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AngelGirl1992 posted on Oct 24, 2011 at 10:30PM
Give your opinion on what you like about Yuki And Kaname together. What makes you ship and root for them as a couple

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Больше года Aubreykarew said…
Cause they didnt get together romantically at the beginning itself but it took a couple of chapters. Kaname being a pureblood and yuki being a pureblood too <3 kaname whos willing to do anything for yuuki and had to wait for her for so many yrs plus their very first scene in the manga made me root for them as a couple
Kaname has never hit yuuki or pointed a gun at her like the loser 0 but he was willing to allow her to make her own choice and yuuki choose kaname
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Больше года tasfara said…
I totally agree with AubreyKarew!! Kaname is always willing to be killed in Yuki's hands other than any others.! Yuki and Kaname together foreverlink