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cuggle posted on Mar 29, 2017 at 12:39AM
I am floored at what has come over me with the Twilight saga. I am just now discovering Twilight. I think I may have even made fun of it back in the day. I didn't understand the fascination. Although I was always a fan of vampires nothing about these stories at the seemed appealing to me. I had a toddler I was raising while working full time and simply didn't have time to pay attention to the craze. I always thought Rob Pattinson was hot but never watched a single Twilight movie or read any of the books from the saga. I blew it off as if it didn't exist. UNTIL last week. This is 2017. I don't know what has come over me but I am absolutely OBSESSED. I read the two books in two days and just watched the first film. .I am frantically looking on Youtube for old interviews with Rob, deleted scenes form the movies, behind the scenes etc.... Somehow I feel cheated that I didn't pay attention at the time. All this time has passed and questioning why on earth am I so late to the Twilight party? I find these books and characters incredibly compelling. It as if I am drowning in every word and action of each person within the story. SOMEBODY HELP! I'm LOSING my mind! Lol
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Больше года vampirefan32 said…
You are late and I hope you watched the rest. You can not be helped ;) I'm watching the Twilight Saga every year. I like vampire-kind of stories and the landscape scenes in this movies. I'm a male so I don't get too emotionally involved in the love story (I even think Edward is kinda ugly LOL) but the whole atmosphere this moves provides is magical. :)