Will and Emma Why we Любовь Will and Emma.

backtoblack posted on Mar 31, 2010 at 07:14PM
They are the classic couple in a series or movie that shows that you can find love anywhere, even in a neat-freak.
She gives him the advice he needs to hear even when he doesn't realize needs it. He tries to help her overcome her mysophobia.
Because they never acted on their love until they were no longer with other people.
They are absolutely adorable together
They were made for each other.
Their expressions after their first kiss are unforgettable
You just can't help but to.


give more reasons!:)

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Больше года ILoveWemma said…
hey i added those last 4! hehehe:)
Больше года housefreak24 said…
They are endgame :)