Сумерки (серия романов) Couples Elimination Game

glossygirl125 posted on Jun 16, 2010 at 11:04PM
Each couple starts with 10 points, and you + 1 point to a your favorite couple, and you - 1 point to the one you didn't like. And if a couple hits zero, they are eliminated.

You get to vote ONCE AN HOUR. Please don't go against this. It will ruin the game. It's supposed to go for a very long time.

Every time you put your answer you must copy and paste the new list. When a couple is eliminated delete them.

Here's the list of couples(I'll start!):


11 Edward&Bella
09 Jacob&Bella
10 Jacob&Renesmee
10 Jacob&Leah
10 Jasper&Alice
10 Emmett&Jasper
10 Carlisle&Esme
10 Jacob&Leah
10 Sam&Leah
10 Sam&Emily
10 Jared&Kim
10 Paul&Rachel
10 James&Victoria
10 Riley&Victoria
10 Charlie&Sue
10 Charlie&Renee
10 Phil&Renee
10 Mike&Jessica

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