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aprildawn73 posted on Mar 29, 2022 at 09:00PM
Are you a true Twihard???

Let's test that theory and see how well you know and remember the Twilight Saga

I will start the forum with 5 Twilight trivia questions.Whoever guesses the most correct answers out of the 5 questions will get 5 props (1 prop for each correct answer) and that person gets to make 5 new questions.

The questions can come from the books OR the movies

Does that sound like fun?

I hope you all have fun with this game and enjoy...
 Are Ты a true Twihard??? Let's test that theory and see how well Ты know and remember the Twilig

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Больше года aprildawn73 said…
Here are the first 5 questions

1 - What is James's last name?

2 - What year was Esme changed?

3 - What was Jasper's rank in the Civil War?

4 - What book was mentioned and referenced in Eclipse book ?

5 - What is Demetri's power ?
LowriLorenza89 commented…
How will this work? Once someone has Опубликовано an answer, everyone else will be able to see that answer and copy it. If the first person doesn't get every answer right but does get some, then later answerers can cheat. Больше года
aprildawn73 commented…
Hopefully the first person will get all 5 right,but if they don't then someone else will.It's okay if others guess the same answer,especially if it's the right answer.And this isn't like a school exam или test that you're being graded on.It's just for fun. Больше года
Больше года mia444 said…
1. James Witherdale
2. 1895
3. Major
4. Wuthering Heights
5. He has the ability to track people through the tenors of their minds.
aprildawn73 commented…
Ты got all 5 right sis!!! Now Ты get to make 5 new Вопросы (just don't make the same ones as Brittany did on aprildawn73 Больше года
Больше года mia444 said…
1. What city did Bella go to when James tricked her into thinking he had her mother?

2. What was the date when Bella lowered her mental shield for the first time, allowing Edward to read her thoughts?

3. What was being celebrated when Edward tried to kill himself?

4. When the Cullens left Forks in New Moon, where did they go?

5. When Rosalie was human, who was she engaged to?
Больше года twihard203 said…
1. Phoenix
2. January 1st 2007
3. St Marcus Day
4. Ithaca, New York
5. Royce King
Больше года mia444 said…
Yes, you got it. Your turn to make 5 new Twilight questions.
Больше года twihard203 said…
1) Where was the Volturi coven founded?
2) What coven were Vladimir and Stefan a part of before the Volturi destroyed it?
3) What year does the Olympic Coven return to Forks after being away for about 70 years?
4) Where was Alice when she was turned into a vampire?
5) How were Jane and Alec about to die before Aro turned them?