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posted by viju
 I'm bearing!!
I'm bearing!!
Something I feel inside
Something I breathe inside
The lightening and огонь
Right now I’m bearing inside
My сердце is broken now
And it have fall to pieces
I’m finding a way through out
To reassemble and fix it
Oooh (fix it) Oooh (fix it)

The pain and sorrow
Is freaking me out
The огонь and heat
Is melting my сердце out
The man who supposed to be
Isn’t there right now with me
The devils look in your eyes
Makes me scream…..
Makes me scream…..

The scars and wounds
They won’t seem to heal
That is how I feel
Aggression and pain
I’m hiding in my eyes...
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posted by Sylar-Gray
From the Mind of a Raven


I shoved the rusty key into the ancient looking lock. I turned it a hard left and the giant door creaked opened. The realtor was going on about the history of the house. But I already knew all that. As the door open a chill went through me, as if warning me of something in the house. I walked in, leaving the key in the lock, and had a look around the parlor. It was huge, with a high ceiling with grates in it. I saw something black Переместить behind the grate and jumped back.
“Is there any history of rats in this house?”
“Uh…no. but as I was saying...”
“I know....
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Do i look like a toy to you?
'Cause every boy I get tries to play me.
Every guy I get wants to break me.

And I think that its plain to see-ee-ee
That Ты never really loved me---
And when For good it was good bye..
Not a single tear ran out of ur eye.

Tonight was the night
My worst nightmare came to life
You were right there by my side
bringing my worst fears alive.

I cried my bloody tears,
I faced my deepest fears,
All for Ты my dear..

That night I'd toss and turn
Cuz I had just learned
That it was the end.
That its all pretend.

Stupid lies,
F-a-k-e smiles,
dumb jokes.
A lot at sake.
A huge mistake.

You brought...
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posted by Aerrow666
in Year April,29,1776.
Commandor Lighting Strike told his men to get into a house.
British troops went into house and having a battle with lighting strike's troops.
Lighting Strike was shot and killed by a British Troops.
in Year 1980. a women saw a man on the chair.
the man told her"get out of here, the British are coming" the women went to bed, she heard a battle going on outside.
she got out of bed, she saw the man again.
she went to Family Tree Center, she found the named of the man.
the man name was Lighting Strike b. d.
lighting strike died in the war.
his cousin piper, piper died in 1782. she was killed by British troops.
Year 2009. People saw lighting strike drinking beer.
Lighting Strike was seen walking around in the house.
Lighting Strike IV. he saw his great great great great grandfather lighting strike.
Lt. Peter was seen with Lighting Strike Jr.
Lt. Jack Ferriman was killled in the war on July,4,1777
posted by Aerrow666
in 2010. Robert Pattinson was talking to Kristen on the phone. Kristen Stewart went to her studio make up room.
a guy named george cut Kristen Stewart's head off.
during the set of Eclipse. Taylor Lautner found Kristen dead, george came to him and he grab a нож and stab taylor in the balls. Taylor say"my balls," george cut taylor's throat.
David Slade say"come on, taylor and kristen, no having sex in there"
george grab a Taser and put Taser into David Slade's heart. Robert came to studio. he saw so much blood everywhere. he say"maybe, david put faked blood for me shooting a scene"
George grab robert and throw him into the wall, robert say"get away from me"
George shot robert in the heart.
George saw Miley Cyrus. he put a propane tank into Miley Cyrus's bags, miley cyrus drive off with propane in her bag.
her car blow up and got on fire.
Cnn say"today, breaking news, the stars of twillight had been murder and miley cyrus had died"
posted by Aerrow666
Lightning Strike Sr. born{July,4,1947} Died {December,1,1988?}
he was born in New York State, he was named the richest man of United States,
at Age 7. Lightning Strike went to School, he own 6 metals for longest run, he run from New York City to Los Angeles.
at Age 10. he was known as smartest kid ever,
at Age 14, he had met his future wife named Betty,
Lightning Strike Sr. звезда in a porno film, he was youngest звезда to be in a porno film,
Lightning Strike Sr. had a Son born in 1974. his name was Thorn Strike.
Year 1980. Lightning Strike Sr. met U.S President Ranold Reagen, he say"thank you, reagen,...
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Cyclonian Goverment.
Theodore Max. {2422-2429}
Antonia {2429-2437}
Jack Sr. {2437-2449}
Jake {2449-2460}
Jack II {2460-2473}
Kim {2473-2480}
Aerrow {2480-2493}

Cyclonian Empire
Scolar Visari {2500-2512}
Aerrow Nightwing {2512-2528}
Jack Johnson {2528-2530}

Helghan Administration
Scolar Visari {2539-2539]
Jack Jackson {2539-2541]
Piper Johnson {2541-2543}

Ferriman Administration
Jack Ferriman {2553-2570}
Henryk Ferriman {2570-2571}
Jack Ferriman II {2571-Incumbent}
posted by PiperJohnson
"My people... Sons and daughters of Helghan. This much I vow. The history of these days will be written in blood. By crushing the armies of our enemy, by seizing the weapons they thought to turn against us, we were fighting for our very existence. But if there are those who would deny us peace; refuse us our rightful place in the universe, then we will unleash such terrible vengeance that generations yet unborn will cry out in anguish![...]The enemy may shatter our bodies, but they cannot break our spirit. Even now they advance on our Главная world, to seize by force what they cannot claim by...
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added by RedDice99
posted by PiperJohnson
the House was build in 1762.
the House was used by Famous Presidents:
President Washington.
President Kennedy.
President Nixon.
President George W. H Bush.
President George W. Bush.
President Adams and Adams Jr.
History of the Home.
The House was known as Oldest House.
the House was been build.
in год 1819. Young Abraham линкольн moves in home.
the house was planning to be destroyed.
but the house was Replanning to stay open.
the house was buy by Ford Johnson and Rose Johnson.
the house was set on огонь in год 1875.
the house was renamed to Lady Bird Johnson House.
in год 1994. Piper Johnson was born in the home.
Piper Johnson Parents buy the house.
год 2009.
the house was set on огонь by Former U.S President Clinton.
the house is planning to be taking down или stay.
the house named is Pipers Johnson House.
added by June4
added by June4
added by PiperJohnson
Ghost Ship
This song was for Kim4312
added by PiperJohnson
This Song is for Kim4312! i Любовь her so much!
added by PiperJohnson
First Sexual Song from 1929. listen!
posted by Claudia_lestat
He rides in night that cloaks his heart.
Throught the trees to the road of Остаться в живых memory where his life is laid. He lives for nothing more.
His horse his companion,his money his love,the thrill of the ride his oxygen, the fear in their eyes his food. The rain falls down on him as does the snow but nothing can cold a Холодное сердце heart.
"All you're money или you're life!" From the mouth that once flowed Любовь and lust and care now tubmles these cold words.
He once had Любовь he once had life his сердце used to beat her name, he was once filled with compassion for man once he laughed and cryed and danced he hated...
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