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carl13 posted on Dec 02, 2015 at 07:11PM
My name is Katie and I am researching the Twilight fan culture for my college course, Media Audiences. If you have free time to answer these questions that would be greatly appreciated!!

1. What is your motive to watching Twilight?
Orientation- Seek to understand how others think
Avoidance- Avoid work or life
Diversion- Entertainment
Social Unity - Companionship

2. Male/ Female? Age? Education Level?

3. Did you read the books before seeing the movie or vice versa?

4. What judgments do you experience as a Twilight fan?

5. Describe the Twilight community.

6. What connection do you feel between the movie/book and the audience/ yourself?

7. What does Twilight mean to you? What meaning have you created as you watch and process the film?

8. Any other information to add?

Thanks so much!!

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