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amazondebs posted on Dec 16, 2007 at 07:01AM
i'm aware of the political correctness that there's no such thing as unusual culture and that they're all strange in their own way, anyways...
i think most culture have something facinating about them for e.g.

in roman culture it would be common to eat till you vomited and go to toliet sat beside one another with no wall blocking you

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Больше года ztara said…
in greek culture you were seen to be week if you liked women, real men liked men! and only used women for children.

There was a greatly feared platoon of lovers called 'the platoon of thebes' who fought viciousally to show there love for there man and that they would die for them!
Больше года amazondebs said…
unless it was winter gypsies used to to sleep under caravans and only the elderly or ill would sleep inside
Больше года amazondebs said…
if any of you were wanting to know more about Ztara's comment on homosexual relationships in society in history there's a great soapbox by cinders on it

Больше года amazondebs said…
carrying on with this ancient gay theme

during Victorian times in Britain it was thought that it was not proper for women to enjoy sex and so when they were with their husband they were basically suppose to lay back and think of children or Britain so women often turned to other women in secret for sexual pleasure
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Больше года amazondebs said…
in ancient china people commited suicide by eating over a pound of salt
Больше года amazondebs said…
During the American civil war, when troops returned from battle, if none were killed a sign would be erected reading 0 killed this is where the word ok originates from

OK being the most used word in the world
coke being the second

the bible being the most owned book in the world

happy birthday being the most sung song