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posted by PiperJohnson
Jake will be Shot in head by Chris Hall.
Jake will be killed in Dallas on Same день as Kennedy Death.
Jake's Vice President have 7 letters in her last name
Kennedy's Vice President have 7 letters in his last name
Jake go to Same Hospital as Kennedy.
Kennedy had kids.
Jake had kids. but one died in plane
Jake had a Secretary named Kennedy.
Kennedy had a Secretary named Jake.
Jake had a Ex-Wife named Jacqueline.
Kennedy had a Wife named Jacqueline.
Jake's Vice President was born in '94
Kennedy Vice President was born in '09
Kennedy was born in 1917.
Jake was born in 1990.
Chris Hall Shot Jake from Apartment Building and shot at Theater by Piper J.
Lee Harvey Oswald Shot Kennedy from theater and go to Apartment Building by Kim J.
posted by kim4312
 The волк Man
The Wolf Man
Jean a Very Beautiful Redheaded Hazel-eyed Woman Lives In The Village, The Villagers Found Out She Was Pregnant They Beileved It Was a Devil So They Killed Her After She Was Dead They Found Out She Managed To Give Birth But They Couldn't Find The Baby Then They Beileve The Волки Took The Infant
17 Years After Jean's Death, The Villagers Keep Saying They See a 17-year-old Boy With The Волки With Short Black Hair & Hazel Eyes & They Saw Him Turn Into a Huge Giant Wolf, The Villagers Beileve He Might Be The Woman's Long Остаться в живых Son, 100 Years Later, The Poilce Saw a 26 или 27 год Old Man...
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SS Liberty go missing from 1940's was seen again in 2009. this video is true! i did swim to ship!
SS Antonia Zora went missing on 1962,Sep,5 The Ship based on real life ocean liner SS Antonia Glaza. The Copyrights of 20th Century Fox. SS Antonia Zora is Parody of SS Antonia Glaza
posted by PiperJohnson
Years after Assassination of President Jake.
President Piper was talking to Earth President Richard Nixon "Hello,Nixon,how are u,I'm good,Nixon why did Ты resign"because its so hard in office"Next Day, President Piper go to Los Angeles for a Speech,Ted Kennedy give President Piper a hug,Ted Kennedy and President Piper was talking about Former First Lady Kim, Do u miss Kim's Husband Jake, yes, he acts like John F. Kennedy, Ted Kennedy say " i miss my brother, John," in год 2570, President Piper was thinking about to Give a Note to Grave of President Jake,
Year 2571, President Piper Resign from...
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posted by kim4312
Chapter Seven:Dark Dreams
Me & Rosemary Went To New York, a Bit Far From Texas, But It's Far Enough To Protect Her From The Creatures & From My Older Brother Peter, I Was In a Car With Her, I Saw Rosemary Asleep, I Cannot Tell The Reason Why I Took Her Away From Her Town Because I Think She'll Never Beileve She's Gonna Be Kidnapped By Those Creatures I Seen In My Visions But I Know There's Been Happenings To Her When She Was Young, I See The Younger Version Of Her Playing Outside & Saw a Tall Gray Huge Black-eyed Creature, Her Small Body Became Numb The Creature Tie Her Up To The...
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added by PiperJohnson
posted by PiperJohnson
New Tallest Building will be build on Dec,10,2009
New Tallest Building will have 977 Floors.
New Tallest Building will be done by год 2020,Dec,10
The Tallest Building will be a hotel.
The секунда Tallest Building will be build in 2012.
the секунда tallest building will be done in 2022.
The секунда talest building will have 1220 floors!The Tallest Tower will be named Cyclonian Tower II
Cyclonian Tower will be seen from around America!
Cyclonian Towers will make history!
Cyclonians Towers will be a hotel.
Cyclonian Tower will stand on Old Cyclonian Towers.
Cyclonian Tower will be First Tallest Building.
Cyclonian Towers will be Tallest buildinbg in the world.
Old Cyclonian Tower was build in 1904.
Old Cyclonian Towers was Destroyed in Cyclonian Earthquake 1977
posted by PiperJohnson
Statue of Piper J.
Cyclonian Bridge.
Cyclonian House.
Cyclonian Capitol Building
Statue of Cyclonian
First Cyclonian President Birthplace
Cyclonian Tower
Cyclonian Capitol.
South Cyclonian Ghost Town.
North Cyclonian Terrorist Attack Site.
Cyclonian War II.
секунда Cyclonian President childhood home
Piper J. House
Reo War. Birthplace
Old Cyclonian House
Cyclonian Movie Store
Cyclonian Shopping Mall.
Future World's Tallest Building
Cyclonian Georgia Land.
Cyclonian LA Land.
This isa True
1st President Ace {1600-1607}
2nd President Jack {1607-1613}
3rd President George J. {1613-1619}
4th President Rose A. {1619-1624}
5th President Jackie S. {1624-1632}
6th President George J. Jr {1632-1639}
7th President President Billy R. {1639-1644}
8th President Don J. {1644-1654}
9th President Suzi {1654-1661}
10th President George S. {1661-1670}
11th President Dark A. {1670-1679}
12th President лунь {1679-1684}
13th President George S. III {1684-1693}
14th President Piper J. II {1693-1701}
15th President Mark {1701-1706}
16th President Piper J. II {1706-1714}
17th President Ron [1714-1722}
18th President...
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posted by PiperJohnson
SS Liberty was oldest Sister Ship of SS Antonia Glaza,
SS Liberty was having a Trip from New York City to London, on 1946,March,6.
The ship was in bad weather.
the captain was saying" i see lights in the sky, Oh my God"
The Captain "Say, its so bad outside"
Great Grandfather George Johnson, was last person to get out of the ship,
SS Liberty was never found again, we only found Золото on the sea floor!
We will still trying find SS Liberty,
George Johnson {1919-Sep,1,2009}
if Ты have any thing, we should look for Остаться в живых ships, call us 120-544-098 или email me at Samuelvincent89@gmail.com
posted by PiperJohnson
USS Cyclonis went missing on 1918,March
We find USS Cyclonis near an island.
we find pictures of soilders on the ship!
me and the crew have ужин at USS Cyclopis ужин room!
we find a World War I Jeep on USS Cyclopis!
Me and crew found Box of Золото on the ship!
we were so happy!
so we ae trying fix USS Cyclopis!
Далее day! we found Captain's room!
we were trying get USS Cyclonis back to a Miami!
Sep,1,2009 we were trying Сообщить the Остаться в живых ship!
12:00 PM.
USS Cyclonis was starting to sink!
we fix the hole in the ship!
Sep,3,2009 9:00 PM we were taking ship to Miami port!
Sep,4,2009 we sink USS Cyclonis to bottom of the ocean!
added by PiperJohnson
posted by kim4312
 Rosemary & Kristen
Rosemary & Kristen
Chapter One:Dark Past
My Name Is Rosemary, This Is a Story About My Encounter With Two Vampires, One Good & One Evil,
Everything Wasn't The Same Since My Best Friend Kristen Died, One Night Me & Kristen Was At Her Place, She Went In Her Bathroom Then I Heard Her Screaming Like Someone Was Cutting Her Badly, I Ran & Found Her Laying On The Floor, I Cried & Try To Keep Her Awake But She Died When The Paramedics Показать Up, Kristen & I Were Like Twins We Made Two Charms Necklaces One Im Wearing Has Kristen's Name On It & I Know I Kept Her Name Close To My Heart, When I Left...
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