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ste3344 posted on Sep 19, 2007 at 09:51PM
Do you think we should write urban legend stories in the forum place so others can read them . I want to know if people want that before i add anything incase someone gets upset :)

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Больше года Cinders said…
Great idea, love it. Do it.
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really good idea
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big smile
my god its been 2 years since this was posted and not one person posted a urban legend story ok ill post my favourite urban legend and a few more and hopefully that will start people off with their favourite urban legends.

The Babysitter

The babysitter story is truly an unforgettable urban legend, told at slumber parties everywhere. The tale has different variations but the spooky and downright terrifying elements remain the same.

As the story goes, a teenage girl is hired by a young couple to baby-sit their two small children. They go out to a dinner party and leave the girl to tend to the kids in a somewhat isolated, large house at the end of the block.

When the hour gets late, she puts the children to bed and sits down to watch some late-night TV. The phone starts ringing and startles the half-asleep teenager. When she answers it, she hears heavy breathing and a man tells her he is "coming to get her." While she is somewhat scared, she dismisses it as a prank phone call.

About 15 minutes later, the phone rings again. When she answers it, the man starts laughing and tells her that he is closer. The baby sitter is truly frightened now and calls the police.

They tell her that it's probably just a prank phone call, but they will try to trace the call -- so she must keep him on the line as long as possible if he calls another time. She once again settles down on the couch, not sleepy at all.

The phone rings a third time and the man tells her he has come for her and it's only a matter of time. He continues with some heavy breathing until the babysitter is so terrified that she hangs up the phone again.
She quickly decides to get the children and flee the house when the phone rings again. This time it is a policeman on the other end and he tells her frantically "GET OUT OF THE HOUSE NOW!" THE MAN IS INSIDE THE HOUSE AND IS CALLING FROM THE UPSTAIRS EXTENSION!"

She runs from the house as the police arrive. The madman escapes but they find the children upstairs dead and a bloody axe laying on the bedroom floor next to an open window.

The Killer in the backseat

The "Killer in the Backseat" story plays on our fears that danger is right under our noses and we are not aware of it. This story was conceived in the late 1960's and has been circulated ever since. Some more recent versions of this story involved gang members out on initiation night, others involve modern gas stations. The story here is in a more traditional form and goes something like this...

On a moonless, foggy night, my friend was sleepy and having trouble driving on the road due to a recent rain. She was getting frustrated because she was running low on gas and there was no sign of civilization anywhere. Not knowing where the next town was, she was ready to pull over and get some sleep when she noticed a tiny, rundown gas station.

She pulled in and asked for the attendant to fill up her tank. She noticed he was acting very odd -- and somewhat irritated. He finally proceeded to fuel her car and then told her to open up the hood because "something didn't sound right."

Reluctant and afraid of the odd-acting attendant, she didn't want to be stranded later on down the road, so she got out. When she neared the front of the car, the attendant grabbed her and said she would have to step inside. With his hand over her mouth silencing her, he dragged her into the station.

Very afraid, she struggled, and the attendant let her go and blocked the door. He then said "There is a man crouched down in the backseat of your car and I didn't want him to know that I'd seen him."

After calling the police, my friend then learned that the stranger in her backseat was a serial killer who stowed away in her back seat, planning to make her his next victim.

This version sometimes has the woman and the gas station attendant getting married and having children. Other versions have the attendant telling her there was a problem with her credit card and that she'd have to come inside.

Yet another variation has a man getting into her backseat AT the gas station while the woman is inside the store. The attendant notices and tells the woman to stay inside and proceeds to call the police.

This is only an Urban Legend but there's a lesson here - While it's unlikely you'll have any serial killers lurking in your backseat, always keep your door locked and check the backseat before you get in.

The Dripping Tap, Drip... Drip... Drip...

There once was a woman who lived all alone, except for the company of her beloved canine friend. Every night the dog would curl up in his basket beside his bed where he slept, and every night the dog would lick her hand to say goodnight.

One night, she woke up in the middle of the night to hear a "drip...drip...drip..." sound coming from somewhere in the house. She got out of bed, and went into the kitchen where she tightened the tap. Then she went back to bed, the dog licked her hand goodnight and she went back to sleep.

Another hour later she woke up again and once again she heard the consistent "drip...drip...drip" sound. She got out of bed and this time went into the bathroom where she tightened the tap. After feeling that this time she had done the trick she went back to bed, received a lick on the hand and went to sleep.

The next time she woke up, morning had dawned. She got out of bed, and made her way to the bathroom. Although when she entered the bathroom, she was greeted by a shocking sight. Her dog was hanging from the shower curtain, and it's blood was still going "drip...drip....drip...."
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great idea i would love that i love scary legends and scary stories they are the best plz do that
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yeah! im gonna do that right now!