Which Code Geass character are you?

Use the letter of your first name, to find out which Code Geass character Ты are.
A- Arthur
B- Bismarck
C- C. C.
D- Diethard
E- Euphemia
F- Fayer
G- Guilford
H- High Eunuchs
I- Ichijiku
J- Jeremiah
K- Kallen
L- Lelouch
M- Milly
N- Nunnally
O- Ohgi
P- Pollux
R- Rakshata
S- Suzaku
T- Taizo
U- U. U.
V- Villetta
X- Xia
Y- Yoshitaka
Z- Zero
 whatsupbugs posted Больше года
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GDragon612 said:
I am Kallen
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 I am Kallen
posted Больше года 
whatsupbugs posted Больше года
thank you<3
GDragon612 posted Больше года
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