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LesnTea posted on May 07, 2011 at 09:12PM
Big fan of Will Smith for a few reasons, but what I like more than anything is his work ethic. I like to think it's also my best attribute and can really relate to where he's coming from with that.

Anyway, my wife sent me a You Tube video that was a montague of Will Smith interviews showcasing a lot of his personal believes about success. He talked at one point about being on a tread mill with anyone else on another and said the other person would always quit first because Will would die first. Work ethic, drive, determination....OK, cool.

That was on Thursday. Friday morning I'm at the gym with my wife and I'm running on the tread mill, really struggling to conquer this programmed run. Been working on it for weeks. But today is different! I'm almost done and really hurting when I start thinking about Will's proclamation that he would die before he quit. So I pushed on, I mean really pushed!!! Harder than I have ever done before and the issue is my cardio, I just can't get enough air. But I don't quit, I just keep thinking I will finish this or I will die. And I finished it! I imagined Will Smith on a treadmill beside me and of course he finished as well. I looked at him saying "Neither one of us quit but who's closer to being dead?" lol

I was. I just got back form the emergency room because I seriously overworked, strained my diaphragm and was in some serious pain!!! Thanks Will Smith.

Still a fan, still love to work hard, and promise to beat the next level on that stupid treadmill. Who knew you could hurt your diaphragm?? I mean come on already! Anyway,I just though this was a great story and have to laugh when I think about it.

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