Сумерки (серия романов) Twilight Saga 30 день Challenge

greyswan618 posted on Jul 30, 2016 at 04:30AM
I saw a similar version of this topic on Harry Potter club and decided there should be one for Twilight as well.

Below is a list of 30 questions(some of which are from my Twilight 'sister' Mia(aka mia444)

You can answer one question a day or all at once

This is just for fun,so no props will be given.

Enjoy the challenge and have fun!!!

Day 1 : Fave Twilight movie scene
Day 2 : Do you prefer the books OR the movies?
Day 3 : Who's vampire power would you most like to have ?
Day 4 : Least Favorite Female AND Male Character
Day 5 : Team Edward OR Team Jacob
Day 6 : Favorite scene from New Moon movie
Day 7 : Favorite wolf member
Day 8 : Favorite Edward quote (books or movies)
Day 9 : Favorite Villain
Day 10 : Favorite Kiss ( NOT Edward and Bella)
Day 11 : Favorite AND least favorite book from the saga
Day 12 : If you could meet just 1 cast member,who would it be?
Day 13 : Favorite song (from any of the 5 sdtrks)
Day 14 : Least favorite Volturi member
Day 15 : Favorite Edward and Bella moment (any of the 5 movies)
Day 16 : Which scene(from any of the movies) either shocked you,or made you angry/sad

Day 17 : Favorite Eclipse movie scene
Day 18 : Favorite new character (introduced in BD 1 or 2)
Day 19 : Favorite Male AND Female Character
Day 20 : Least favorite wolf member
Day 21 : Least favorite song from any of the 5 sdtrks)
Day 22: Favorite Bella quote (books OR movies)
Day 23 : Favorite Fight
Day 24 : Favorite Vampire Couple (NOT Edward and Bella)
Day 25 : Favorite funny moment (from any of the movies)
Day 26 : Favorite meadow scene
Day 27 : Favorite flashback scene
Day 28 : Favorite BD part 1 scene
Day 29 : Favorite BD part 2 scene
Day 30 : In one word,how would you describe the Twilight Saga
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