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posted by emmaliecullen18
This is a continuation of Любовь CHECK MATE. Set after 3 weeks from the ending of LCM... :D

Emmett's POV.

"Hey Sweetie, where are you?" The drama - Queen squeaked. "Right here, dream-girl ," I replied in a much sarcastic and less concerned way. OH yes ! let me tell Ты that I don't know who I am and I don't even know who I was....or well what and with whom I was. It has been 3 months and I am here in Miss Bella Swan's luxurious bungalow but whenever I dare to ask her about my identity all that I am told is that it is nothing that I should mind. I would doubt if anyone would readily accept such...
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Эй, guys! teamjane99 here. i forgot my Пароль to my account so i'm posting this under my cousin's name.

so, here Ты go. chapter five of imprint. enjoy and please remember to tip.

disclaimer: i do not own twilight, nor will i ever (dammit). but i do own some of these charactors, so dont Вопрос that.


The vamp in front of me growled and stared me down, her Золото eyes burning. “Next time, watch where you’re going, bitch,” she hissed, her voice low and deadly. “Or you’ll regret it.”
I couldn’t help it; I had to laugh. I always found it funny...
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posted by emmaliecullen18
Rose POV.

The story is set after two years of emmett's transformation.

i don't own emmett,rosalie,edward...or anyone else...Stephanie Meyer does :'( ....(waaaawaaaaa)

I knew it...that sick creature had some1 behind him. Royce was not the one who was after my life,it was all planned,those flowers,messages,kisses, OH that fake stupid Любовь .He was not man enough to do that to me. He had done it for something and for someone . I was waiting for edward to come up because i knew he must have read my mind .After my transformation he was the one whom i had leaned on but in a bro -sis way,unlike what...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
[A New Story From the Автор of HELLO, MY NAME IS: DEATH Series - BuffyFaithfan1]
Chapter Two: On Dry Land
Jessika lay in her постель, кровати and she was watching the season premiere of RINGER featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar when, just as it cut to commercial, a knock came to her door.
"Yes?" Jessika asked and her mom stepped into the room.
"Jess. Listen," She began and Jessika paused the TV with her DVR remote. "I know this is hard. But please, please, just go with this for us?"
Jessika sighed. She knew her mom looked out for her...
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Alec and Honey
New Life.
Chapter 1:

I’m Honey Matthews. I’m 16 years old. I was going away for 4 weeks to Italy, Volterra. I have a deep desire to learn the history of the world. Volterra is full of history and meaning. There are many stories, festivals that the people of Volterra celebrate every year, never getting tired of the same celebration every year. People of Volterra like to stick to tradition, only a few minor changes are made, but everything else is the same.
I just flew out to Italy, it was a 3 час flight from Лондон Heathrow to Italy. I got a taxi from the airport to Volterra...
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posted by xoxpoisonxox
Chapter 12: The Ceremony

I was pacing back and forth, my anxiety was getting to me. Only 4 hours? I Must occupie myself once again. I searched through the room, yet i didn't find much that interested me. It was most likely because everything was either doused in feathers, silver, Золото или silk. The thought of my family not returning cut through me,

"No." I whispered to myself. I musn't worry about that, they сказал(-а) it would be fine. So it must be. I heard my phone ring, i stared at it for a moment. Jacob did tell me to not answer calls.I looked at my phone, But it was only alice. I hit talk,

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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
New Story Twilight?N2P
It's Complicated
It's complicated, that's how Jacob would all ways start the story whenever I asked him why I was different. I looked nothing like the Black family, I didn't favor a single one of them. They all had dark hair and dark eyes while I was the complete opposite. White blonde hair and blue eyes. I could barley blend in, my hair and eyes gave away but skin was just as tan as it could be. 
I knew the story Jake was going to tell me, I asked about this a lot. But mainly at bedtime.
Every night right before постель, кровати I would ask Jacob Black "why am I different?" and every...
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posted by karpach_14
Chapter 5
“this is not my daughter” my father said. And shook his head.
“our daughter just grew up and needs еще attention Edward” my mom said.
“bella this isn’t our renesmee this is…” I cut my dad off.
“this is who? Dad just because I changes doesn’t mean im not ur daughter” I told him. It took him a very long time to say anything. I got so tired of everything I left then and ran to my room. I gathered a lot of clothes and put it in my luggage. I went down stairs and to my car.
“nessie wer r u going?” my mom asked. I didn’t want to hurt anyone here, it was all an accident,...
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I woke up at 6 am,it was Saturday.I had planned to go to the mall with Elizabeth and Sophie today.I found these normal things in my life strange since I had become a werewolf.Out of place.But it was nice to go out once in awhile since the vampire hype lately.Jay had been training us for nights on end.Training us for what was coming.He kept repeating the same thing,
“Watch each others backs”
“Look out for each other”
“Work as a team”
It was good my little brother,Michel had just joined us,the еще the better.Because we all new that we needed as many people possible to do this.

I was...
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posted by teamalice_0
Another post day! This one might be shorter just cause i learned my Друзья going into the army :(

Sleep came peacefully, almost immediatley. Usually i dreamed about things I learned или have seen but this день was.. different. I saw people I have never met.

They were in groups of two, all but one, but seemed unified in a way. The two in the middle looked older, carmel hair and blonde, to their left was a huge weight lifting dude, a curvy blonde at his side, the other side of the middle were short pixie like and a blonde man. He seemed to be the odd one out. The one that seemed to stand alone yet not alone had copper hair like a penny. They all looked different too, but all inhumanly beautiful. The only simularities were their Золото eyes.

Never seen them, I would say maybe I would meet them but I cant ever see them Im blind and forever will be.

So who are they?
posted by teamalice_0
Wow chapter 4 already? Seems like I just started yesterday. Today is my posting день so here it is!

"Thanks Alice, I guess, but I can handel them afterall ive been doing it since I.. was a freshman here."

The колокол, колокольчик, белл rang, oh now it rings!

"Bye guys." I got up and left, bumping into people a few times some on purpose but mostly on accident.

Where was Angela when Ты need her?

I headed to my Далее class my last class, and soon the день was over with, finally! I met Angela right out side the class and we walked towards her car her murmuring asking...
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posted by GothicGirl0525
Chapter 4
Once we get to the house, I looked around everywhere. Making sure Charlie или anyone is not around hiding on the outskirts of my home. After I made sure it was safe, I unbuckled and gathered my stuff ready to blot inside my безопасно, сейф home. Edward got out of the car, I noticed. He was opening my door for me. I gathered all of my утиль, барахло, мусор and was ready.
    “Are Ты alright to walk?” he asked. While he asked the questionable question, He grabbed all of my things out of my arms. I didn’t answer. “Are Ты okay to walk, Bella?” He asked again, after a few minutes. I just...
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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Seven
    "I don't know." Tabra сказал(-а) after five минуты of silence.
    "Did I poke a nerve I shouldn't have?" I asked him.
    "No. I just haven't thought of her lately, and when Ты сказал(-а) Olivia as if Ты knew her, it...it just made me think of something."
    "Can I ask what that something is?"
    "Unless Ты can carry the burden of a long story before someone interrupts, then yes. But, I need to душ so...I'll see ya'."...
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*Comment/review for sneak peeks and a prop! Enjoy this episode!*
^My Bird Says Review!^ O>
A Youtube Script:
*episode twenty*
*How we got pregnant*
Edward’s P.O.V:
I was going to kill someone.
*done thinking*
Emmett: Congratulations, Ed! Ты had a boy! I named it Mason!
~Back with Rose, Ed, and Belly~
Edward: Why didn’t Ты tell me!?!
Bella: Uh…um…i-i-i-I’m…
Edward: And how did it happen, we never did anything other than kiss.
*from downstairs*
Emmett: Dude, did Ты hear me? Ты had a boy!
*back upstairs*
Edward: I mean…it never could’ve happened…oh...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
This is going to be written in the life of claire. The little girl for quil.

Im 17 now, and all my life quil has been my side, i know how , или why he has stayed или why he has stayed the same.
He is by best friend, but it feels wrong for a man who used to change my diapers , to calling the parents of the little girls that picked on me, to now a man i had feelings for, and felt them back.
I am Quilette girl, so i have dark skin, and brown eyes.
I'm not athelete, nor am good with technology, i just know that my art is everything.
I paint my feelings. Ты know how some people say, i ate my feelings,...
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