Will and Emma Welcome!

velvet_fox posted on May 21, 2009 at 11:00PM
I know the Pilot only aired a couple of days ago, but I love the potential of these two already so created a spot! :D

Now we totally need a ship name. I was thinking WilMa or something like that, though I'd like to hear other ideas!

And if anyone can think of a better club description then don't hesitate to suggest it because I could not think of anything, so what's there is kind of lame.

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Больше года chels125843 said…
big smile
great spot!
i just love them :) and as for the description its cheesy but i love it ! <3
and shipping name sounds good!!
Больше года velvet_fox said…
Lol seriously the shipping name sounds good? That was just off the top of my head, because I've no idea what else to call them and thought WilMa sounded ok-ish.
I've given up trying to make a name with their surnames Schuester (Will) and Pillsbury (Emma) I applaud anyone who can make anything decent of that! xD
Больше года Daseyshipper said…
Schillsbury ha ha lol
Больше года wittyname93 said…
WilMa is perfect! And the description made me smile. :)
Больше года xxiwuuxx said…
I love this spot and Will and Emma :))

I think WilMa is very good! :D
Больше года Brucas4Evah20 said…
I'm all for it already, the chemistry is there!
Больше года velvet_fox said…
Ya that's good thinking! Do you have a quote in mind?
Больше года svu_lover1 said…
you could say, "The ten-second couple" or something like that :)

OR maybe even.... ;)

"the neat freak and the gleek"

OMG I LOVEEE THAT!!! "The Neat-Freak and the Gleek"

what do yall think???? i LOVEE it! lol

oh and btw i ALREADY wrote a nice little fic for these two :)

my first song fic, to be honest.

do yall want me to post? tell me!
Больше года svu_lover1 said…
...or maybe just "The Freak and the Gleek" :D

it reminds me of the "Shrink and the Freak", aka lightman and foster from lie to me :DDDD
Больше года velvet_fox said…
OMGOSH I love this: "The Neat-Freak and the Gleek"

Kind of weird, but reminds me of beauty and the beast. :p I think it's because it has the same amount of syllables! XD
Больше года svu_lover1 said…
hahaha lol!! it DOES have the same abmount of syllables!! OMG cool! (and yes, it was totally unintentional XD)

Больше года svu_lover1 said…
and thank you SOOOOO much for using it as the spot discription XD
Больше года willandemma4eva said…
wilma pillster ha ha well i like it
last edited Больше года
Больше года MadAmeSaysWhAt said…
omg if they had a child i would torture ryan murphy until he agreed to naming it wilma pillster XDDDDD
Больше года LittleJFan said…
i love these two together
I like the name too and the quote
(velvet_fox) I friggen love Naomily)
Больше года Tarsh said…
i thought of a good description, that is a quote from the episode "sectionals".
what about..
"and he knew, one blink from you, & i would have been out the door."
i just think that quote is adorable :)
Больше года angiii7 said…
thanks for creating this spot! they're my fav couple from glee :D
about the ship name i don't have any idea.
and about the description maybe we should put a quote :)
Больше года angiii7 said…
i actually like the quote Tarsh said :)
Больше года Albiee said…
Wemma Pillster xxx :)