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posted by EmmettOk
ok i don't like the names i give first time give them new ones

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight или the characters - unfortunately. I don't own the songs either.

VampMindReader107 - Edward

ClumsyLamb18: - Bella

PsychicShopaholic: - Alice

EmotionbyName: - Jasper

GrizzlyBear: - Emmett

Better_than_you: - Rosalie

Dr. Vamp Cullen: - Carlisle

Mother2Many: - Esme

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posted by kaulitztwinsfan
Эй, guyzz...!!!! 3 months of Winter Vacations!! So..u're gonna get alot on Seth and Norah...Here's the 5th Chapter..Hope U like it!!

Chapter 5
Norah's POV

I was gazing intently at his face. I tried to read his face..A lovely face..seemed like he was worried..For me?? I slipped my hand around his waist, holding on tightly to his body. He was sooo hot...Temperature I mean..Made me feel good. Other things didn't matter, as long as I could be with him. I stared at him waiting for him to look down at me. But he didn't..Why??
Just as I was having a feeling of my сердце being ripped out of my chest and...
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Ok....I Любовь тостер духовой шкаф, печь waffles...I don't know what that has to do with anything but I do....

.:Story Start:.
We ran all день with only one break, I was asleep almost the whole time.When I was awake I noticed each time my stomach grew a bit, but there was another side-affect I grew weaker.As for cravings it was meat.Felix thought it was the vampire of them and I agreed, laughing.Jane watched me eating now and noticed it was ribs and smiled a sad smile.
"That use to be Alec's Избранное Еда when he was human.He really misses it...", she laughed, it was shaky.I looked at her.
"Heh....It's their favorite,...
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posted by rubytuesday101
We sat there in silence,i was looking at my stomack thinking.It hurts him for me to be in pain,any sort of pain.Mentaly and phyisicaly,and it hurt even еще when he knew the pain i was feeling was because of him.That if i never met him i wouldnt have to be going through it,and him knowing that he could have done something to stop it but this time he cant stop whats coming.And he hated that if he didnt do this to me i wouldnt have to suffer.
"Dont blame yourself edward just dont"i whispered to him.
"How can i not blame myself,bella?.I did this to you,and Ты have to suffer for my mistake i am...
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posted by LexisFaith
Till and I sat at our usual window таблица in silence. Half way through ужин Till finally broke the long silence.
"Bella." He sighed a put down his fork on his plate.
Good. I needed to talk to him too. This relationship wasn't the same anymore.
"There is something I need to talk to Ты about." He went on.
"So do I." I told him and whiped my mouth with my napkin. My phone buzzed telling me I had a text message.
-I got your number from your friend Jessia. I hope Ты don't mind. Before school tomorrow, if Ты would like, we would all really enjoy it if Ты had breakfast with us at our house. My address...
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posted by rubytuesday101
Today is Saturday edward and the cullens are going hunting so i guess edward is goin to tell everyone what happened i bet alice will be over later.I got up and got dressed i ate breakfast and started watching tv.I was trying to think what i could do today,i havent seen Jacob in a while not since he told me he was a werewolf edward сказал(-а) it was dangerous.But he cant tell me what to do,so i got up and called jacob.
"Hello?"it was jacob it was good to hear his husky voice.
"Hi jake it's bella"i сказал(-а) to him.
"Bella!,hi how are ya!"he сказал(-а) now sounding really happy i chuckled a bit.
"Im fine how are...
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posted by rubytuesday101
 Charlies's Shotgun
Charlies's Shotgun
"What!....How could Ты cheat on me!"he nearly shouted at me in an angry and hurt voice.
"Of corse Ты would think that,i would never do that,your the dad!"i shouted back at him,he looked angry,shocked and unsure.
"Bella i am a vampire i'm not able to do that"he сказал(-а) to me.
"No-one ever сказал(-а) that male Вампиры couldnt make someone pregnant"i сказал(-а) to him.
"Bella--"he сказал(-а) but i cut him off.
"Even ask Carlisle he is the one that сказал(-а) i was preganat and that youre the dad"i shouted at him,now he looked shocked.
"Were having a baby"he whispered.
"No i am having a baby Ты were leaving"i сказал(-а) to him.
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*by Stephenie Meyer*

NEW MOON - chapter 1 - PARTY

Edward drive north through Forks, visibly chafing at the speed enforced by my prehistoric Chevy. The engine groaned even louder than usual as he pushed it over fifty.
"Take it easy," I warned him.
"You know what Ты would love? A nice little Audi coupe. Very quiet, lots of power..."
"There's nothing wrong with my truck. And speaking of expensive nonessentials, if Ты know what's good for you, Ты didn't spend any money on birthday presents."
"Not a dime," he сказал(-а) virtuously.
"Can Ты do me a favor?"
"That depends on what it is."...
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posted by rubytuesday101
It was early morning when i started Поцелуи edward again,then he said"Good morning Mrs Cullen".i said"good morning to Ты too"then we started on a repeat of last night.When it was 12 o'clock i finaly said"It's a nice день we should go for a swim if Ты have еще shorts that is"."It would be very nice to go swimming and yes i have еще shorts but did Ты bring еще swimming togs?""yes i broght еще so come on lets go"i сказал(-а) as i dragged him out of the bed.I changed in to another bikini and went outside into the ocean with edward.We swam under water alot because we dont need to breath but we also...
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posted by rubytuesday101
This is the same story but i had to change the Название because someone already had it sorry.

I stayed at edwards house until 10 o'clock then went Главная and edward came too.We went inside and sat on the sofa then i said"sorry for breaking your Стена i guess i kinda threw her a bit hard".He said"Bella its fine we can fix it i am just still angry at tanya see attacked Ты and bit you,she hurt Ты i could kill her right now"."You know i felt the same way when she was Поцелуи Ты but more"."Yes i bet Ты would feel like that the look on your face was scarey but i didnt stop Ты from hitting tanya because...
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Эй, this is the l;atest chapter to the story, it is set when Nessie isfive months pregnant...x Hope Ты enjoy and keep your eys peeled for the Далее chapter...x

I slipped mums wedding dress over my head, it fitted perfectly. Mum smiled and sighed as she wiped a joyous tear from my eye.
“Don’t cry baby, Alice will kill us if Ты ruin your makeup she has spent all morning getting Ты ready.” She laughed looking at me with a delighted expression on her face,
“Oh mum! I am so happy; Jake is waiting down there for me isn’t he?” I asked nervously. I had felt a little queasy...
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posted by twilight-7
Kayla‘s POV.

Edward took me Главная to Charlie, leaving the other Cullens to clean up their house. I should be helping, it was partly my fault why their house was in that state. But they refused to let me help in ‘my condition’. I was pregnant, not handicapped.
Charlie knew all about Mitchell now. Esme, Alice and Rosalie had paid him a visit while I was talking to Edward. They also dropped the little bombshell that I was pregnant. Jacob had yet to wake up and was fast asleep in the back of Edward’s car.
Charlie waited at the door for me. As soon as I was out of Edward’s silver Volvo, Charlie...
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Эй, guys. I have begun Письмо this book from Nessies point of veiw. I hope Ты enjoy. Please leave any comments. I will post the Далее chapter soon!

I will never age again. I can stay with my family forever. I can stay with Jacob forever, I thought to myself as I watched the stars from the huge glass Стена in Esme’s beautifully Дизайн sitting room. I can end my human life now; it’s time to start my vampire one.
I hardly noticed when Jacob slid his arm over my shoulder.
“Happy Birthday,” he whispered in my ear, “why don’t Ты come and Присоединиться in the festivities, Emmet’s made a great...
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 Renesmee ( Taylor )
Renesmee ( Taylor )
1 год and 5 months later....

I was running away from my problems by running from Forks. I didn't know where we were going. All I could think about was Jacob. I had told him everything, and even showed everything about the future I came from. Показ him every thing made him realize that what Daniel and I was telling him the truth about every single thing. He might have already told the pack about what we told him. Every time I closed my eyes all I could see was Jacob. The expression he had after I told him my secret. He looked upset but also relived to finally know what was going on.

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posted by twilight-7
Everything was ready. Rosalie had styled my hair in lovely cascading curls with silver pins holding them away from my face. Alice had дана me a natural look with the make-up. Light foundation, no blusher, long dark eyelashes and a nice pale розовый lips. Esme and Sarah helped me into my dress and Rosalie rushed to get my bouquet.
“Is everything sorted?” I asked Esme for the umpteenth time.
“Yes,” she assured me as patient as ever. “Stop worrying.”
I nodded as Sarah tightened the corset of my dress. Esme was crouched down at my feet sorting the many layers of the юбка of the dress....
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posted by TotallyMe105
 (Edwards Sister)
(Edwards Sister)
Эй, sorry it took so long!!!

Heres the first Chapter!!!

Chapter 2: What Really Happened.

(Present Day)

I silently sat on the gently swaying дерево branch with both of my pale cold legs wrapped under me. My hands gripped my sweater closer even though i couldnt feel the cold the feel of wool was a comfort to me.
The endless green in front of me seemed to go on forever as i sat watching the trees turn into a silent see of waves.
Forks, Washington was my new home. My first real Главная since i was a nomadic vampire and didnt fancy in staying anywhere. But here felt different еще like a home. I had...
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posted by Rob_patt_fan
I was on my way to Главная when I saw Cullen's house road. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know if I would die there when I see their rooms empty. with no COLD ONES!

I turned around and decided to go home. I wanted to be strong. But... who was there for me to make me be strong for him?! As I went in my room I recognized something under the carpet of my room. I went closer and got the papers out from there. The Название was:

"Last part of me"

It was Edward's gorgeous handwriting. Tears ran on my cheecks before I could even read any of it.

"Edward, Edward...Come back"

With my screams, Charlie was at...
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Nightfall Chapter 24: An Unlikely Alliance (Jake's POV)

I felt my body trembling with fury and just as I was about to phase Edward called out to me from the stairs of the garage.

“Jacob I would appreciate it if Ты would find another course of action in order to pursue your vendetta against my brother.” I was momentarily distracted as I turned towards him in irritation.

“You know, Ты should really try speaking in plain old English sometime Edward.” He chuckled as he took a step towards me. Bella’ s head popped into the doorway her brow furrowed in worry, just the same as it always...
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posted by bella01
[Edward POV]
I know I'm impatient,no I'm getting angry with the plane where my Isabella is riding.'No,no,no, she is not mine.She is my sister now'.Finally,the plane has landed.Alice is jumping up and down now.She is annoying but I Любовь her.She is my Избранное sister.I got worried because there is still no sign of a girl name Isabella.'Edward,please calm down'Jasper thought.'Hahaha,Edward is in Любовь with our new sister'Emmett thought.'Isabella shopping shopping dress up'Alice thought.Then when I'm about to ask Alice where is Isabella.A beautiful girl came out the door.She looks so fragile.She...
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What I think makes Edward & Bella soul mates is Bella's unwavering faith she puts in Edward's restraint to not kill her while she is still a human.

Edward as well as incredible Любовь for Bella which in turn makes him perfect for her and she perfect for him. In every sense of the old saying: They cannot live without each other. This is is made plain in New Moon when Edward leaves Bella in order to protect her form him.

Bella becomes a literal zombie.Devastated by Edward's decision to leave her. One of my Избранное Цитаты form New Moon is when Bella says to Edward: "I'd rather die than be with...
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