kno my emotions I love two people! I choose Jake(I hate the cold too! And personal preference for werewolves! My current boyfriend acts sort of like Jake! And I LOOOVVVEEE him! I don't hate Bella but she really shouldn't have lead Jake on! So in conclussion:
1 Bella marries Edward and gets turned :(((
2Jake imprints but can't control himself so he stays ageless w/ Bella! :))))
3Bella ( i know she loves him) but stays friends w/ Jake but always wonders wat wouldve happened if she choose Jake and had children:ooooo
Больше года IrishTea said…
I do think that Bella and Edward will get married and she will get turned, though I hope it's not that simple. (throw in some Volturi and pissed off parents). I do think Jacob will imprint and leave behind Bella because Stephenie loves Jacob and wouldn't leave his story unsolved like that. I do not think Jacob and Bella will remain friends because it would just be too painful for bella/jake/edward

I can't wait for breaking dawn ;)
Больше года twilight555 said…
wow ^-^ u all write a lot ^-^

Go Team edawrd ^^
Больше года surfen_cutie09 said…
GOO team edward as welll im completely madly in lovee!!!!

and omgg
even if i was a jacob fan i would fall for edward as soon as i saw his face in the trailor!!!
RP is gorgeous!!

oh and i am supper bored with nothing to do, and i am rereading new moon as we speak but i am taking a break because i dont want to read it to fast, :) i want to enjoy it even if my man edward lol left.
anyone want to talk !
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Больше года gileygirl said…
hahah hey surfen_cutie09!! haha thats like super funny! yeah i would so like fall in love with edward even if was a jake fan first, but im not so edward is amazing!

oh BTW when i read new moon i skip all the jake parts and go straight to chapter 20 when edward comes back. hahaha its sad, but true, =D

i wanna talk to you!!!
Больше года freshh said…
okay, so i am a total jacob fan.
its not that i don't like edward but he is wayyy to overprotective. and just not my type. He also left bella with no reason, he didn't even explain to bella why he left! she was in complete shock and took her months to get over it. With the help of Jacob, of course. He was her best friend and helped her get through a lot. Until she found out that edward was in danger. He changed her whole life after that, i honestly i think it was better when she was with jacob, he didnt make her feel that she was in danger at all. He let her to whatever and when she was with edward he made her feel that she wasnt allowed to do anything too danergous.
I also think that Jacob can be a little rude and kinda disresecptful. He also got bella grounded, for no reason. But he also would do anything for her and so would edward
I liked edward in the begining until he left her. Then its been jacob the whole way through the rest of the books.
Больше года Romanticliex26 said…
Ok heres the thing...and yes i WILL be righting alot to tell my story as to who i like better.
My cousin drea first introduced Twilight to me. She is in a band called A Fine Farewell and she wrote a song for twilight and ioved the song but i didnt no what she was talking about so i went out and bought Twiliht. I read the back of the book (which is a total spoiler of the book...i mean it friken tells you that edward is a vampire) and i like vampires so i started reading it. When edward was first talked about in the book, how stephanie described him made my heart skip a beat! He is just perfect and sometimes it's kinda nerdy but i dream i was bella! After I read all 3 books i was obessed!!!! My room, locker and computer desktop is EDWARD!!! He makes me think of my love and that is just amazing for me. Yes Jacob did help bella and that will never go away but like other people are saying Jake WILL imprint someday! But here look at it this way if Bella picked Jake and they got married and jake finally stoped becomming a warewolf then he wouldnt be indestuctable and what happenes if something happens to him like he dies or someting
(I AM NOT WISHING DEATH ON JACOB!!!) but bella being accident prone would sooner or later be put in some danger and either she would die and it would be jakes fault or Edward would come and save her and sweeo her off her feet like he always does. Like Edward said "I will always be in the wings waiting if you ever choose Jake" So think about it all you Jacob fans...who really is best for Bella (and dont say Bella doesnt deserve either of them because if it wasnt for bella THERE WOULD BE NO STORY!!!) Jessica <3 GO EDWARD
Больше года iheartxyoux33 said…
do i really have to explain why?!

but i really do love jake as a character!
he needs a girl too. just not bella.
so if he imprinted on someone that would be great.
(they never say for sure he did on bella, he just thought so)

<3 58 days and counting
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Больше года RockdaBells said…

Even Alice, Edwards' sister admits and I QUOTE "I am sorry you have to choose between two good things"....

NOW Jakes only downside to me is that he could IMPRINT on some Were chic and leave Bells AZZ OUT when she could have had Edward's committed love. That is my ONLY beef with Jacob. He's HOT too! LITERALLY! So I have made my TEAM EDWARD TEAM JACOB shirt and I am READY to go pick up Breaking Dawn in it! *Waving my 23.00 in my hand*
Больше года twilovers said…
I agree with RockdaBells! I am a Total Switzerland!

GO EDWARD AND JACOB!!!!!! (but Bella sux...)
Больше года darcysgirl09 said…
I'm definitely for Jacob.

All right, so in Twilight, I really loved Edward and found him to be downright amazing. He was sweet, charming, funny, hot, etc. etc. Considering Jacob wasn't even really in that novel, I definitely just considered him to be an outside, minor character.
But when I read New Moon, my entire perspective changed. First, Edward LEFT her. I don't care if it was for "her good," he should have known better than to leave her. And I think that gave Jacob the right to step in. (my friends always argue that Jacob had no right to toy with Bella when Edward was gone...I beg to differ) First, Jacob is sooo funny. Some of his and Bella's conversations make me totally laugh. Second, he's HUMAN. Sure, he's a werewolf, but the main thing I love about Jake is that he isn't perfect. Edward claims not to be perfect too, but all of his faults somehow come off as not flaws at all. Jacob's emotions are real and raw, and near the end of Eclipse I literally cried because his love for Bella is so deep, but there's really nothing he can do about it.
I don't hate Edward. He's an amazing character. But when I compare Edward and Jacob, personally I love Jacob more. I can connect more to Jake, I guess.
And as for who's better for Bella...honestly, either one would be amazing for her. She doesn't deserve either of them. No one really does.
Больше года mrsblack_1089 said…
I love Jake all the way!! I've always liked Edward's description but I don't like his personality because he's TOO overprotective, like he's Bella's dad or something. But Jake's personality is awesome because he's funny, sweet, and nice, and always tells the truth. (example: in eclipse edward lied about alice's vision and didn't tell her that victoria was coming back and jacob sat her down and told her everything. well i gess tht edward did tell bella but AFTER bella begged him to) I also like how bella says that jacob is her safe harbor and his garage is a safe refuge. She just describes the cullen's house as an ordinary dwelling and nothing more, she never says it's safe or unsafe. and jake just has a funny sense of humor, like when he's a wolf in eclipse and he does his little doggie grin. lol..but if were talking in terms of better for her klutziness, I would say that edward and jake are equally strong because jake and his pack killed laurent but jake's right half also got crushed at the vamp/wolf fight. and edward is always hinting about harming jake in one way or another and while we all know that he prolly wouldnt hurt him, jake doesn't talk about killing edward because he knows it would hurt bells way too much and he loves her too much to cause her pain intentionally.
Больше года Lila856 said…
i don`t even see why theres competition! edward is soooo sweet & he does have flaws but he CONTROLS them all for his love for bella! everything he does is what is in her best interests & hes sooooo HOT! (robert LOL)
jacob is so unclassy. he swears like ew, he can`t ever call a vampire by their name, hes a pig, hes a dog, hes a giant, he never wears a shirt, he dresses bad, he kisses girls when they are trying to push him off (SEXUAL ABUSE MUCH?) & ew i just DON`T like jacob! i got sooo mad @ bella when she chose that...creature over EDWARD CULLEN! COME THE FREAKIN HELL ON
Больше года fanpire101 said…
TEAM EDWARD!!! edward is just the perfect kind of guy and bella is lucky to have him. i guess i like edward more, because after all he is bella's (and why do i know he's bella's? because in eclipse bella explained that that was her choice and i believe her, its what she wants so she can have it)Jacob does have an awesome perosnality but he's the kind of person you want as a best friend, and doesnt really seems like the person to get into a romance with. yes sometimes he is childish but thats only because he is a child (tho his size says otherwise) i love both jacob and edward but for me edward wins overall (tho i can still empathize with jacob)