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posted by LOLsweetsweet0
-Hawaii,Summer,May 10-
Roxxy didn't like sun,sun,sun all the time. It made her look awsome,but her amount of awsome-ness didn't need a skin-burning-follows- you-everywhere-un-nessasary-skylights.Meet Roxxy Qwick,an all atitude bad b**** that didn't like the serious stuff in life. Ironic,I know. Ты should just SEE this chick. A pale skin Albino(move over Kristen Stewart)Mexican mix with one red eye,one green. Her hair was cut at the bottom edge of her ear and spiked perfectly with Болталка red streaks of color. The boots she wore however,all different Цвета to Показать her mood(but never to match...
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posted by vampiregrrl999
It’s time again for some vampire lore! Today’s vampire species hails from the Zemplin district of Czechoslovakia and it goes by the name of Nelapsi.

Like most Вампиры this one feeds on human blood, but it doesn’t stop there, it also feeds on the blood of livestock. But when it’s not draining your family and cows it’s …looking at you. Now, it may not seem so bad to have a vamp simply look at you, but in this case it’s pretty damn bad seeing as the nelapsi has the power to kill with just one glance. It’s сказал(-а) that it would go up high into church towers and look down on all the...
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posted by renesmeeroxx11
Chapter 1: Something strange
“Did Ты hear?”
“I can’t believe it!”
“I’m scared!”
That’s what everyone’s been hearing and saying for about the past month.
I’m маргаритка BTW, just your average 7th grade girl living in a not so average town.
I’m guessing Ты wanna know what happened, well just read on!
It was a dark and stormy night, midnight….
Hahaha just kidding, here’s the real story.
It was a warm, but dark summer night. So Ms. Katie Banks decided to take a walk.
She should have thought it over.
In her backyard are some woods, and that’s where this...
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posted by Punkchick1061
As I Am

Поэзия By Aria Antonia Angell

If I am gone
I will be gone
Sing a somber song
But I till will be gone

Nobody knew
What I would do
To Ты
If I was gone

Might I return
As ceature of night
to give Ты a fright
If I was gone?

So leave me as I am
In this dirty hole
In this wintry cold
And death across my face

As they eat me alive
the person inside
I wait
for me to go

Because if someone is dead
The'll scoop up their head
and if Ты were not good
if Ты did that thing
Looking to give Ты a fright
then they too will make Ты
a lonesome, hungry, dead,
creature of the night!
After Vanessa Woke Up From a Nightmare Of Roselyn Killing Humans, Волколаки & Vampires, She Left The House To Find John Thinking He'll Be The One
Who Can Prevent It, She Got Into Her Black Car &
Drive Away, She Went To The кабина Where John Lives
She Klocks The Repeatly, John Opens The Door & Sees Vanessa Crying & Look Afraid He Let Her In
*John I Think Dracula Will Do Some To Her* She сказал(-а) While Crying, *Calm Down Vanessa* He сказал(-а) When He Push Her Body Close To Him To Hug Her,
He Sees Her Bloody Tears Falling Out Of Her Eyes
*listin Maybe If She Stays With Me He Won't* He сказал(-а) When...
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It doesnt have a Название yet srry hope u like it write comments!
Chapter 1
I could see my breathe as I stepped out into the frigid night. I tiptoed down the stairs of my back porch and headed towards the woods behind my house. They were dark and there was no moon tonight. I walked deeper and deeper into the woods until I couldn’t see any lights from my house anymore. It was well below freezing and I was wearing booty shorts and a tank top. Violent tremors shook through my body and my chattering teeth echoed in the silent woods.
    I have never been afraid of the dark but for...
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posted by LovableXNerd
I sat there and stared at him with little interest, even though he was known as the hottest guy in school. I just didn’t find him appealing. Also he never showed any abstinence on hitting on girls so that just turned me right off. But today he kept staring at me and to most girls that would be awesome but to me well… it felt like trouble. The way he stared at me gave me shivers all over, not the good kind but the kind that represented danger. The колокол, колокольчик, белл rung announcing that it was time to go and I rushed to my locker grabbed my things and headed out the door for the long walk home. But just...
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posted by itchygum
"Britt!" I heard my mom call. Time to visit Aunt Sage. "Coming mom," I answered with a reluctant tone in my voice. Aunt Sage was I sweet lady, I couldn't argue with that.She was a kind heart, but her house smelled of cat Еда and cookies. Two smells that shouldn't mix. I walked down the hall and to the car. It was just me and mom in our old house. I missed dad. I missed it when I was only 8 years old and he would spin me around. now that he and mom were divorced, I felt еще vulnerable as ever, as if a chunk of my сердце was in that suitcase that he packed and took to where ever he went with him. I grabbed my розовый Areopostale bag and headed for mom's brand new Aston Martin. Louisiana, here I come! When we got there, I stepped out of the car. Slosh! Geez, I got mud all over my new Converse's. "Come on! We'll clean Ты up!" I heard a familiar voice say. "Aunt Sage!" I screamed as I ran toward her.
posted by Raziail
My name is Raziail , last of the pure blooded Вампиры , I come forth now to clarify the truth and put rumors to rest once and for all. I was born in 1933 BC , my father and mother were the first vampire along with my mothers brother , Demius ... before i tell my tale I wanna put rumors to rest now , im the only vampire that can walk in daylight and not feel pain , half bloods can walk in день light but feel unimaginable pain , and those who are not born with pure blood can never walk in daylight less they take my blood , half bloods are those who were born with a pure blooded parent and a turned...
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After John Forgives Roselyn For Being Angry At Him
He Walks Inside & Saw Vanessa Looking Through The,
He Noticed She Was Depressed He Decide To Comfort
Her, He Walk Towards Her *Something Wrong?* He Ask
Her In Concren *I Don't Know What To Do About It*
She сказал(-а) While Crying, John Hold Her Close To Him
*It's Not Your Fault* He сказал(-а) While Holding Her Close, Roselyn Cries Because She Throught It Was
Her Fault For Everything What Has Happend To Her
Parents, She Decides To Kill Dracula, She Grabs a
Silver Sword, She Takes a Gun Her John Kept & Left
The Cabin, She Runs In Super Speed, Her Red Hair
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16 Years Ago, a Beautiful Woman Named Vanessa Was Asleep In Her Old замок Home, She Woke Up From a Nightmare, She Starts Breathing She Got Up From Her постель, кровати & Saw a Werewolf Standing Outside Of Her
Window, The Werewolf Changes To a Human Form & Falls Down To The Ground, She Opens Her Window & Pick Him Up & Carry Him In, Vanessa Puts Him Down
On Her Bed, The Werewolf Open His Yellow Eyes, He
Saw Her Beautiful Face, *Are Ты Okay?* She сказал(-а) In Concren *I Think I'm Okay* He сказал(-а) While Staring Into Her Beautiful Red Eyes, She Begins To Stare At His Yellow Eyes, She Grab a Wash Cloth...
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posted by Adritha
“Leon, wait,” Yelled my little sister Yuffie, who was adopted. I was half way out my bedroom window.
“Shush, you’ll wake mom.” I told her
    “But, Leon, Ты shouldn’t sneak out. You’ll get in trouble again.”
    “No, I won’t, unless Ты tell on me again.” I whispered to her.
    “What happens if mom wakes up?” Yuffie asked.
    “Just go back to постель, кровати and stop worrying about me.” I almost yelled. I jumped the rest of the way out of my window without another word. As I hit the ground I started...
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Chapter 2- Willie Returns
Aunt Sage took me to the the bathroom and gave me a towel and a dirty bar of soap to wipe the mud off my shoes. After she left, I searched the room for some decent soap. All I found was a note. It was written on cheap paper that was stained with something red. I surely hoped it wasn't blood или anything. I heard footsteps, so I chickened out of Чтение it, but I stuffed it in my pocket to read later. I couldn't find any soap, so I decided that my shoes were old enough and tossed them in the trashcan.
"Dinner!" Aunt Sage called, making me jump. I was used to the silent...
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The breathtaking Carpathian Mountains are Главная to many old vampire stories, including today’s. Today you’ll learn about a case of supposedly real vampirism that was reported in the early 1900s, so get comfortable and prepare yourself for a tale of horrible death and fear.

June 10, 1909 was when the vampire of the Carpathian Mountains was first reported in the Neues Wiener Journal in Vienna. The Статья chronicled in detail how terrified villagers in a town in the mountains were suffering the loss of their children at an alarming rate. Many of the villages’ beloved children were dying at...
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posted by arylynn10
My name is Allyce Courlion but most people call me Ally. My dad has the best job of all. He is something most people don't even believe in. He is the world protector. Killing Вампиры is his job and he loves it! Someday, I'm supposed to take his place, and the experience that I'm telling Ты about informed me on how to correctly fill the biggest shoes there is to fill.

Chapter 1
I'm fourteen and starting the biigest challenge ever. Highschool. And one of my two bestest Друзья on the planet Earth,Jason,is.......... a vampire. The only problem is that he doesn't know. Only...
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posted by nevenkastar
 Made by: ICEhanica (this is how the main character looks like =D)
Made by: ICEhanica (this is how the main character looks like =D)
Here Is The New Part...I Can't Stop Smiling... lol...Hope Ты Like It...:))

I my made my homework (I had to!!) and put PJ’s on and run out the room to brush my teeth. As I run out I hit against something. And again it was Mitchell. He was getting on my nerves! I wanted to leave fast but her grabbed my hand so I had to turn my head to him.

“What do Ты want?” I asked annoyed.
“Please…don’t come to near the Музыка teacher. I don’t have a good feeling about him….” He сказал(-а) quite.

“That is not your business with who I’m talking или doing...
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When readers first discover the existence of fanfiction, their first reaction is often, "You can't be serious!" That's pretty understandable--what kind of people spend their time Чтение and Письмо about other writers' characters? Well, to tell the truth, slightly obsessed ones. We know it; we don't apologize. And we understand-that was probably our first reaction, too. It's often followed by the секунда reaction, some variation on, "This is amazing!" или "Why didn't anyone tell me this was out there?"

Fanfiction is the ultimate tribute to our Избранное writers and their compelling characters....
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posted by vampiregrrl999
There’s a handful of Вампиры throughout folklore, all different kinds of flavors and species. Some of these Вампиры aren’t your classic cape wearing, coffin sleeping, crucifix fearing kinda vamps; there was a time when some parts of the world believed certain witches and sorcerers were vampires. There are a number of witchy vampire myths out there, but today we’ll focus on three: the chordewa, the obayifo and the jigarkhwar.

The chordewa: This is a Избранное myth of mine, it’s about a witch found among the Oraons, a tribe of Bengal. This witch can turn her soul into a black vampire...
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posted by SarBear1579
Chapter 7

We finally got to the house which looked form the outside like an old two story building with a swimming pool on the roof.
'Woww'is the only word that came formAlex's mouth.
'This is the base' сказал(-а) Scipio.
'What happened to the station?'I asked.
'I got a message while Ты were both asleep saying the rail station had burned down'
'Can I go in the pool?'Asked Alex shyly.
'You can swim in it later Alex,we need to do some stuff first' сказал(-а) Scipio.

He didnt even knock,he just opened the unlocked door and we walked right into the living room,right now ocuping a boy on the black leather sofa with...
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 "Redwood" - Series Poster
"Redwood" - Series Poster
If you’re a Фан of all things vampire, then you’re going to Любовь the new web series “Redwood.” This fresh spin on the genre centers around a vampire keeping a sickly human alive by feeding her his blood, instead of the standard sharp-toothed feeding frenzy.

From creator/actor Alisha Peats and producer/actor жасмин Hester, “Redwood” was selected to screen at the upcoming падуб, holly, холли Shorts Film Festival on April 8th. But, if Ты can’t wait…the good thing is Ты don’t have to. This dark and gritty drama, directed by up-and-comer Michael Willer, premiered online back in January and...
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