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posted by karpach_13
Chapter 14
`”jake!” I cried and ran up to him.
“I know everything nessie, and we’re going to try to save ur family” jake told me.
“its too late to ssave it they’re divorced” I told him
“there’ alwaay still a chance” jake told me. And I nodded..
“but first wheres ur mother?” sam asked me.
“she’s near carlisles” I told him.
“she’s not there”he told me.
“what do Ты mean shes not there? I just saw her there aa couple минуты ago” I told them.
“when I went to carlisle’s house, he сказал(-а) that she stepped ouside and didn’t come back” jake told me.. a worried...
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 лебедь House
Swan House
This is my first fanfiction...so Please comment, rate and tell me what Ты think. Please let me know if Ты think I should continue writing.
-Twilimpian =)


“ I'm going to miss you”. My mother told me before I boarded the plane to Washington State. Two months назад I had agreed to Переместить to Forks to live with my father Charlie, to give my mother and her husband Phil some space. I hadn't seen Charlie in forever. When I was little I used to visit him every summer but that stopped around when I was...
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posted by Jessie-Louise
It was the Далее day,i looked at my alarm clock it was 7.35.
Mom and dad had already woken,the smell of бекон, бэкон was lingering underneath my door. Dad walked in with a бекон, бэкон сэндвич, бутерброд and told me to wake up,but i was already awake i looked at him and smiled he handed me the сэндвич, бутерброд and sat down near me.
"I'm proud of Ты princess,i mean taking this baby on,you will be a great mother.Okay Jacob will be a great father too,Aha.Maybe this baby will bring me and jacob closer togeather and we could stop all this argueing."
Dad сказал(-а) to me in a happy voice.

Cough* Cough* i started to choke on my sandwich.
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posted by Jessie-Louise
"I just can't belive..."jacob stuttered , a tear rolled down his cheek, i'd never seen him cry before "You don't want it ....You dont Любовь me i," I spluttered quickly "NO NO! I'm , i'm just so ,so happy" he smiled slowly, lovingly , his eyes melted into mine and we shared a kiss.
i whispered softly in his ear "its funny Ты know,", "why" jacob looked at me puzzled "my mom is pregnant to,"i smiled gently .
"Really,How, she is, Ты no,A Vampire." He whispered slowly in my ear.
"I know but its a miracle,im gunna have a child and a new brother или sister in the same month."
After about an час Jacob...
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Rosalie’s P.O.V:
I couldn’t believe they were making me come along with them to bail out the stupidest people in the world. Carlisle drove by Bella’s house, past the diner, and to the station. On the door their was a sign with please come back later. I sighed fakely and said, “Oh well, we’ll just have to go home.” Emmett looked over at me and rolled his eyes. Carlisle looked over at Esme, who was sitting in the front seat, “Es, should we call in?” Esme smiled, “Sure, darling, after all they are our children. And daughter-in-law.” “I couldn’t have сказал(-а) it any better my...
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Chapter 11 Wedding day<3

Just a note...this is the exact dress, and hair I had in mind.

You were having a really nice dream about Emmett, when Ты feel yourself being shaken. Alice is shaking Ты to wake Ты up.

Alice-___, ___? Wake up sleepy head, today is your big day!!

You roll over and open your eyes.

Alice-Goodmorning Sis!

You-Morning Sis! (you say smiling)

Alice-Do Ты know what today is?

You-Of Course (you smile)it's my Weding day.

Rosalie-(coming into your room) Exactly Ты need to get up so alice and I can get Ты all done up.

You-Morning Rose!

You sit up in Ты постель, кровати and Esme brings Ты some...
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 The staircase Cydnee goes up
The staircase Cydnee goes up
Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Five
    The Далее room I went to was bigger then the last, and I drew quickly, drawing in as much detail as I could make out with the torch light above me while still hiding in the shadows of the room I was in. I drew quickly, and made sure I got everything into the note-pad before leaving. I did. I left. That's when I bumped into a hulky guard.
    Once I...
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 Made this...hope Ты like...:)
Made this...hope you like...:)
Bella’s P.O.V:
Edward towed me up to his bedroom and lay me on the bed, “I missed you.” He said. “I missed you, too.” He smiled. “Can I make up for that, love?” I nodded, “Yes. What were Ты thinking?” “This.” He tore my рубашка off and kissed me fiercely. “I Любовь you.” He said. “Mmmhmm.” He kissed me more.
About nine hours later, when I fell asleep. I felt him stroking my hair and Поцелуи me gently. I must’ve smiled in my sleep because I heard Edward chuckle.
In the morning I realized Edward had dressed me in his clothes and his underwear. The only thing of mine...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*

NEW MOON - chapter 2 - STITCHES

The game was still on; as soon as I walked through the front door I could hear the announcer rambling over the babble of the crowd.
“Bell?” Charlie called.
“Hey, Dad,” I сказал(-а) as I came around the corner. I held my arm close to my side. The slight pressure burned, and I wrinkled my nose. The anesthetic was apparently losing its effectiveness.
“How was it?” Charlie lounged across the sofa with his bare feet propped up on the arm. What was left of his curly crown hair was crushed flat on one side.
“Alice went overboard. Flowers,...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Three
    "Or we could do that." Jerek сказал(-а) once our lips parted.
    I was high off of that kiss. But, just briefly.
    "Yea." I said, not knowing really exactly what I was saying.
    Jerek then put his lips back to mine, and this time, it wasn't a surprise.
    THE Далее MORNING: I woke up on the lower bunk, under Tabra, and I was glad I went to постель, кровати earlier then I thought I was. I needed that sleep.
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posted by Darktimes104
I need to be еще on вверх of my updating!

Emmett's POV:
Rose,Carmen, Kate, and Esme returned about two hours after they left. I ran to the door when I saw Rose but, Carmen and Kate kept me away, "You know Ты aren't suppose to see the wedding платье, бальное платье before the wedding." I stopped off annoyed. I went to sit on the couch. The annoyed feeling I felt went away when I saw the 'I think I'm going to throw up' look on Edwards face because Tanya, once again, was hanging on him. I let out a booming laugh and Edward gave me and evil glare.

Rosalie's POV:
I found the perfect dress, the straps came just below...
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posted by WritenOnTheSand
We pull up to the house just секунды after my Dad. I leap out of the car and dash towards the front door.

Quickly, I run inside and to the garage.

"Jake!" I try to catch his attention before Dad gets to him. But I know I am too late because I can already hear my Dad talking.

"What's up with you, Edward?" I hear Jake ask from the other room.

"How could Ты do this to my daughter?" His demands are loud and angry. I can almost hear the frown on his lips.

"What are Ты talking about?" Jake naturally seems a little joyed by driving him nuts. Even though they have this so called friend ship. Well...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
"Bella, come here, i need to put еще gloss on Ты and fix up your her and i sear if Ты fall up on that.............""
I flashed out of my new fresh vision. Bella.
i sighed a heavy sigh for hurt still growing from the loss of my best friend.
She was pretty, all dressed up, she was surronded by people making her pretty. puzzled over what the lady holding a розовый gloss towards bella, was about to say before my vision finished.

"Alice! STOP IT!!! I CAN BLOODY HEAR YOUR HEAD!!" edward roared from the deeps darkness of his room.
i fear for my brother, he never leaves his room.
He needs bella, he...
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posted by Darktimes104
Thank Ты for Чтение and PLEASE comment!!!!!

Rosalie's POV

I walked вперед a little farther and gently placed my wounded stranger in front of the porch steps. He moaned again in agony. "Everything will be ok, I promise, my father will help Ты just hold on." I told him before looking up to Carlisle and the rest of my family.
"Rose, sweetie, who is this?" Esme asked gently.
"Please help him, I found him being attacked by a bear, I couldn't let him die. Please help him." I begged. I began to cry at the thought that no one would help me. I am not strong enough to do it myself.
Carlisle came...
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i gave jacob time to think about what i asked, let it settle in. i didint wont to make him feel unfomfitable about this, well i guess he allready does.
as soon as we were through the door i went straight to bella i watched her as she watched me for a секунда then i help lock with jacob. i could feel her eyes on me now.
"were going to let jacob and belle talk privetly" i told the rest of them
"over my pile of ashes" rosalie hissed at me she was still holding bella like she was some toy that no one els was alowed to touche.
i ignored her and turned to bella
"bella jacob would like to talk to you...
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posted by New_Moon_Master
It was odd, but I became very depressed as I watched the green alien forests of Forks go by. The green moss that covered everything, the rain that pored down on the windshield as we drove. It was hard to believe that I used to despise this place. It felt like Главная now. I was already feeling homesick. But I was excited. Everything was gone. I had told Renee in an E-mail, called Angela and Jessica and even Mike. They were all as suprised as Charlie, seeing as how I hadn't graduated yet. I worried about Charlie again. I remembered back to a few moments назад when I had сказал(-а) goodbye to my father...
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Memories of Edward ran freely in my mind, spreading like a virus that would consume me.
His icey touch sending chills through me, his lips as they crushed mine, his addictive scent, that beautiful crooked smile, that infectious laugh....Each one hurt еще than the last. Each time a new memory ran through me, I thought the pain could get no worse. Until the Далее memory.
I hadn't stopped crying in hysterics since the Волки had disappeared.
I don't know how long I lay on the ground. Just wallowing. I tried to talk myself out of it a few times. Why was I doing this to Charlie again? Hadn't he...
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 Bellas Розы
Bellas roses
Im really sorry I havent Опубликовано in a long time I have been busy with holiday plans and homework over вверх of that too. Hope Ты guys like this chapter though :P...

Bellas POV

That night was pretty dreamless, no dream at all. Probably because Edward was there and chased the dream away. But I havent had that one dream in a long time. He probably started to come over whe I never had that dream anymore. I would ask him in the morning if I remembered to do so. I felt releaved that he loved me as much I loved him. He was such a gentlemen and so kind; it was unbearable. He was just to good a person,...
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Chapter 14-

The Далее morning I woke up early when I heard the door creaking open. I looked up and saw Lily standing in the doorway. “Hello Esme,” she smiled. “How are you?” she asked walking over.

“I'm alright Lily, I'm just tired.....” I sighed. “It's to be expected though,”

“Yes.... how is little Andrew?” she asked sitting down on the end of the bed. “I heard him coughing last night, so I've been wondering,” her Комментарий caused me to look down at the sleeping child Далее to me. He was pale, other than fiery red cheeks. I gasped in shock. “I think he's ill,” I frowned....
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 Kind of how i picture Heavenly
Kind of how i picture Heavenly
This one is in Heavenly's POV, but the Далее chapter will be in Jake's POV. hope Ты like it! :)
chapter six
i was woken up by Jake's insanely loud horn. my eyes burst open to see Jake leaning on the капот, худ of his Rabbit in the parking lot. i opened the window,
"Jake, i'm not even dressed yet!" i yelled out the window. my mom was at work by now so no worries.
"i got time." he сказал(-а) and smiled. i smiled back and went to get ready for my first день at school.
first i brushed my teeth, combed my long, wavy, brown hair out. i got dressed in a thermal...
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