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greyswan618 posted on Aug 01, 2015 at 01:44AM
Hey everybody,this is Cheri(aka rkebfan4ever).I had to make a new account,because I couldn't login to the previous one.Therefore I am continuing the Twilight quote contest under the new account(greyswan618) where I left off from the previous account.

Same rules apply...

I will choose a word and you have to write a quote with that word.Quotes can be from the books and movies.

These are the rules of the game...





1st place : 5 props
2nd place : 4 props
3rd place : 3 props

Everyone that participates will get 1 prop


Round 1 Jake/Jacob : "It's a Jacob thing.You're just warm.You're like your own sun"
Round 2 Please : "Come back to me please,baby.Bella.Bella,please"
Round 3 Choice/Choices : "This wasn't a choice between you and Jacob"
Round 4 quote from Alice : "I don't think he ever planned to outlive you by long"
Round 5 Old/Older : "Maybe I shouldn't be dating such an old man"
Round 6 How : "You don't know how long I've waited for you"
Round 7 Only : "I may have stolen a kiss or two, but only after asking your father's permission, I would've got down on one knee and I would've presented you with a ring. This was my mother's. Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment of forever. Would you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me?"

Round 8 Vampire(s) : "About three things,I was absolutely positive.First,Edward was a vampire"

Round 9 Don't : "I just couldn't live in a world where you don't exist"
Round 10 Love/Loves(closed) : "I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him"

Round 11 quote from Carlisle(closed) : "You’ve chosen not to live without her, and that doesn’t leave me a choice.I won't lose my son"

Round 12 Want (closed) : "There's nothing I'm ever gonna want more than Edward"
Round 13 Dead/Death(closed) : "Death is peaceful,easy.Life is harder"
Round 14 quote from Twilight movie (closed) "Is it not enough just to have a long and happy life with me?"

Round 15 Family(closed) :"You're the reason I have something to fight for, my family"

Round 16 quote with Rosalie's name(closed) :"Rosalie and Emmett were so bad,it took a solid decade before we could stand to be within five miles of them"

Round 17 soul/soulless (closed) :"If this is about my soul – take it, I don't want it without you"

Round 18 quote from Emmett (closed) :"Wow.Done already?Did you break a lot of stuff?"

Round 19 "Blood"(closed):"It wouldn't be like drinking your blood for instance"
Round 20 "He"(closed): "The pain is my only reminder that he was real"
Round 21 "Just"(closed) : "I just couldn't live in a world where you didn't exist"
Round 22 quote from New Moon movie(closed) : "Bella, you give me everything just by breathing"

Round 23 quote with a number(closed) : "In the last 100 years or so, I never imagined anything like this"

Round 24 "Kill/Killed" (closed) : "If you kill her,you kill me"
Round 25 "Wolf/Wolves" (closed) : "I leave you alone for two minutes and the wolves descend"

Round 26 "Sorry" (closed) : "I swear...I will never fail you again. I'm so sorry"
Round 27 quote from Esme (closed) : "We will cherish and protect her forever"
Round 28 "She" (closed) : "He said, it's fine. She's amazing, right?"
Round 29 "Volturi" (closed) : "Bella, he's going to the Volturi. He wants to die too."
Round 30 quote from Eclipse movie(closed) : "You'll always be my Bella.My Bella,just less fragile"

Round 31 quote from Rosalie (closed) : "That's what I miss the most, possibilities, sitting on a front porch somewhere, Emmett grey haired by my side surrounded by our grandchildren, their laughter"

Round 32 "life" (closed) : “Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night”
Round 33 "mind/minds"(closed) : "I can't read your mind.You have to tell me what you're thinking"

Round 34 "newborn(s)" (closed) : "You're gonna be one tough little newborn"
Round 35 quote from Jasper (closed) : "For the first time in almost a century, I felt hope"

Round 36 BD part 1 quote (closed) : "No measure of time with you will be long enough,but let's start with forever"

Round 37 quote with Edward's name(closed) : '' I would not live without Edward again..."

Round 38 "like/likes"(closed) : "You're like you're my own personal brand of heroin"
Round 39 "know/knows" (closed) : "Now you know.No one's ever loved anybody as much as I love you"

Round 40 "die(s)/died" (closed) : "Surely it was a good way to die, in the place of someone else..."

Round 41 "Charlie" (closed) : "I'm so glad Charlie has somebody to take care of him"

Round 42 "Cullen(s)" (closed) : "I,Edward Cullen,take you Bella Swan..."
Round 43 BD part 2 quotes (closed) : "My time as a human was over but I never felt more alive"

Round 44 "happy"(closed) : "Is it not enough just to have a long,happy life with me?"

Round 45 "fight" (closed) : "You're the reason I have something to fight for"
Round 46 "world" (closed) : "like more real, more myself because it's my world,too"
Round 47 "kiss" (closed) : "It was like he’d never kissed me,like this was our first kiss"

Round 48 "monster" (closed) : "I don't want to be a monster"
Round 49 "friend" (closed) : "You would be anything she needs. A friend, a brother, a protector"

Round 50 "and" (closed) : "and so the lion fell in love with the lamb"
Round 51 "time" (closed) : "No measure of time with you will be long enough"
Round 52 "human" (closed) : “I would always love this fragile human girl, for the rest of my limitless existence"

Round 53 "stop" (closed) : "I'm gonna fight for you, until your heart stops beating''
Round 54 "born" (closed) : "I was born to be a vampire"
Round 55 "what" (closed) : "I don't know what I'd become without her"
Round 56 quote with Bella's name (closed)
Round 57 "Mom/Mother" (closed) : "This was my mother's"
Round 58 "him" (closed)
Round 59 "Now" (closed)
Round 60 "Strong/Stronger/Strongest" (closed)
Round 61 "Can" (open)
Round 62 "Imprint"
Round 63 "Beautiful"
Round 64 "Aro"
Round 65 "I am"
Round 66 "Thing"
Round 67 "Sister/Brother"
Round 68 Bella Swan/Cullen quote
Round 69 Edward Cullen quote
Round 70 "Forever"

Round 70 will be the final round of the quote contest!!!!!!!!
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