Сумерки (серия романов) Twilight Иконка Making Competition ♥

KatiiCullen94 posted on Mar 08, 2014 at 12:04AM
I saw that was photo challenge but not a icon making challenge, and I know from experience that this is always fun :)

So it will sorta go a little like this,
Every couple of days I will upload a new theme in which the icons will comply, and the winner of each theme will be chosen by the fans of the Twilight Series in a poll. No bias.

Please do not vote for yourself, trust me when I say that I know how to find out and I will be checking everyone's. You will be disqualified , even if you win 1st place, if that were to occur, then 1st place will then be pasted down to the next winner.

1. Please make your own icons
2. You can only submit once
3. Must be 100x100 or 200x200
4. Must apply to the theme
5. Don't vote for yourself.

Winner of each round will receive 10 Props of their choice. And all other applicants will receive two for participation, all will given when the winner has been chosen.

Round 1. Alice Cullen
Winner: mia444
Round 2. Jacob and Bella
Winner: mia444
Round 3: Jasper and Maria
Winner: mr-cullen
Round 4: Rosalie and Edward
Winner: darkangel6
Round 5: Esme Cullen
Winner: angelicdiva
Round 6 : Sam and Leah
Round 7 : Riley
Winner: mia444
Round 8: Favourite Wolf
WinnerL angelicdiva
Round 9 : Favourite Imprint coupling
Winner: twihard203
Round 10 : Mature Claire Young.
Round 11: Jacob's Imprint
Winner: mia444
Round 12: Zafrina
Winner rkebfan4ever
Round 13: Jane
Winner: mia444
Round 14: Bella and Emmett
Winner: Belward4ever
Round 15: Bellla's first hunt:
Winner: twihard203
Round 16: Sam and Emily.
Round 17: Twilight Scene
Winner: belward4ever
Round: 18 : New Moon Scene
Winner: mia444
Round 19: Eclipse Scene
Round 20: Breaking Dawn Part 1
Winner: mia444
Round 21: Breaking Dawn Part 2
Round 22 : Family
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