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Book-Freak posted on Aug 23, 2013 at 04:15PM
Hiya everybody!

This is a contest which anyone can join where I set a theme (you guys can suggest ones too!) and people can submit a photo relating to the theme (please stick to the theme!). After two days, I'll close that theme and make a poll with all your submissions and we can vote on the best. There will be a new round every few days and you can only submit one photo. Please don't vote for yourself in the polls! You can join in whatever round you want, and don't have to join in every round.

The polls will be open for three days, and after that I'll give ten props to the winner, five to second place and three to third place. All other submitters will get a prop for taking part. If the poll is not up within a few hours of a new round being opened, don't worry. That just means I have school and only have enough time to open a new round.

The photos should be related to the Twilight Series (obviously) and suitable for any viewer. You can't submit a photo that has already been submitted for that round.

The winner's photo will be posted in the Winner's Gallery so look for that in the forum!

I'll crop your photo if it cuts out the faces (if there are loads of faces cut out, I'll ask you which ones you want saved).

I hope you enjoy this!

Round 1 - 50: Winners and Photos can be seen in the Winner's Photo Gallery
Round 51: Family (Closed) mia444
Round 52: Outside (Closed) Belward4ever
Round 53: Alice and Jasper (Closed) aeiras
Round 54: With a Vehicle (Closed) Diane1
Round 55: Pack member in Human Form (Closed) Diane1
Round 56: Gold Eyes (Closed) Ninaa_
Round 57: Unlikely Friendship (Closed) Diane1
Round 58: Leader (Closed) Diane1
Round 59: Favourite Evil Character (Closed) Ninaa_
Round 60: Bella and Edward in Breaking Dawn Part 1 (Closed) Belward4ever
Round 61: Your Favourite Scene from Twilight (Closed) zeimed8
Round 62: Trio (Closed) JacobBlackFever
Round 63: AU Couple (Closed) Diane1
Round 64: Mother (Closed) twihard203
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