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posted by kim4312
In New York, a Young Beautiful Girl Named Ember,
Lives In New York, Her Parents Had Spilted, She Is
Staying With Her Mother, She Went To Middle School
She's Only 15-years-old, She Was At Her Locker &
She Feels Like a Outsider Because The Students Are
Treating Her Like a Outsider, Then Someone Caught,
Her Eye, She Sees a Tall Pale Man At His Locker He
Dressed In Black & His Hair Is Black, She Throught
He Was Treated Horrble Like She Was, He Stares At
Her With His Red Snake-Like Eyes, She Begins To Stare At Him, They Both Stare Into Each Other's Eyes, He Throught Her Beautiful Blue Eyes Are So...
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posted by Kimi4312
Chapter Seven:Lust of the vampire

The Далее morning at Becca's apartment, Alucard opens his оранжевый eyes and sees Becca asleep Далее to him, he slowly gently rubs her arm with his fingertips which woke her up with his cold touch, "Hey" Becca whispers "Becca...I never felt this much pleasure или this kind of Любовь from any women in years until I met you" he tells her "I told Ты I'am in Любовь with you" she says "I know....I feel the same way with you" he says to her as he gently kisses the wound on her neck with his arm wrapped around her then Becca hears a knock on her door "Wait" Becca says and gets...
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*This is taken from my blog. Just thought I would share it because it deals with FanPop & Vampires*
*You can access my blog at link but the other ones will be lacking vampire references

*Begin Blog:

So we all have our flaws and silly things we’re into. I’ll admit that I am semi-addicted to sites such as FailBlog, Lamebook and FanPop. I think this is due to my curiosity about online culture and sometimes to the humor found on these sites.

So I will describe some of my activity on FanPop. I like FanPop quite a bit because it’s usually light-hearted and involves Фаны talking about similar...
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posted by kim4312
Chapter One:The Rescue & Romance
100 Years Ago, a Beautiful Young Girl Named Rachel
Was Murdered By Blood Countess, Blood Countess Let
The Body Rot Unitl Rachel Wakes Up Coughing, Then
a Painful Transformation Of a Vampire Takes Over,
She Begins Screaming In Pain, She Begins Killing
People Who Beat Her & Killed Men Who Raped Her, She Cant Beileve She Was Killing People Uncontrolble, She Cries & Have Depression, She's In a сердце Broken State That She Killed People She
Once Cared About, 100 Years Later, a Young College
Student Named Peter Was In His Dorm Room, He Hears
a Cry Of a Girl, He...
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 Lesson One: Bats Drink Blood. Ты Do Not.
Lesson One: Bats Drink Blood. You Do Not.
There are several Форум posts and opinions voiced by people who have claimed to be real vampires. I hate to be the one to tell Ты this, but Ты are not a real vampire. Or, at least, Ты are not a vampire in the sense of mythology (which includes Twilight).

Biologically, Ты are a human. Ты cannot ever change that, sorry. This is because there is no other humanoid species in existence today other than Homo sapiens. The closest a human being can come to a "vampire" is forcing themselves to drink blood, which is a very bad idea (I'll get to why later).

Some species do feed off blood, because that's...
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Is he there?
He is isn’t he?
Ellie what’s happening?
Answer me
Ellie I sreaw if Ты don’t answer me I’m coming over
Ellie Danny called he asked why Ты wasn’t answering I сказал(-а) it was because Ты were asleep
Ellie phone me when you’re awake

“Wow he is so possessive” I hadn’t realised Ryan was Чтение over my shoulder until he spoke making my phone fly against the wall
“Ryan ugh Ты scared me”
“Sorry but it’s still true”
“No it isn’t” it took me a while to answer and even when I did it still felt wrong. Like he was possessive. “Let’s just go sleep ok?”
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posted by LovableXNerd
In the night we will play
In the день we will lay
Hold Ты close bleeding red
Hold Ты close in our bed
Darkness surrounds us
Death bounds us
Our immortal Любовь Ты pray to keep
But to us Ты all are only sheep
To be tricked and played
To be cut and slayed
We Are Vampires

секунда Poem

Vampire, Vampire eys glowing red
Vampire, Vampire Humen being bled
Vampire, Vampire Evil by nature
Vampire, Vampire what a wicked creature
Vampire, vampire Holding me close
Vampire,Vampire Любовь me the most
Vampire, Vampire making me shiver
Vampire, Vampire Feeling me quiver
Vampire, Vampire givning me deaths kiss
Vampire, Vampire oh what bliss
posted by dimitrirocks
I hope Ты guys like this poem. I didn't write it.

Red is a bloodthirsty

poison teeth gleaming,

stalking slowly,

claws unsheathing.

Eyes keep following,

body stays still,

such beautiful evil

was made to kill.

Voice of honey

laced in death,

sweet smelling vapors

in poisonous breath.

Mythical eyes

of ages past,

the most beautiful promises

never last.

The final kiss

beneath the lie,

the Kiss of a vampire

before Ты die.

By: Sammy Anderson
posted by Kimi4312
Several weeks had passed as Ezio and Gabe grew into bodies of teenagers and Aly and Alstair got married as husband and wife in a vampire wedding as Alucard keeps waking up screaming from his nightmare in battle with his former lover Kayako who did threaten to take Gabe's and Becca's lives
as Alucard sits up in coffin from his nightmare, he sees Dracula standing in front of his coffin "YOU!" Alucard shouts in anger and pulls out his gun on him "What do Ты want maggot?!" Alucard asks already full of anger and hate to him "Son...I want to say I'am sorry..." Dracula says as his blue eyes fill up...
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posted by sshannahmontana
Chapter 2 Part 3

Previously on the Vampire:imagine that
We spent the night by playing games,eating ad drinking and partying all night and we slept on the диван, мягкий уголок and the boys slept on the floor.And when the Далее morning. We were being scold and we don't know what to do?So we went to our homes.

Part 3

When we got to our homes,our parents were waiting for us and they were scolding us.I can't stand the scolding anymore so i phoned to Crystal,Danny and Jake and told them we would meet at a fancy restaurant.And we sneak out of our houses even though we are grounded so when we got there we made a conversation...
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posted by BiteMeCullen107
“Somebody turn the lights on, Somebody tell me what’s wrong I’d be lying if I told Ты losing Ты was something I could handle…” I had been driving for about two and a half hours the highways were clear I had the windows all the way done Пение along with my I-pod.
In a matter of секунды I could see cars slowing down on the highway in Kansas and as the cars started to stop I could see a long line of cars in front of me. I can’t believe this I was finally going to make it to the Далее state before the traffic started happening.
“Whoa” I jumped at the vibrating in my right pants...
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posted by nevenkastar
 Made by: ICEhanica (this is how the main character looks like =D)
Made by: ICEhanica (this is how the main character looks like =D)
Here's The New Part...The Last One Was So Embarrassing..I Hope I Never Have To Write Something Like That...But Most Of Ты Loved It (WoW)...Anyway, Sorry About The Grammar...Enjoy And Comment!!

„Goodnight sweetie“ I hugged him and leaved in my room. I put my PJ's on and send my BFF's SMS's in the same minute.
To: Luna-Vamp and Laura- cute girl
From: Princess Alex
The Princess found her price! <33 LOL Me and Mitchell are going out but Ты can't tell anyone! You...
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Chapter 25:If my сердце was combustible it would have exploded right then and there. I had a feeling in truth Alex would never be able to look past what I did. Draining peoples life blood was one thing, brutally murdering and mutilating innocent people is another. I did not exactly have time to worry about that, I was still stuck in a empty night club with my vampire hunting boyfriend and 6 sociopathic vampires. Jared was crouched in the far corner f the lounge crying out in pain as he pulled the crucifix, that Alex threw at him, from his shoulder. Lust, Drac, Hawthorn and Strygoi looked shocked...
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posted by Kimi4312
Chapter one: Seductive Demons(Alucard's POV)

As I sleep and started having a dream of a vampire younger than me but looks older than me as he beats me to the ground and shoves the wooden stake to my сердце but what he doesn't know I can't explode like he and the other young Вампиры can, I lay there suffering from pain in my chest it was raining it wasn't too long назад as the vampire William had beaten me up "Now Ты understand what I had to go through living for almost 150 years!" he shouts at me as he looks down on my body "Your god damn slaves are destroyed, Sookie fled this city....Here's...
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posted by Kimi4312
Chapter ten: Legends might be alive

After Alucard leaves his castle, he comes across Becca once again "How did Ты came here?" he asks her "I can see what Ты see remember?" she asks him reminding him of their mental bonding "I remembered Ты I can't believe it was you" Alucard says "I can't never forget your face since that night" Becca tells him as she gently lays her hand on his cheek and rubs it gently with her thumb as Alucard and Becca begins french Поцелуи as Becca stops her eyes change to demonic eyes again but her eyes were еще whiteish blue color this time as they both went in the...
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posted by badcats10
"Thay make fun me mommie" сказал(-а) the little girl in my dreams. "Thats only because ur beutifull" сказал(-а) the girls mom. "rreally mommie, am i beutifull" сказал(-а) the little girl . "yes Ты are, Ты somtimes i thank that your еще beutifull than the stars at night или th sunlights rays" сказал(-а) the little girls mommie as the chilled ran into her arms. The arms of the only person that little girl ever trully loved.
Im woken up by the sound of the other homless people looking around as if thay cant believe they are trully here. I sit up and take it all in, just like the others, i take a look at the chilldren...
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Chapter 11- Carmen
    “Are Ты okay, Wendi?” Colleen asked and I noticed that my whole body was shuddering. I focused on calming down, not wanting to feel weak. It helped some and the shuddering slowed slightly. Colleen figured out that I needed some help and once again, she calmed me down with her curious talent. I often wondered how it worked. It seemed so impossible. I was still a little upset so Stefan scooped me up into his arms and hugged me to his strong chest.
    We walked into the кухня and Stefan sat me down in a chair at the long, mahogany...
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posted by vampiregrrl999
When we submerse ourselves in everything that’s vampire related, we often find that the words “vampire” and “vampyre” are used interchangeably. But are these two things really one in the same? And if so, why the different spellings? I know that the very idea of Вампиры lends itself to interpretations of many different kinds but, are we really reinventing the English language here? No. There is actually a very clear distinction between the two and we thought that here, we’d break it down for you.

Quite simply, Вампиры are fictional. They are human corpses that have become reanimated...
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posted by ChuckyLover1
To me I simply think Вампиры can или cannot be real. It doesn't really matter to me, personally I would have to think their NOT real. But sometimes they are, sometimes it's just stupid when people think their Вампиры just because they got sharp teeth and then they go out and commit stupid crimes. The reason why we have sharp teeth is because we need them to chew our meat with, not to be Вампиры and do stupid things from the movies, but some people believe that stuff. I have two front bottom sharp teeth, but im not a vampire. Sometimes I act like a vampire, because I don't like alot of sun или light, and I like to sit in the dark alot. I like certain foods, или drinks... but im not vampire just act like it. But anyways im not a big believer in vampires.
i was Письмо this and i thought why not Опубликовать it so please please PLEASE tell me what Ты think :)

I thought Id Остаться в живых him I thought I was alone but the things that I didn’t know but know now are understandable now he was hiding from me to protect me, I would of done the same. But now we were with each other again I felt like the old times but nothing would be like them times again. Would it?

Chapter one

"Ellie? Ellie what are Ты doing up there sweetie?" i looked down to see Danny smile at me. i didn’t know what i was doing up here but whatever it was i was glad i did it.
"You know what?...
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