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Vampire Knight is one of Viz's top-selling series, and it's not hard to see why: While it's not for everyone, the Любовь triangle, Сверхъестественное romance, and hint of forbidden Любовь are like catnip for some readers. The Art of Vampire Knight, released earlier this месяц by Viz, is a beautifully produced art book that will be pure heaven to Vampire Knight junkies (but probably a bit boring for everyone else).
The book collects the full-color art that manga-ka Matsuri Hino created for the chapter openings in LaLa magazine and the tankoubon covers. Some have been published as part of the English-language...
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8AM - November 3
The naughty sunlights went through the small window and make that sleepy Энджел wake up.Yurin closed her eyes tight,groped around the bed.
-Kai,why don't Ты close the window
But there were no hands to close it,and no one was lying besides Yurin too.She got up tiredly,opened closing eyes and put her foot into the cotton sandals.She went to the restroom.
"They are just the sunlights,I don't need him.Anyhow I must get up"
After brushing teeth and washing face,Yurin went downstairs,decided to eat breakfast.Opening the refrigerator-it was empty,opening the other cupboards-empty too......
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posted by hgfan5602
I don't believe you.
I really don't
After all these years
This is what Ты give me?

Why did Ты break up with me?
I don't understand.
Ты were so close with me
And then that tech freak came by
And Ты left me.
Ты abandoned me.

Why did Ты dump me?
Such a close friend of mine.
Laughing with me all these years
Crying with me.
Now, Ты leave me.

I don't understand anything that happened.
Why can't happy things happen
In this world?
Why do things have to be so sad?

I can't accept that it happened.
Because I am still a close friend
Of yours
But I can't accept the facts.
I just can't.
posted by oboe_player
Chapter 1: Blood
Monday sprinted down the dark streets of London, quietly and unnoticed, armed with nothing but the freshly sharpened dagger on her back. Blood lust filled her eyes as she came closer and closer to her target. “Her head will be mine.” She whispered under her breath. She glanced to the side and saw the building she was headed for. Invisible to human’s eyes, the Pure House headquarters was placed right in the center of London. The mission Monday had been дана today was quite simple, kill the head of the Pure House. The leader of the Ultimate House had personally been training...
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Chapter six: Jason’s Madhouse

Jason found himself on the inside of a long, grey colored hallway. He finally found Robbie the Rabbit plushy back. It was odd. It looked like a crimson-red aura emanated from the walls, which caused a ghastly atmosphere. Jason held his plushy as if he was strangling it, and walked slowly, feet by feet, towards the end of the hallway. After every footstep there were moaning sounds to be heard. At the end of the hallway he saw a dusty, worn-out door. Focusing on the door, he walked towards it.

Jason reached towards the wooden doorknob slowly. He tapped the doorknob...
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posted by PrincessHotEmo
Why should I live,what's with life?He gave me 5 Книги I know them so well I know everyone page I could read it with out actually Чтение it!!!One день i awoke with a holy bble on my bed.It was from one of the demon's junior demon wives.It had a tag and a note saying"srry for ur troubles hope u havnt read this before lol".The oldest thing is i knew who she was because she was a human like me before the demon turned her into one of his own.Then i thought wait why havnt i been turnd in to a demon yet?Then it hit me! maybe he needs fresh to keep him alive!
posted by Skitty_Love
 Heather. Illustration(c)PhoenixRoyale
Heather. Illustration(c)PhoenixRoyale
It was a cool Autumn, just like any other. It relaxes me, feeling the cold press up against my face. My elder sister, Allisyn loved this time of year, because that was the time of the Archer's Tournament. I never really cared, even if she asks me to support her. It was such a dull & tedious event. I've always thought that it was lame, even when I was little. Not exactly my cup of tea.
"Honey, do Ты think Ты might feel like going to your sister's Tournament this year? I don't see why Ты never want to go, Ты could learn a thing или two from her, if Ты decide to learn how to handle a bow...
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The girl steps back and looks away for a moment.
    “I apologize, my name is Amelia. What are Ты called?”
    Re-boot. “My name is Zero.”
    “Zero, will Ты Присоединиться me in the battle against Ragnarok?”
    I hesitate. Ragnarok? Could this really be the end of days? These creatures, I know they’re powerful, but are they really capable of destroying everything? Hehehe, well, at least I won’t be bored fighting them. I straighten my back and say: “Yes, I will Присоединиться Ты in preventing the end.”
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I never thought it could possible happen to us here in Salem, a boring town in New England; but it did and the consequences from the action executed were fatal.

My senior year, I had high hopes. It was going to be the best год of high school. I wasn’t going to deal with crazy obsessive drama I usually dealt with every year; I was going to have fun, party, celebrate my last год of high school; then on to collage.
My best friend Nick and I were going to go to Chester Collage together. Sure we hadn’t been accepted in yet and we hadn’t sent in our applications, but it was our senior year,...
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posted by Aisuanime
 This is just a Предварительный просмотр image of a lovely Готика Lolita, but not the same outlook as the girl described in this short -short- story :)
This is just a preview image of a lovely Gothic Lolita, but not the same outlook as the girl described in this short -short- story :)
The Orient Train

The petite girl distraughtly writhed to straighten her black and red ruffled dress. Its somber frills drew abnormally eye-catching, causing her to sustain its contour along with every dainty ribbon and bow fastened. This became a slight drawback however. The black шнурок, кружева patently entangled with her mundane russet luggage affected the handle tousled within some lust-red ribbon. The legendary train will arrive at any moment. She tugged feebly to jerk the шнурок, кружева and adornment free. It finally gave out, with a soft muffled rip, disrupting the hushed atmosphere. No other person seemed...
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posted by Lore_Master
Laying there stareing at the ceilling with the smell of бекон, бэкон engulfing his nostrels he kept trying to figure out
where he had smelled it before, the hero scratched his nose as he looked over at the door seeing if the women was
still there... she wasn't, "Ah now is my chance." snickered the hero working his way to his feet, surpriseingly it
wasn't hard getting to his feet, he creeped to the кухня door pearing in to see if anyone was around, he scanned
the кухня searching for the mouth watering smell. He danced lightly across the кухня floor with a big grin on
his face seeing the bacon...
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posted by StarGirl1721
When Ты hope,
Ты expect and wish,
Ты have a feeling for wanting,
Your desires to be filled,
Ты don’t want them killed,
Hope makes Ты stronger,

We live to hope,
Hope is what keeps us going,

Keep it sealed,
Let it be healed,
Like it’s your shield,
Sometimes it’s your battle field,

Keep hope close to Ты in life,
Sometimes Ты need to rethink twice,
For hope is unstable,
It comes and goes,

Hope is a special gift,
Not everyone knows,
If they do, they don’t bother to show,

Some of us want to lose hope,
Some of us want to regain hope,

Some think it’s a useless tool,
Yet they’re the ones blind,
Who won’t come to mind?

Ты and I, we all need hope,
No matter how far we seem from it,
It will find us one day,
For hope will come to us,

Wish and desire Ты сердце out,
Keep in mind,
Don’t back away;
Ты know what Ты want,

Keep hoping till the END……
posted by para-scence
Later, Blair got us a lot to eat. I was so thankful; I don't think I'd ever eaten that much Еда in one sitting. She let us take showers as well. I was eager to get rid of the dirt and crap. James went to work, but Blair stays home. Jori went off to school. I was kind of fascinated with that. I wanted to ask her what it was like; I'd stopped going to school in third grade. I had no idea what middle school, let alone high school was like. And Sage had never been to school a день in her life. Good thing Paige was such a good teacher.

"Do Ты girls need anything?" Blair asked. I was pretty much...
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"Oh my gawd! Lauren, Ты like Jack?!" сказал(-а) Koshi. I blushed and replied,"... Yeah, so what?" she gave me a puzzled look, and then she caught up with my Вопрос of curiosity and rolled her eyes and said, "So what? Do Ты even know the reason why it's a problem?" I shrug and say, "No," her face starts to get red like a cherry. I пересекать, крест my arms, and shifted my weight on my left leg. "Why? Is it a problem if I like Jack?" Koshi looked down and looked at me like I should've heard."He wasn't a good boyfriend." I raised my eyebrows.What? Why hasn't anybody told me that Koshi and Jack were going out? Why? "Oh.My.GAWD!"
I got out my cooking bag and my little travel oven. I was going to do my best making Lil and Howl's wedding cake. I know I seem like a nerd taking a travel духовой шкаф, печь and a cooking bag, but I Любовь cooking wherever I go. It's weird, but Ты never know when Ты need it! I was rummaging through my bag, but there was one important thing missing. The flour. I can't make this cake without flour, and wedding with no cake just doesn't make any sense to me! I just wanted to get started on it while Howl is teaching Lilith to vine swing. Not to sound rude about my sister after reconciliation, but Lilith isn't...
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Chapter 4

The Beginning of Mission

Jason was in a strange little futuristic town. It was dark at night, there were odd blue lights glowing all around him, and there were barely any buildings. As he walked he heard a voice. It was slightly squeaky, the sound echoed. Although, when Jason made a sound, the same volume and pitch, there was no echo. (Just a plain voice.) Strange, Jason thought. Something strange is going on, and I know it, eagerly thought Jason. Jason heard the same squeaky sound again. Now from all directions, Jason could hear the voice. He attempted facing a different direction....
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"This is beautiful!" Aiko breathed. Elaine beamed and laughed, "I knew you'd Любовь it!" Elaine had called Aiko's apartment at five in the morning, telling her (well, еще like yelling at her) to come to a spot in the park. In that spot was a bench facing a brilliant, crystal-clear waterfall that flowed around the bench like a sparkling moat. An authentic wooden bridge with white and blue Розы woven in the railings connected the park with the solitary bench.
"We're going to meet your brother in such a beautiful place?" Aiko gaped.
"Yeah!" Elaine exclaimed, flopping down on the bench and grinning...
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posted by HouseMindFreak
Chapter 13

The hallways of the hospital were dead silent except for the beeping noises of the сердце monitors from the patient rooms and Болталка coughing. Jax slowly and silently stepped passed each door not wanting to spook anyone and draw attention to him. So far it was working.
Finally, he reached an elevator and pressed the down button, hoping that no one was on the other side of the door.
The door binged loudly as it reached his floor and Jax held his breath waiting to see a doctor или security on the other side. It opened and he let out a huge sigh to an empty elevator.
He stepped inside and...
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The two figures walked silently in unity, their feet trudging through the high snow. Both their faces were wet with tears, and the girl clutched a bundle of bright red roses. They stopped immediately in front of a strong iron gate beside a small cozy church, adorned with brilliant Рождество lights, and inside voices sang in chorus to familiar Рождество songs.
They both stared beyond, unsure of whether to go in или not. The red-headed boy made his decision first and leaned on the gate, crying into his hands. The girl seemed unable to look at him, and her gaze was locked by a white marble tombstone...
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 if this girl was wearing modern clothing do u think she would suit Janie better than my drawing? (No duh!!)
if this girl was wearing modern clothing do u think she would suit Janie better than my drawing? (No duh!!)

I grabbed my розовый and green duffel bag off the wooden shelf beside my green bed.

I was inside the earth elemental дерево house where all the earth elementals sleep if they are staying in the BOES over night. Marcus, Brenna, and I were supposed to be sleeping but we all weren't. We were running out to go find Janie. We weren't supposed to leave.

After pulling on skinny jeans and a green Nike рубашка I was ready. I woke up Marcus after I had pulled on my brown Converse and jacket.

"wha....what is it Danny?" He asked impatiently while rubbing his eyes. I ruffled his black hair.

"Get up meat head...
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