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BiteMeeeeEdward posted on Dec 17, 2008 at 06:28AM
This is how obsessed I am. And these are just a few examples:
-When I was in the same building as Nikki Reed and Edi Gathegi I cried even though I didn't see them
-I bite myself
-I put sparkles on mysself to sparkle in the sun like a vampire
-I count Volvos
-I have 93 Twiliight thinks on my walls (depending on how you count it)
-I was on the radio 3 times because of how obsessed I am. One of the time they called me.
-I went to 2 Twilight pre-screenings. I would have gone to more but I was broke
-I have 2 copies of Twilight. I am hoping to get more
-I have a homemade Edward teddy

^^ Those are jsut a few examples of how much I am a obsessed Twilight Freak. It would take me forever to write the full list and nobody would read it.

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Больше года pri1342 said…
hello, it's nice to finally meet someone who doesn't make me look so weird with my obsessions!
here is how obsessed i am with twilight:
- I read the first and the sencond book in a week
- I bought a huge combo of popcorn, soda and candy just to have the cap of twilight
- I phoned more than 10 CD shops when I wanted to buy the twilight CD (of course it was a little dificult because it had't been released yet...)
- I have a huge poster of them
- I have a sumarry of all the characters and a bit of the story
- I went to the pre-screening
- I waited until the last second of the movie to be sure there was no after credits scene (something that I was almost sure there wasn't)

I have many plans to be more obsessive, but since they are not concluded it's still a secret

Больше года Monalisa2395 said…
This is how obsessive I am:
1) try to make evr single line of that book seem real.
2) I have byhearted each and every single line of the book.
Does anyone neeed anymore proofs of becoming more obsessive than that????????
I don't really think so!11
Больше года kristenchappell said…
haha im the only one in the 8th grade that i hang out with at school that has read them except the teachers haa and well there are others but i dont talk to them okkk

twilight-read in two days.school days too!
new moon-three days
eclipse-five days
breaking dawn-3 days
and midnight sun i read in two weeks but only because its online and i cant bring it along with me if i had an iphone thatd be different haa
Больше года fanpire101 said…
how? very
Больше года saraplain said…
well this is how obssessed i am
-i read all the four twilight books in 1 month & 23 days[i didnt want 2 finish breaking dawn]
-i have posters and newsapaper articles in my room
-i went to the twilight premiere in westwood hollywood and got autographs
-cried wen they got close to me .
-i even snuck in just to get there auotographs bcause i waited in line for bout 2 hours 2 get rejected i dont think so,so i risked getting put in premiere jail for twilight
people beat that
-i started a club of it at school
-got over 27 kids in school in2 it including 2 teachers and my mom and my best friends mom.
-saw the movie the first time it came out
-FREAK out when i see a volvo
-i either throw up or truly faint when i see blood[that already happened B4 twilight]
-i have searched them so much my parents get mad at me.
-i cry bout it so much i get yelled at
-i through a trantrum and cried for a hole hour when i was told there was no more twilight music boxes and got a regular one with no edward[tear]
-i read midnight sun
-i finished the host in six days
-i have read
twilight 5x
new moon 2x[ so sad]
eclipes 7x
breaking dawn 2x
-a have notebooks that i dodole on of pure twilight
-i yelled at a guy who kept talking crap bout it [he was close to tears]
-i plan to meet taylor lautner.
-i dont let anyone touch my books without permission or eles they get attaked ....ask my sister
-everyone knows me as taylors girlfriend
-i plan 2 go to evert single premier
-i love the band 100monkeys
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Больше года Moneik said…
my sister's a nurse.
she was actually thinking of taking me to the hospital because of how obsessed/addicted i am. lol. :S

i'm actually thinking of changing my name when i'm old enough.. to moneik cullen. or maybe monique cullen? (is that a bit too much?) :S

i do art as a subject at school.
for my final piece next year, i'm gonna paint or draw something related to twilight. :D

oh, and i plan to get a scruffy dog and name it Jake. Lol.

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Больше года hellgirl223 said…
-Bought a Nachos Combo just for a Twilight Poster.
-Planning to get a dog and name it Jacob.
->Twilight: 1 day
->New Moon: 2 day(s)
->Eclipse: 3 day(s)
->Breaking Dawn: 4 day(s)

-Watched Twilight movie the day after it came out
-When I see. . .
-> Tropical Island
-> Porsche
-> Wedding
-> Prom
-> A Volvo
-> A wolf/dog
-> A werewolf
-> A Vampire
-> Apples
-> Death Note
-> Flower
-> Blood
-> Chess/ Chess board
-> Ribbon
-> Twilight Cast
-> Rain
-> Forest
-> Jason Mraz
-> Anything related to Twilight!
. . .I think of Twilight

-Planning to make a super quiz on MS about Twilight
-Have drawn stuff related to Twilight
-Whenever I hear a Jason Mraz song, I imagine myself with Jacob♥
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Больше года cullenluva17 said…
How obsessed I am in the Twilight series:
-Changing my name to Rachel Cullen
-I have 5 Twilight posters hanging in my room
-I am planning on getting a scruffy dog and naming it Jacob
-Going to high school in Forx, Washington
-I got 3 teachers and 5 kids to read the Twilight series
-I daydream during biology like I am talking to Edward
-I doodle on my notebooks about Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn,and Midnight Sun
-I get sick whenever I see blood
-I once actually wandered in the forest to look for the Cullens :)
-I bite myself and hope to feel the burn
-I have an account on every single site that has Twilight on it ;)
-I saw the movie the first day it came out
-Whenever I see the following I think of Twilight:
->The Forest
->Pale Skin
->Dogs Or Wolves :)
->Red Ribbon
->A Wedding
->Someones Prom
->A Porsche
->An Island
->The Rain
->Jason Mraz
->Death Notes

Больше года xGeorgie said…
I can't say I'm a fan as much as some people up there ^^^ =P
-I awaited for Twilight at x-mas..
-Started reading it on x-mas day... ignoring my new laptop =P
-Stayed up until 2am x-mas night, trying 2 finish twilight (only went 2 sleep after my mom had come 2 my room 2 switch my light out 3 times and the final time got out the blow up mattress and slept on my floor so that i HAD to sleep
- woke up 2 hrs early 2 finish twiligh
-tried loads of different websites 2 buy the following books on boxing day.... all were sold out or didn't take my moms credit card
- started 2 re-read twilight so this i wouldn't 4get anything
- travelled 2 the city this morning 2 buy new moom...etc only 2 find they weren't in stock
- nagged my cousin 2 let my use her credit card to buy the books online
- googled every twilight fan site going
- watched LOADS of clips of the movie online
- dreamed about Edward Cullen the night before last
- dreamed I was Bella Swan last night
- counted sliver volvo's
- day dreamed about everythin that happened in the book
- quoted parts of the book to anyone listening
-almost cried when I found out the books weren't in stock

And thats it so far =P

Hehe.... I can see myself turning into a Twilight freak!!!


Больше года spikes_girl said…
actually pretty much the same as hellgirl223, all the stuff that reminds her of twilight, same here. also...

-if i ever get a dog i'll name him emmett :)
-i have a twilight movie poster on my wall AND a mini one in my locker that i printed off the internet
-i have a t-shirt that says
-part of my xmas money i am using to buy a "official edward cullen fanclub t-shirt"
-i got the soundtrack for xmas, and so far i have listened to it 91 times (i'm keeping track)
-i've seen the twilight movie 2 times, and i kept track of everything that was going on on set by going on the internet and reading magazines
-i watch clips from the movie daily on youtube
-xmas break started dec. 19th, and i've read each book out of the series 3 times (it's the 27th now)
-the first time i read the series, this how long it took me to read every book:
twilight: 2 days
new moon: 1 day
eclipse: 3 days
breaking dawn: 2 days
8 days total!
-i got 7 kids in my class to read the books, plus my homeroom teacher!

i'm not as obsessed as some people here, but i'd say i'm pretty obsessed!
Больше года jennyrules1504 said…
Ok everyone is beating me but i don't care.
I got 10 or 11 things counting stephenie meyers the host for christmas.
-the host
-4 badges saying 'I love Edward Cullen','twilight,'read TWILIGHT or a will the VOLTURI & blame you','I.S loves E.C'
-New Moon
-Breaking Dawn
-T-shirt saying 'I love Edward Cullen'
-i have read:
twilight 3 times
new moon 2
eclipes 2
Breaking Dawn 2
but i'm still counting & reading
-Seen the movie 2 times
-read Midnight sun
-think about twilight everyday
-when i see words from the book,i think of twilight.
-when i hear a song that can go with twilight
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Больше года hellgirl223 said…
No wait, every romance song i think of Twilight!
Больше года Mel_Cullen said…
I am so obsessed with twilight here is my list...
-I went to the first midnight showing of twlight in my area
-I have seen the movie 4 times
-I have the twilight soundtrack & I learned how to play Bella's Lullaby
-There are 5 different twilght posters in my room
-On ebay I won an entire set of Bella's jewelery
-I finished the entire series in 2 weeks
-I am reading Midnight Sun right now
-Every night I cant sleep cause I am thinking too much about Twilight
-I cant stand the sight of blood(I couldnt before the movies or books)seriously
-I hardly have any friends just a couple kinda like Bella
-I am so obcessed that I convinced my dad to buy me an exact replication of Bella's wedding ring
And that is how obcessed I am over Twilight
Больше года mikkixox said…
I watched Twilight once and i started to obsess over it.
It was on the other night and I watched it and it was on ystrday and my dad changed the channel and I started to hav a fit with nonstop crying and this went on until he put Twilight bak on.
Больше года Hellohoudini said…
I have all the books and videos....I have all the posters (in frames) ( one poster signed by all the actors) I have Twilight pillows....I have Twilight blankets...I have all the Twilight jewelry... I have 20 Twilight tshirts...I have 5 Twilight hoodies...I have a twilight purse...a Twilight messenger bag...I have two Twilight trunks...I have Twilight decals on my jeep...I have most of the Twilight action figures...I have most of the Twilight book markers...I have framed movie strips from the first movie...and Ive decided that in the next few months I am going to get the Twilight logo tattooed in white ink on my wrist....I come back on to this site every few days...I was the movies every time they come on tv even though I own all the dvds....I have been to Port Angeles twice...named my lab Bella...the Twilight soundtrack (from the first movie) is still my favorite and I still listen to it all the time.....yep I would say my love for Twilight is still strong....its been 10 yrs and I don't think I will ever get tired of it.