Wreck-It Ralph Wreck-It-Ralph and Ты (RP!)

GuardianKeys posted on Nov 06, 2012 at 07:47PM
YOU are going to make your own ORIGINAL game using your own Fc, Oc, or YOURSELF in it! If you wish to join! Please put the following...

Your main character: (that you'll be RPing as)
Their game name:
The Game Style: (8-bit, 16-bit, 2D, 2.5D or 3D/Realistic)
What type their game is: (action, shooter, survival, action-adventure, adventure, role playing, simulation, sports, strategy, fighting, platform, cart/racing, and or dance)
Other Character's in game: (side kicks/bad guys/REAL Video Game Characters)
The Problem That happens to your game: (just about anything! :D)

This will be based off of the story line of Wreck-It-Ralph, as in OUR own made up games will be having our own problems created by Ralph,Felix, or Vanellope. (more or less during the game jumping's they end up messing up our own games).

yes there are rules...
1) PLEASE don't use super bad language/words that might offend others.
2) Don't try and be the ONE person that can FIX all the games by just their will power. (no one want's spotlight hoggers so please have limits)
3) Don't be the one person that tries to be the leader and tells everyone what to do...
4) DON'T get mad if someone's game seems to have the same story as yours. (if someone's copying that's one thing, but if it's just a game kind of like your own... then don't get mad... it's not the end of the world)
5) IF you wish to use character's from real Video Game's then please say so... I'll update this saying you have the right's to those characters!


6) Just have FUN! This is for all those people that love Wreck-It-Ralph and video games! So HAVE FUN! (Even if your not so good at RP's just try your best and everyone will help you along the way)

This will start in Game sentral station!

Real character's taken:
TheCrystalRing- Sonic, Shadow, Amy, and Cream
GuardianKeys- Knuckles, Tails, and Silver
 Ты are going to make your own ORIGINAL game using your own Fc, Oc, или YOURSELF in it! If Ты wish to
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Больше года GuardianKeys said…
(I'll put mine first, sorry if it's not fair but I've died for a game of my own like this!)

Your main character: Kunra The Echidna
Their game name: Search for the Light Gem
The Game Style: 16-bit
What type their game is: Platform
Other Character's in game: Knuckles, Tails, and Silver (<---Sonic characters) Hextin and "The Night"
The Problem That happens to your game: "The Night" Escapes from the game

This is mine!
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Больше года TheCrystalRing said…
Your main character: Tahlia the Panda
Their game name: Tahlia and the Quest for the Waffles
The Game Style: 2.5D
What type their game is: Role Play
Other Character's in game: Shadow Plushie, The Pancake Prince & his minions (villains), Salvo, Mist, and Steam (<---Original Characters) Sonic, Shadow, Amy, and Cream (Sonic characters)
The Problem: All the waffles are missing!
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
Here is a good club just for Wreck-it Ralph Roleplaying! link
Больше года Hades_Shadow said…
Also could I add my character from that RP here?