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adavila posted on Mar 31, 2008 at 12:50AM
so there´s this urban legend in the town where my mom used to live.

So there was this couple that bought this huge but really cheap house. The ask the salesman why was it so cheap and he said that it was because a long time ago the house was a whorehouse ( I dont know any other name for it in english) and three prostitutes were killed by the owner of the house

he told them that the first one was decapitated, the second one was left bleeding to death and the last one was burned alive by the owner of the house.

So the years passed and the couple had three beautiful girls that everyone guy in town wanted them to get marry. So one day they recieved a phone call that one of their doughters died in a car accident and suffered from a terrible wound. when the family went to see the body they found out that the corpse was decapitated. They both remembered what the last owner said about the house. So the years passed and one of the two doughters was missing after 2 days they recieved a phone call that they found her body in her boyfriend´s house. The police told them that the room was filled with blood because her boyfriend stabbed her. Ofcourse they relized what was going on and before the last of her daughters died the needed to leave the house. So they packed their stuff and got out of that house as quickly as they could. When they were going to the new house they suffered a terrible accident with a truck that was trasporting methane gas there was this huge fire the couple manage to get out of the car but they saw how her last daughter was traped in the car that was surround by the flames of the accident, they saw how her last daughter was burned alive.

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