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love_bites posted on Jun 17, 2012 at 07:14AM
Okay, so one person says something like:
TPBM (the person below me) thinks Carlisle is hot.
Then the next person answers and does their own.
I found this on the Harry Potter page.
Okay let's get started.

TPBM thinks that Carlisle is hot.

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Больше года hettycool said…
TPBM loves Leah
Больше года theviolinNINJA7 said…
loves as a character? yes. loves sexually? HELCK NO!!!

TPBM secretly wants Jacob dead.
Больше года love_bites said…

TPBM wishes that the Cullens never came back in New Moon.
Больше года theviolinNINJA7 said…
well, I didnt read the books and didnt get turned on to the movies until after Eclipse came out. So, I wouldn't care either way. But now, False. I like the Cullens now.

TPBM likes the fact that Edward sparkles.


Больше года love_bites said…

TPBM thinks Jasper's smile is sexy (I know I do!!!!!:)
Больше года theviolinNINJA7 said…
he IS sexy.

tpbm wants to be a werewolf
Больше года LOVADOVA said…
I really wanna read the Breaking Dawn book but sadly my mother won't let me so I need to wait until about I dunno, 2 years? :P I wanna read it NOW!
Больше года queen-seli said…

TPBM: Like the red vampire eyes
Больше года love_bites said…
False, I guess, I dont really have a particular opinion for that. But the red eyes just look scary so false i guess.

TPBM isn't excited for breaking dawn part two. ( i am sooo excited)
Больше года Lovehinagurl44 said…
False :)

TPBM thinks Bella should've moved on and didn't change her mind when Edward came back.
Больше года love_bites said…

TPBM thinks Emmett is the funniest character in the series. (i do)
Больше года Rebekah_Mik said…
False, I think Garrett is the funniest. xD

TPBM's favorite werewolf is Seth.
Больше года ebcullen4ever said…

TPBM'S least fave Volturi member is Aro
Больше года Rebekah_Mik said…

TPBM's favorite male character is Benjamin.