Уилл Смит New Will Smith Movie in the Making?

Andrew28 posted on Aug 07, 2008 at 06:16PM
Alright, now this is BIG! I've heard talk of a continuation of I am Legend. Will Smith will be ressurected from the dead and be put into Sam's body! And it'll also have a lil bit of I Robot in it... He'll have a robot arm! The name of the move will be Wog - Smog Legend of the SMITH! Look for it in movie theaters 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now this is how he'll look he'll have the body of Sam, Will Smith as the head, with dog ears, robot arm, and dragon wings! YEAH!

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Больше года mizzlaurie said…
ridiculas tthat int that funny.
Больше года iloveuwill said…
omg!!!!!!!!!!! i have 2 see that i will die if i dont

ps thanks for the info
Больше года becca85 said…
Setting aside the fact that Will Smith is an excellent actor and can probably do wonders with a movie like this, in my own opinion, I have to say that sounds like the most ridiculous plot line I have ever heard. I seriously hope it's not for real.
Больше года DoctorSpud said…
big smile
It isn't, but here's the real deal: they're making a prequel to I Am Legend where Neville moves with his troops from New York to Washington and back to New York, to make his last stand. Can't wait.