Urban Legends Urban Legend my brother told me (or made up)

axlluver43 posted on Sep 06, 2008 at 01:22AM
Okay tell me if you believe this or not:

I'm 21 but I believe in all this stuff and so does my older brother Ryan whose 23. So last night we were on the trampoline in our backyard and he told me something about our old house in Nashville, 200 years before we moved there.

One night a man was riding on his horse (note: this was in the 1800's sometime) and someone pulled him off of the horse and took him to a lake, drowned him, stabbed him 6 times, and then hung him on a tree (on our neighbor's yard). A couple of days later, another man was riding on the same horse and went near were the other rider was. He saw the dead man on the ground and his leg was moving. Ever since that day, no one saw that man again.

I'm twenty one and believe in anything he tells me, so please tell me if this sounds fake

Thank you

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Больше года adavila said…
it sounds fake

Больше года goofyka said…
I hope it's not real.I live near Nashville.O_O But to me it sounds like something that could have happened.I say

Больше года dei-girl said…
tsk i belive you. only reason being is that we already have a bunch of sick minded people in this world, so who in the hell knows if there was even sicker minded people in the 1800s!
Больше года estefy said…
it sound`s fake
Больше года NaleyAddict316 said…
Totally True! People do that type of thing all the time, probally even in the 1800's
Больше года babyV101 said…
definitely fake