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KaterinoulaLove posted on May 20, 2010 at 11:48AM
House_Anatomy found this game on a Charmed Site and after having the permission of the game's owner on that site, decided to put it on charmed spot !
It's so awesome game and I found it a great idea to post it here! It's so much fan!

I think the title couldn't be more descriptive. It is a GAME... yet another one, where someone asks something about the lovely series-movies (*-*) and the next person has to answer the question with a wrong answer.

This is much more fun than having to answer correctly becuase IMAGINATION can be uselful.! S put your imagination on and let's have fuuuuun!

I will start to help you even more :

Question :Where Isabella Swan used to live.?
Answer : Timbuktu

First to read this, make up the next question :P

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